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Acting Like Tourists

After spending Saturday at home in very chill, full-on recovery mode, the Mr. and I headed out for some exploring on Sunday.

Chicky has been spending time with her guy up here in these parts, so she asked if we wanted to meet them halfway between here and there.

Of course we would never turn down the opportunity to see our kids, so we heartily agreed.

I took my knitting along for the ride.  I’m getting close to finishing my newest project.

Our first stop was Rosemary Beach, which is on the Gulf Coast.

Y’all, I’ve lived in the Florida Panhandle for almost fifteen years, but this was the first time I’d ever visited this quaint tourist town.

What a lovely sight to behold as we drove in.

I’m a sucker for canopy roads, country girl that I am.

We passed a farmer’s market on a sprawling green, and I made a mental note that we’ll need to go back one day.

Chicky and B, her guy, had run into some traffic, so we sat outside of the restaurant we’d selected for lunch and waited.

I’ll be getting out my stitches on Wednesday – hence the bandage.

I was also sporting a headache, my constant companion since my run-in with the wall.  I had not taken any pain medication in an attempt to be strong, but y’all, how stupid I was!  I didn’t even take it with me – another dumb move.  It lurked behind my eyes all day, but I was determined not to let it put a damper on my day with my girl.

Here’s where we ate . . .

The service was wonderful, and the food was incredible!  I got a burrito with grilled veggies.  It was so big that I wound up taking most of it home.  Chips and salsa beforehand ruined my appetite.

We were so full that we needed to walk.  We decided to visit the farmer’s market we’d seen driving in, but alas, after walking over a quarter of a mile, we couldn’t find any sign of it!  Every single tent had vanished!

During our walk back to our cars, we stopped to take some photos – Chicky knows how much I love them and, truth be told, so does she.  😉

Aren’t they cute? ❤

We did a bit of shopping on our trip back to where we’d parked and made more plans for our day.  Although a storm was threatening, we decided to drive to Seaside, another popular tourist venue, and hunt for vegan donuts, which B said he’d seen at a food truck.

The drive wasn’t too bad; these little towns are sprinkled all the way down Highway 98.  The Mr. and I quickly found parking while we waited for the kids.  Then, it was off to find the food trucks.

There was quite an assortment, let me tell you, and lots of different dishes and drinks were available.

This one struck my fancy . . .

I didn’t get anything at this truck, but I fully intend to go back sometime and sample a couple of things.

The truck we were looking for was on the opposite end from where we’d started.

Now y’all, I totally forgot to take a picture of the doughnut I bought!  How in the world?  I guess I was so focused on eating it that capturing the moment slipped by me (plus, I was fighting a headache).  The only vegan one they had was a glazed, but hey, I wasn’t complaining!  We all sampled it and agreed that the texture, so hard to get right with vegan things, was perfect!

Chicky and her guy got some fancy doughnut with filling, which she promptly got all over her black clothes.

She’s like her Daddy in that way.


We walked around a little more, and I got Chicky (or was it B?) to take another picture of the Mr. and me since I didn’t like the one we’d gotten at Rosemary Beach.  It’s all in the angles, girls, isn’t it – especially with waistless dresses.

We ambled around awhile; I returned to a food truck that had frozen lemonade (not as good as Toomer’s Corner but still yummy). Before too long, Chicky and B left.  They had somewhere to be, and we needed to scoot to feed the dogs and get my meds.

Hugs ensued, and we went our merry way.

Getting out like this is something that the Mr. and I need to do more of.  We live in a beautiful part of Florida and need to take advantage of the sights available.

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