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Weekending with Auburnchick

How do you do the weekends?

Do you clean the house from top to bottom, your to-do list a mile long, or do you sleep in and take things as you go?

The Mr. and I spent many years running our kiddos to soccer practices and games, so it probably won’t surprise you to know that we have scaled back our activities as empty nesters.

On Saturday, we stayed at home – my choice – because there were two World Cup games on.  The Mr. headed to the gym after the first game, and I turned on my Beach Body Roku app and completed my Saturday workout.

The Mr. ran to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities, which I put away while we watched the afternoon soccer game.

I had been eying a recipe on my Instagram feed that I wanted to try.  These are Vegan Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies.

They paired nicely with the Off Dry Riesling that I’d purchased during our recent trip to Napa.  This was the first bottle of wine I’d opened since receiving my order.

I think we spent part of the evening, after dinner at Chili’s, catching up on DVR’d shows  We have a couple of series that we enjoy watching together.

While the TV was running, I did some knitting, resuming work on the Lace Sampler that I started last year.

Later, the Mr. went into his man cave to watch other stuff, and I finished up Arrow.  When the summer began, I had sixteen episodes to watch.  Yeah.  That’s pretty bad, eh?

Oh my heart.  Why can’t superheros have happy endings?

On Sunday, I got up a little earlier intent on going for a walk; however, the weather wasn’t cooperating, so I did a Country Heat video instead.

I’ve really got to work on my moves.  I love line dancing, but my coordination needs some help.

It was a deceptively great workout and made me sweat a lot!  Thank goodness I clean up well.  The Mr. and I headed to church to hear our new pastor preach for the first time.

Afterward, we ran to Sam’s to get more dog food because we had used up every last bit the day before.  I was so pleased when I ran into Julia, a former student of mine.  She graduated three or four years ago and will forever be one of my favorite kiddos.  We share the same last name, so we had often joked that she was one of my daughters.  I’d recently thought of her and wondered what she’d been up to.  Our accidental meeting was certainly orchestrated by God.  ❤

When we got home, the Mr. and I spent a couple of hours with the dogs before heading to one of our happy places – our neighborhood pool.

Oh word, but it was hot and steamy!  Hello July!

I finished a book while we were there.

This is the first book in the series and one I’d had an eye on in my classroom for a few years.  The concept of the book is that when kids turn sixteen, they have an operation to turn them pretty.  The Uglies and Pretties live in different towns; there’s a lot of commentary on how society judges its members based on superficial appearances.  The main character meets a friend who opens her eyes to a whole new world – one that challenges her to think differently.

This was a fairly quick read – a bit superficial in character development – but not bad.  I started the second novel in the series that evening.

Sunday wound up being even more relaxing than Saturday.  We really did not do much.  The Mr. grilled out, and I ate a veggie burger I dug out of the freezer.

We’re real exciting, y’all.  Bet that you can’t wait to hang out with us sometime!

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