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Bonding With Chicky

You might remember me telling you that Guy Friend left for college.

Chicky has had a very hard time adjusting.  Even though they have been apart for a week before, her brain knows this is different.

When you’re the mom, what do you do?

First, you tread carefully.  The ground is not solid, and you never know when there will be an explosion of tears or angry words.

The last few days have, surprisingly, provided an opportunity for Chicky and me to bond.

We all know about girls and their relationships with their moms.  The men in the house steer clear because they never know when the fireworks are going to begin.

However, since Thursday, Chicky has done an unusual thing.

She’s asked for advice.

And she’s asked me what I’m doing, and if she can tag along.

And she’s asked if she can sleep in my bed.

My tears are flowing as I type this.

It has been a long few years for us.  Many, many hurtful things have flown between us.

Typical, I’ve heard, but painful none the less.

God is so good, though.  Not that I ever doubted this.  However, when you’re in the midst of the storm, it’s hard to remember that there’s a rainbow at the end.

God promises us that He uses everything for His glory.

How true!

So many times in the battles with Chicky, I’ve been tempted to throw up my hands in defeat and give up.  But I never could.  I know that I have a responsibility to God to be there for her.

I think that my steadfastness has shown her that I’m here for her through thick and thin.

I know that we’ll continue to butt heads.  This is a big year for her with it being her senior year.

My hope is that she’ll be able to look back, remember this season, and know that I’m always here for her…willing and able to love her through whatever life throws at her.

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