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Knitting Shenanigans

As you have probably seen, I’ve been taking the low-key approach to my summer vacation.

Not only have I been spending a lot of time at the pool, but I’ve also indulged in a bit of TV time.


I’ll not apologize, though.  First off, it’s World Cup season, and I’ve had a blast watching every other team beside the U.S. play (you should see me rolling my eyes right now).

That requires a lot of sitting time, which has translated into knitting time.

If you followed my posts about my trip to California, you saw a running theme – socks – or rather the creation of a pair.

I finished them about a week after we got home.

These are my Hermione’s Everyday Socks, the second pair I’ve made from the free pattern I got off of Ravelry.

It’s a seriously-easy, easily-memorized pattern, so it was perfect when I was distracted by close games that often ended in PKs.

Do you see that calf muscle action happening?  It’s the 80 Day Obsession, my friends.  I did crop out my rear end from these pictures.

You’re welcome.

The yarn is Brazen Stitchery Paparazzi Sock, and the colorway is Headmaster.

Go ahead and marvel at my cleverness when pairing the yarn and pattern together.  This is what happens when a teacher is on summer vacation – her brain starts working properly again.  Ha!

I purchased the yarn in San Antonio (Inskein Yarns) when we were out there for Rooster’s basic training graduation.  I guess you could say that these socks are now one of my souvenirs from that trip.

Not that I need to justify any yarn purchase.


I did a rib cast on, which I found here.

If you want to see more details about the socks, check out my project page on Ravelry.

One Response

  1. Those legs!!!!! 🙂
    how colorful those socks are!!!

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