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A Hair-Raising Adventure

Today I had a bit of fun…and it involved color and hair…my hair, that is.

Oh boy, you’re probably wondering, what has Chicky gone and done today?

First, a little history lesson…

You see, many years ago, when the kids were little bitty things, I decided to have “fun” by highlighting my hair…on my own.

When I took the towel off of my hair, let’s just say that I almost had a mini-stroke.

My hair was platinum blonde…white almost.

I lived in an apartment, and my best friend lived on the third floor of my building.

I called her down, and she took one look at my hair and started laughing hysterically.

Then, she gave me her hairdresser’s number.

After explaining my hair emergency, the salon fit me in the next morning.

Murphy’s Law had a little fun with me…

Rooster decided to get sick enough that a visit to the pediatrician was in order…right before my hair appointment.

I donned a baseball cap and tucked as much hair under it as I could (and you know what a tough job this must have been given my massive amount of hair).  I was mortified when strands stuck out the front, and I blubbered excuses for my hair to a doctor who could not have cared one iota.

When I got to the salon, the owner sat me down in a chair and forced me to remove the hat.  How else was he gonna fix it?

I’m not sure if I heard snickering, but I think I definitely heard gasps.

He moved my hair this way and that and finally announced that he had located one small piece of hair that resembled, what he thought, my regular hair color.


I sat in his chair for two days.  The first day consisted of him re-dyeing my hair to a walk-around-able color.

The next day, he put in highlights and lowlights.

The total bill was $200.  For a stay-at-home mom with a bi-weekly food budget of $80, this was horrendous.

But, so was my hair.

Ever since then, I’ve stayed away from boxes of hair color.

Until today.

I love getting things for free and feel like it’s a crime to not take advantage of such an offer.

Enter in this…

Um, yeah…I know…it’s a box of hair color.

Hey, I’ve had over ten years to get over the other incident.

I got everything ready, deciding to use the English set of instructions.  Although I like challenges, this was not the time to see if I could sight-read in Spanish …

Next was my “before” photo, which I had to take by myself…

This is the kids’ bathroom (see the rubber duckies on the shower curtain).  I am so happy that I recently installed a removeable shower head thingy.  I was able to lean my head over the side of the tub to wet it.

I decided that since my hair is so thick and long, I’d put it in a shower cap, which I turned inside out…

I set the timer for 20 minutes.  I know that my hair is stubborn and needs more time to absorb the dye.

Then I rinsed, conditioned, and rinsed again.  Hair is, of course, darker when wet, so I can’t really tell a difference between the before and after photos…

The Mr. says the color is more like the second picture.

I’m hoping it will lighten in the next couple of days.

Coupon Queen (my mil) is trying to track down another $4 coupon.  I might try this again…with a lighter color.

At least it’s not purple!

One Response

  1. I LOVE the color! Even the darker… that’s nice for the fall & winter months coming up… then you can ease lighter for summer & fall…

    I think I’m going to have to venture to the home coloring – $75 every 5 weeks is getting to be too much lately for me.. .OUCH!

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