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Star Struck

Ok…so I didn’t get to go to Sock Summit.

If you’re not a knitter, let me explain what Sock Summit was.

It was probably one of the most fantastic knitting get-togethers ever.  Think of it like a Woodstock for knitters.

You know how much I love knitting socks…so I would have loved to have attended.

But I had a couple of problems…

1)  No money

2) No job to make money

So, I stayed home, turned a bit green every time I read about someone else’s brush with this or that famous designer, and knit my own pair of socks all by my lonely self.

I also consoled myself by reading the blogs of some of these designers.

I even posted a couple of comments.  I tend to be a little shy, but when I see something that strikes my fancy, I like to say a little something.

And you know what?

Two of the ladies emailed me after I commented!

The first person was Anne, who writes KnitSpot.

And she didn’t send me just one email.  I think she sent me three!!

Take a look at her blog and join me in ooohhhing and aaaahhhhing over her incredible shawls.  Her photography is incredible.

The next shock came tonight.

I was doing my “mom” thing…

No…not cooking dinner…

I was at the high school, handing out schedules at the Freshmen Orientation.

During a lull in the action, my phone vibrated.  I had an email.

Upon opening it, I discovered the sender’s name…

Are you ready?

It was…

Cookie A

I almost fell out of my chair.

Remember the red socks I just finished?

That was Cookie’s pattern!

And I’ve got a little something new “cooking” on my needles, if you get my drift.

I tried to explain to the volunteer sitting beside me why I was picking up my jaw from the table.

I’m not sure if she got it.

If you’re into fibery crafts, you understand.

Both of these ladies’ responses were personal and very sweet.  It was cool to find out that they do really pay attention to the people who comment on their blogs.

It was probably a good thing that I didn’t make it to Sock Summit.  I would have returned home with a serious case of dry eye syndrome from not being able to blink…afraid to miss a glimpse of a famous knitter.

The Mr. Needs a Shave

A couple of weeks ago, the Mr. handed me this…

It happens to be his empty razor cartridge holder.

It was his not-so-subtle way of letting me know that I needed to buy him more.

“Wait,” I said, “until I can find a coupon.”

Poor guy.

He waited a week, reminded me of his request, and then reminded again…this time with the admonition that he had just cut himself on a blade that was getting more and more dull by the day.

Fortunately (for both of us), Target had Gillette Fusion razors on sale this week, and Your’s Truly had coupons.

Here’s a picture of everything I bought today…

Now, let’s talk deals.

First of all, I bought everything in three separate transactions.

For Transaction #1:

I used the following coupons…

Let’s talk $$.

First off, the red Gillette coupon was a Target peelie that I found a month or two ago when I bought Venus Razors.  I only grabbed one because I didn’t think it was all that great of a deal.  Turns out I was wrong.

To get the $4 off, I had to buy a box of razor cartridges and a twin-pack of gel (which I later returned because I didn’t have a coupon on it).

So, the breakdown:

Razor – On sale for $7.94
Target Coupon – $4.00
Mfg coupon (which you can stack with store coupons) – $2.00
Total:  $1.94

I had a coupon for free Gillette Shampoo with the purchase of the razor.  The coupon did not specify a particular size bottle, nor did it specify a price (up to “X” amount), so I bought the largest bottle – $6.79 value
Total:  FREE

I had a coupon for free Gillette Body Wash with the purchase of the razor – $3.99

Catridges – $13.29 (ouch!)
Mfg Coupon – $4.00
Total: $9.29

I had a coupon for free Gillette Deodorant with the purchase of the cartridges.  I found a deodorant with a free sample size attached.  $4.24

I had a coupon for free Gillette Shaving Gel with the purchase of the cartridges – $3.59

Now here’s the awesome part.  This week, customers get a $5 Target gift card when they purchase two Gillette razors or cartridges (or a combination).  Woo Hoo!

Because I buy two papers each week, I had enough coupons for an almost identical deal – Transaction #2….

For this transaction, I had the following coupons…

This time, I didn’t have the $4 peelie, but I had something better…my $5 Target gift card.  So, I saved a dollar more than the previous round and got another set of free items!

Once again, at the end of the deal, I received a $5 gift card.

Time for Transaction #3.

Chicky has soccer games this weekend, so I knew we would need water.  We’ll be driving to South Carolina, and I like to keep a cooler in the back.  We’ll drink on the water all weekend…on the way, at the hotel, and during games.

The water was on sale for $3.99

One added treat:  two Twix bars.

Of course I had coupons for these.  Yesterday I received my last two free chocolate bar coupons.  I had originally planned on using them at Walgreens, which has Mars candy for $.49 this week, but on a whim, I stuck them in my back pocket and thought I’d check out Target’s prices.  The coupons are only good for up to $.85.  Target sold them for $.52.

Free is free, and knocking one store off of my list made me happy.

I used the $5 gift card from the previous transaction to pay for this transaction and walked out with $.90 left on the gift card.

So, do you want to know the grand total for the day?

Total spent:  $25.95

Total saved (coupons, gift cards, etc.):  $50.26

Total I would have spent if I didn’t use coupons:  $76.21

I saved 66% today!!

Now, I’ve gotta tell you that I had one of the most patient cashiers ever.  She never once lost her cool, despite having to void two entire transactions because I was dumb.  The first time, I didn’t get the twin pack of gel, and rather than make the customers behind me wait, she voided the transaction, let me run get it, waited on the next person, then started over with me.

For the second transaction, I had forgotten to get the second box of cartridges.  Because she had already completed the transaction (including the coupon part), the register wouldn’t kick out the gift card, so she had to void the entire thing while I ran and got another box from the shelves.  When I returned, she was just finishing the voids, and she started over.

To say that I was the object of everyone’s attention would be like saying there’s a sun in the sky.


But you do what you’ve gotta do when you want to save money and when your husband needs a shave.  He should be able to shave for a year without getting another cut…from a dull blade, that is.

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