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More Shopping Deals

It’s Monday, and despite a busy weekend, I had coupons that were expiring today.  So, instead of putting up my feet and eating bon bons all day (which we all know is what semi-employed people do), I had to actually plan on getting dressed and showered (you can thank me for the shower).

I did the prep work last night and set out this morning.

My first stop was Publix, where I came home with this batch of goodies…

It doesn’t look like much, but I’m at the point where I have a stockpile of the “extras” and am focusing more on the essentials and anything that is nearly free.

Aunt Jemima frozen products –  B1G1 @ $2.69
Used: $1/2 mfg coupons (one per set of two) AND four $1/1 Publix store coupons (one per box) — remember…you can stack mfg and store coupons
Spent:  NOTHING! This was a MONEYMAKER of $.62

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits – $5/4 ($1.25 each)
Used:  $1/2 mfg coupon
Spent:  $.75 each

McCormick Grinder Seasons – B1G! @ $1.99
Used: $1 Publix store coupons (one per item)
Spent:  NOTHING! My coupons made both FREE!

Ritz Crackers – B1G1 @ $3.79
Used: $1/2 mfg PLUS $1 competitor coupons on each box
Spent:  $.40 per box

Crackerfuls –  $3.59
Used:  Get 1 box of Crackerfuls free with the purchase of one box of Ritz (I used two because I was buying two boxes of Ritz)
Spent:  NOTHING! My coupons made them FREE!

The meat was on sale, but the bread wasn’t (the kids need sandwiches, so it was a must-have item).

In addition to the above coupons, I had a $5 Publix coupon (off of a total $30 purchase), which I handed my cashier before I gave her the other coupons.

Total before coupons: $64.39
Total after coupons:
Savings of $49.35 or 77%

I ran home, put away the refrigerated and frozen items, and headed back out.  This time, my destination was Target, where I purchased the following…

I took advantage of some good deals.

Red Baron Pizza – 4/$10 ($2.50 each)
Used: $.75 mfg coupons (one per item) that I had cut off of the boxes of pizza I bought the last time they were on sale
Spent:  $1.75 per box

Gatorade – 3/$10 ($3.33 each…I only bought two)
Used:  $1 mfg coupons that were peelies (thanks to my mil for spying them this weekend and passing them along)
Spent:  $2.33 per six-pack

2-Liter Pepsi Products – $.89
Used:  $1/2 mfg
Spent:  $.40 per bottle

Now…my favorite buy…DOG FOOD!!

Thanks again to my mother-in-law who graciously shared her coupons with me.  Her grand-dogs thank her too.

Chef Michael’s dry food is on sale this week (makes this a better deal than last week) for $4.46
Used: $3 mfg PLUS one $1.50 Target coupon (stack a mfg with a store coupon)
Spent:  NOTHING! This was a MONEYMAKER of $.04

Chef Michael’s wet dog food is also on sale this week for $.84
Used: B1G1 mfg PLUS one B1G1 Target coupon
Spent:  NOTHING! Both cans were FREE!

Total Before Coupons: $33.54
Total Spent: $9.73
Total Savings:  $23.81 or 71%

Even though I’m still tired from spending the weekend in the sun, I feel energized after a good day of shopping and saving.

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