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100 Facts About Me

I figured that I would try to list out 100 things you may not know about me. I hope you’re not bored!

  1. I was born in Goose Bay, Newfoundland (that’s in Canada, in case geography was not your strong subject).
  2. I was born on Easter Sunday.
  3. My mom was originally from Canada, and my dad was from France. Hence, the strange spelling of my name. If you thought the “h” was a typo, it wasn’t. The French spell Nathalie with the “h,” which is silent.
  4. I have one sister, who was born in Ontario. She was a Canadian citizen too.
  5. My parents divorced when I was very young…probably around the age of three. My mom would later go on to remarry…a couple of times, I think.
  6. I lived in Colorado until I was nine years old.
  7. I moved to a small town in Alabama when I was nine. What a change! It was a very small town compared to where I lived before.
  8. My town was home of the Chitlin Jamboree, complete with grease pole climbing and chitlin eating contests. Nasty stuff. You could smell them cooking all over town.
  9. I had two miniature schnauzers during my childhood…Salt and Pepper. Salt was an overweight male, and Pepper was a black female. I don’t know what happened to Pepper. We had Salt until I got married. He lived to a ripe old age.
  10. I’ve been driving since I was about 10 or 11 years old.
  11. I got my first car the Christmas before I turned 16, and I proceeded to drive it to school unattended. The cops always kept a close eye on the underage drivers.
  12. I had my first real boyfriend in either the 8th or 9th grade. He was the boy I had to kiss when we played spin the bottle on the way home from a field trip. We had a small class, so the parents drove the kids. I, for once, got in the “cool” car.
  13. I lost said boyfriend the following summer when I was gone for a month…two weeks to Canada and ten days to France. He cheated on me, and I found out when his sister, who happened to be my sister’s best friend, told her. Good riddance. Ok. I was broken-hearted. Despite this, we stayed good friends throughout high school.
  14. I went to a small, private high school the next town over. The same group of kids went to school together from kindergarten through 12th grade, with a few additions and subtractions throughout that time. I joined the class in 7th grade.
  15. I met my husband during my senior year of high school. I was best friends with his cousins.
  16. I was State Typing Champ on a Manual Typewriter during my 11th grade year. I had made the mistake of sitting in front of a manual typewriter the first day of Typing I. I was stuck there for two years.
  17. During my senior year, I was named “Most School Spirit.” I was president of the Pep Club and quite enthusiastic.
  18. I became a Christian the morning after my Senior Prom. I’ll never forget that morning. I was baptized shortly afterward.
  19. There were 18 kids in my high school graduating class, including me. I graduated second. I still remember the first and last name of every person. I recently wrote them down for my kids when they tested me.
  20. I am an Auburn fan (wow, I can’t believe I waited until #16 to tell you this). When you grow up in Alabama, that is one of your most critical decisions.
  21. I was accepted to Auburn University, but my parents wouldn’t let me attend, so I went to a junior college instead.
  22. I married my husband when I was 19, and we moved to Auburn so he could finish his degree. I brought home the bacon…working for the library until he graduated.
  23. I moved to a bigger city after my husband graduated and got a job with the state. Moving to a big city was scary.
  24. I used to be notorious for getting lost. I once got lost on my way home from a high school football game. I wound up in Montgomery…an hour and a half from home…all before the days of cell phones. I once got lost going home for lunch from Auburn’s library. I never made it home that day but turned around and somehow found my way back to work. Moving to a larger city with one way streets almost did me in.
  25. I had Soccer Chick when I was almost 22. Rooster came along 28 months later. Both were planned.
  26. I spent parts of both pregnancies on bedrest. Babies in my belly wanted to come out early. Fortunately, my deliveries were textbook.
  27. When delivering Chicky, the nurses asked if a couple of trainees could observe since my delivery was going so well. When you’re in happy land induced by drugs, you’ll say yes to anything. Husband was mortified, but I didn’t know it at the time. Reality hit when I looked over, in the middle of pushing, and realized some strange young man was helping hold one of my knees up. I remember telling him, “If I ever see you on the street, I probably will not look at you…I will be so embarrassed.” “Ma’am,” he said, “I probably will be too.” He stayed for the whole delivery. I never saw him again.
  28. Rooster was delivered without any extra people in the room. I was smart that time.
  29. I worked full-time until my daughter was three and my son was one. That was when we moved to Miami, and I quit my job.
  30. I stayed home full-time for eight glorious years.
  31. One year, I was volunteer coordinator of both my children’s schools. Nuts, I say. They got me to do both by flattery. Never again. I logged over 240 hours at each school that year.
  32. I used to work out at a gym four or five days a week…right after dropping off the kids at school. I would volunteer at the schools or attend Bible study after my workouts.
  33. We lived in south FL for about eight years before moving a bit north. I feel like we’re back in the “South.”
  34. While in Miami, however, I became a naturalized citizen. It was fabulous! We went to the Clevelander on South Beach afterwards.
  35. I remember the first time I voted. The retired folks who volunteered at the voting station were super sweet to me.
  36. I lived in one of the counties famous for the “Hanging Chads” incident. I remember being confused when I voted…concerned about which name was on the which line.
  37. I’ll never forget where I was on September 11th. I was driving in my car, on my way to a hair appointment, when I heard the news. It was a blessing that I wasn’t home watching the Today Show, like I normally did. The live footage would have done me in because I had just lost my father six months before and was grieving heavily. I cried and cried when I heard about the towers.
  38. I used to be terrified to ride in planes. Several years ago, while flying out to visit my dad, I developed some sort of stress-induced stomach ulcer-type of pain. It took nearly a year for it to go away. We’ve flown three times this year. I’m no longer afraid to fly.
  39. The first time I visited Disney World was on my honeymoon. It’s a Small World is my favorite ride.
  40. I graduated from college in March 2008. I majored in Social Sciences and minored in History.
  41. My grade point average, upon graduation, was a 3.8. I made all A’s when I started back to school this last go-round. I spent 21 months in school and completed 23 classes during that time. All A’s…in each of those classes.
  42. As of August 2009, I am certified in two subject areas:  Social Sciences and English 6-12.
  43. I currently have three dogs…Aubie, Pele, and Molly. We used to have two rats (they belonged to my son) and a rabbit (Chicky’s).
  44. I started knitting in May 2006, right before I started back to school.
  45. Before I started knitting, my favorite hobby was reading.
  46. My favorite authors are James Patterson, John Jakes, and Jude Deveraux.
  47. I love historical fiction. One of my favorite series is the Kent Family Chronicles (written by John Jakes).
  48. I like reality TV. My favorite shows are So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars, and American Idol. Yeah, so much for “reality,” but they are entertaining.
  49. I like crime shows too, such as Criminal Minds. Other favorites are Lost, Heroes, and 24.
  50. I’m also addicted to the History Channel. I could spend hours watching shows about archeology and wars.
  51. I watch NASCAR. My favorite drivers are Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Carl Edwards.
  52. I like movies, but they have to be clean. One of my favorites is Gone With the Wind. My daughter and I also enjoy watching Phantom of the Opera.
  53. My childhood hero is Corrie ten Boom. I read The Hiding Place when I was a child and have read it several times since. She is the second person I want to meet in heaven, after Jesus. Her faith was absolutely incredible.
  54. I used to be a Mystery Shopper. I did this as a flexible way to earn money and free meals while staying home full-time.
  55. I also used to be a merchandiser. You know those people who you think work in a store, so you try to ask them a question, and they tell you that they don’t work for the store? That was me.
  56. I worked at a K-Mart as a merchandiser and could not stand it. The manager was difficult to work with. I wound up quitting after less than a year.
  57. I’ve also worked as a computer tech. I enjoy helping people fix problems and learn more about the computer.
  58. I taught myself nearly everything I know about computers, with a bit of help along the way.
  59. I used to maintain our soccer club’s web site. I enjoy web sight design.
  60. My favorite colors are blue and green. I like to wear red, but I don’t much because my husband has never been real fond of it on me.
  61. I used to be terribly near-sighted, with an astigmatism of -10 and -11.
  62. I had laser correction surgery right before we moved from south FL. I have 20/20 vision now.
  63. I rarely talk to my mom, even though we live about five hours away from each other…in the same state.
  64. She’s never been to my new home.
  65. I see my mom one time each year…for about three hours around Christmas…when we all get together at my sister’s house.
  66. My sister and I are married to brothers. Sounds like a southern thing, eh?
  67. Our children are double-first cousins.
  68. I only work part-time so I can pick up my kids from school and be home with them in the afternoons.
  69. I enjoy putting puzzles together. My son and I sometimes get on a kick and will have marathon sessions putting them together.
  70. If I won the lottery, I would tithe 10% to the church, pay off my debts, and quit my job. I would find some kind of job and work from home.
  71. My favorite vehicle that I’ve owned was my Durango.
  72. It was souped up with a large movie screen for the kids, extra power outlets, and awesome cushions for riding. It was my dream car.
  73. We traded it in for a more fuel-efficient vehicle when gas prices went up.
  74. I have devotions with my kids every weekday morning.
  75. We read from a devotional book and then read a chapter from a book of the Bible.
  76. We’re currently reading 1 Samuel.
  77. My dream trip would be to go to Israel and Italy (think — my love of history).
  78. I am, ultimately, a homebody. I love hanging out at home with comfy clothes (pj’s) and knitting.
  79. My favorite food is Mexican. I love chips and salsa.
  80. My next favorite is Italian. Stuffed manicotti noodles and ravioli make me happy, happy, happy.
  81. When I was pregnant with Chicky, I had an almost daily craving for hot chicken wings. I attended night classes and would make Mr. AuburnChick take me out for Wings afterwards.
  82. I once ate 40 hot wings (not while I was pregnant). I called in sick to work the next day.
  83. I am, sort-of, lactose intolerant. We’ll call it lactose sensitive.
  84. I cannot eat ice cream or white cream sauces without “discomfort.”
  85. My favorite, favorite food (no, that’s not a typo) is chocolate…milk chocolate.
  86. I once had a drink from Godiva called the Caramel Chocolixer. It’s a drink where they line the bottom with melted caramel, fill it with a drink concoction with bits of Godiva chocolate bar blended in, and topped with whipped cream and chocolate and caramel sauce. Chicky likes it too.
  87. I rarely drink socially, but when I do, I prefer Pina Coladas or Amaretto Sours. I have never had a beer, although I was forced to taste it once.
  88. I cannot stand the smell of coffee. It will almost make me sick to smell.
  89. I get carsick in the backseat of vehicles.
  90. Sunset is my favorite time of the day. I just love the way the sky looks as the sun is setting.
  91. When I was a teenager, and we would go to the beach for Spring Break, I would get up early and walk on the beach in the mornings. It was always cool and quiet.
  92. I am shy. It’s hard to believe, and most people are surprised to hear this, given the number of posts I have on KnittingHelp.
  93. I do much better one-on-one than in groups. I think it goes back to my school days and not feeling like I fit in.
  94. I rarely forget a face. I can tell you that I’ve seen someone…even if it was in an airport. I couldn’t tell you their name though.
  95. I hate shopping, unless it’s in an office supply store.
  96. I didn’t know what PMS was until a friend explained it to me when I was 25. Thank goodness! I used to think I was losing my mind! I’ve had this “talk” with Chicky so she won’t go through the same quandary when she’s older.
  97. My least favorite chore in the house is ironing. I think it’s because that was “my” job growing up. I used to spend every Saturday ironing the clothes for the whole house. My step-dad was an ex-Navy man who insisted that his undershirts be ironed. No kidding.
  98. I am not a very good gardener. Apparently my mom decided not to pass on that gene. She can grow anything.
  99. I am very cold-natured. I have been known to wear a cabled sweater in 80-degree weather…out on a soccer field.
  100. I care deeply for my readers. I pray that each one of you has a desire to seek out the Lord.

12 Responses

  1. It was so much fun reading your 100 facts! I DREAM of having lasik eye surgery, and that Godiva drink sounds heavenly! I hear you about 9/11. That day was particularly difficult for me because not only does the majority of my family live in NY, my cousin worked in the world trade center at the time. Thankfully he and everyone in his firm are safe.

  2. Ok, I am totally freaking out now… Out of your 100 things, at least a minimum of 85 describe me to a tee! I currently reside in Beauregard (outside of Auburn) and your blog came up on one of my alerts. If you want to chat about knitting, Auburn, social sciences, history, or anything else, please email me…

    Fair Winds, Your potential twin…DK

  3. Okay, so I remember Salt and Pepper, and am sad to day that I am the sister of said boyfriend (mentioned in #12 and 13). Really, you should explore the idea of a book!

  4. Nathalie,
    Wow…you’ve impressed me, again..that’s kind of hard to do! I learned so much about you, and wondered at which place I’d begin to write 100 things about me. I love to write, but do not have much time these days to do so. My creative gifts are in neglect, but I pray that one day God will allow me more time to express myself. Maybe I can inspire others, as you have inspired me.

    • Oh, you are SO SWEET!!!! Your comments have made my day!! I will be praying for you. Hugs, my Neighbor Friend.

  5. I loved reading your 100 things, we have so many things in common, and your recent blog entries. I have tried to figure out where in FL you live but can’t. I live in Vero Beach and you sound like you may not live too far away. I am a native and have family in Deland and Palatka. I love your couponing, would love to learn that myself, have 2 boys who are just about to eat me out of house and home!! I would love to correspond with you about it. chrismomom at yahoo dot com I am also a knitter and on Ravelry enabling-ewe

    • Hi Vicky! Thanks for visiting my blog! I purposely keep my exact whereabouts vague as a promise to the Mr. He’s always wanted certain things kept private, including the faces of my family (Your’s Truly included) and the city we live in. I will say that I live in north Florida.

      I’ve been blogging about my couponing since June. I’d advise you to go to the category pull-down list and select Saving Money. That will list all of my posts to date regarding those adventures. I’ve got some great tips. My favorite savings site is SouthernSavers.com. It’s got an amazing trove of tools that you will find helpful on your new adventure.

      Friend me on Ravelry (I’m AuburnChick there as well), and we can get to know each other through our projects and groups. Look forward to talking to you more!

  6. I have returned to your blog and thoroughly enjoyed reading your 100 facts. Somewhere in my files I have a list that I started and you may have triggered me to pull that out. I say ‘may have’, because I am worried that I am adding too much to my plate right now as I blog hop and want to join every challenge that excites me.
    Soon I will wander to your savings entries and see if you have any tips. Using coupons and getting freebies has become my new addiction.
    Thanks again

  7. Thanks so much for posting on my blog – I decided to come over and visit and we should be friends – we have so many things in common!!!! I, too, get car sick (but sometimes even in the front seat); am semi-lactose intolerant; am an Auburn fan; and the list goes on! Your beach picture looks like you live somewhere on the panhandle! Jealous – love the beach! I look forward to reading many more posts!!

  8. Well, I don’t know how I found your blog but I’m so glad I did. I live in the big “city” of Montgomery and we are huge Auburn fans (my SIL and one grandson are for the “other” team). Loved reading your 100 things post, I could definately relate to a lot of it. I will be blogging 9 years in December but for the last 2-3 years have just not been “feeling” it. I’ve become pretty active on Instagram and am really liking the IG community.

    My blog is gracioussouthernliving.blogspot.com but if you visit you’ll see how inactive I’ve become. However, I’m adding you to my blogroll so I can keep up with you. Do you have an IG account?

    If you’d like to email me my email is jdy277@aol.com

    War Eagle!


  9. Just checking on you. You haven’t posted in a long time and I hope all is well. I would love to hear from you. It is so weird to me that reading someone’s blog all of the time makes me feel as if we are “friends.” I had been away from my blog for a while but started again in 2020 and I realized that you haven’t been posting.

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