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Goodbye Stitches

Yesterday, I had an appointment to remove the stitches from my forehead.

I got up around 7:00, fed the dogs, and completed my Seamless Bible study work by the time the Mr. finished getting ready for work.

He was surprised to see me awake so early but surmised, in his words, that I was “easing back into things.”

Note to everyone:  When I retire, don’t call or text before 9am because this girl will be sleeping in all of the days.

Except for days when I have appointments.

Despite another headache, or rather a worsening of the headache that I’ve been chained to since last Tuesday, I managed to make myself presentable.

That lighting though.  ❤

Yes, folks, that’s almost full-on makeup, except for the forehead.

I am loving my highlights, by the way.  Rebecca called them sun-kissed in a comment she left me yesterday.  That’s exactly what I was going for.

I took some pain medicine because the headache, and I also applied one of my absolute favorite essential oils – Vetiver.

I am so glad that my friend, Katja, told me about this one.  It’s got an earthy/woodsy aroma that is subtle but uber-soothing.  Like seriously slide-me-into-Happy-Land-soothing.

I needed this because I’d spent an hour in bed googling symptoms for concussions, which I suspected I had despite the doctor’s “no” last week.  My nerves were a bit on edge, as anybody’s would be when having to deal with pain for extended days,

I spent the morning putting the finishing touches on a couple of projects that had recently come off of my knitting needles.  I’ll post pictures of those in a week or so.

Then, I headed to the plastic surgeon’s office.

I didn’t have to wait long to be seen – a refreshing thing given that so many offices double-book their patients.

Do you remember when I posted last week and described the doctor?

Well y’all, he was in rare form during my visit yesterday.

In the middle of taking out my stitches, which hurt like crap, by the way, and made my forehead bleed, the doctor began sniffing me.

I kid you not.

Not discreetly either.

Loud sniffs.

Last week, after a friend read my blog and called me to get more details, she guessed the name of the doctor and explained that he was from Louisiana – a true Coona$$ (if you know what I mean).

That explained the cursing . . .

And the fact that he likened himself to a dog (a hunting dog, in my opinion).

He explained that he smelled something and was trying to figure out what it was.

I lifted one of my wrists, and he began asking me questions about it.

He loved the oil.  A lot.

He said that his wife probably wouldn’t let him order it.  I told him that as The Doctor, he could order what he wanted.  I guarantee that’s what the Mr. would do.  Heck, he’s not a doctor, and he orders what he wants.  Ha!

The doctor applied a new bandage as I talked.

I wish I’d thought to take a picture before he put it on.  I didn’t get to see my head after he removed the stitches.

As he finished up, I told him about the unrelenting headache I’d been suffering from, and he said that I probably had Post-Concussion Syndrome – that I’d most likely bruised my brain a little last week.

Fortunately, I had landed on this during my morning’s research, so I understood what he was talking about.

He explained that bruising the brain is no different from when you bruise another part of your body.  It takes time to heal; in the meantime, there’s going to be pain.

He also told me that there wasn’t much I could do for it except for rest, which I’d been doing for a solid week.  Ugh.

He wrote me a couple of prescriptions for migraine medicine – one to take during the day and one to help me sleep.

I’ll give these a go for a couple of weeks and then switch over to Tylenol or Excedrin if I’m still having headaches.

Meanwhile, I’m still not working out, which the doctor agreed with.  He told me to imagine how bad of a headache I’d have if I started the workout with one.   I’m going to give myself another week and reevaluate on Tuesday.

I’ve read that it can take up to 100 days to get over a concussion for a person who is moderately active, which I’ll have to be soon with school starting back the middle of August.

My 80 Day Obsession is going to turn into the 100 Day Obsession if things keep on like this.


For now, I’ll continue sporting a bandage until it falls off and will soon begin massaging my forehead, per the doctor’s instructions, to work out the scar tissue.

Fun times, y’all.

More fodder for this blog of mine.

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