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Back to School!

The kids went back to school today.

Normally, I don’t get emotional; however, today is just a little different.

Today, Chicky starts her Senior year of high school.

As I drove home from South Carolina yesterday, I started thinking about Chicky’s journey.

I remember her first day of Kindergarten.  Parents were allowed to walk their children into class that first day.  Everything was so new…and so small!  Tiny tables and tiny chairs…all appropriate for the tiny bodies that would occupy them.

The second day of school was even bigger…car drop-off.  To reduce congestion, parents were required to drop off their children.  Ugh.  I was a mess.  Would Chicky find her way to class?

She did, and we all survived the day with her later telling me about her new adventures on the playground.

I am happy that she’s reached this milestone, but I also cannot believe how fast the time has gone.  You hear it so often when your children are young…enjoy it…it will go by so quickly.

It’s true.

I am keeping myself busy…doing “mom” things of course.  I can’t wait until the kids get home today.  I can’t wait to hear about their new schedules, the teachers, and who’s in their classes.

Back to school…back to the routine.

Although I’ve grown to despise the alarm clock, there’s a strange comfort in the known.

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