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Making My Own Perfume

Yesterday, I mentioned that I’d made my own perfume on Thursday.  I thought I’d show you a little more of the process in this post.

I started buying Young Living essential oils in 2017 to help with pain management during my ankle recovery.  I’m all about holistic treatments.

I love learning about the different ways these oils can be used, as evidenced by the groups I’m a member of on Facebook.

A few weeks ago, I’d downloaded a new app . . .

It was created by Jen O’Sullivan and has a lot of information about essential oils.  I have another app that I’d been using, but I’d been reading a lot about this app, so I finally installed it.

I’d found several recipes for perfumes, which had intrigued me a lot.  I ordered a package of six atomizers, which I believe came from China . . .

Although I ordered them off of Amazon, they took about three weeks to arrive.

Aren’t they cute though?  They’ll fit nicely in my purse!

After they arrived in the mail, I ran out and got witch hazel, which you use to top off your blends.  It was either that or vodka, which I wasn’t opposed to, but witch hazel seemed like a healthier option.

Then, I got all of my supplies together and began to have some fun.

I’d found a couple of recipes that I had the oils for, so I prepared those.

It was so easy – just a few drops of this and a few drops of that.  I felt like I was at Hogwarts in Potions class.

After adding the distilled water and witch hazel, I was set to go!

I created homemade labels by using some of the white sticky paper from address labels I’d received free in the mail.  I knew that I needed to label these because I’ve planned to make several bottles of perfume once a couple more oils arrive in this month’s Young Living order.

The Sweet Rosemary Mint is my favorite out of the two perfumes I made.  It’s very light, and the mint aroma is soothing.  I have learned that I cannot wear strong floral scents.  They overpower my senses and give me migraines.

I’ll post updates when I try new recipes.

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