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What Possessed You?

Those were the Mr.’s words last night as he tasted dinner…

Rice Lasagna

We had Rice Lasagna.  The gal who posted the recipe gave it rave reviews.

I had to substitute cheddar cheese for the mozzarella.  I think that would have made a little bit of a difference in the taste.

However, the Mr. was not impressed.

The Mr. is a creature of habit, preferring to eat the things he knows he likes…spaghetti, cubed steak, roast…that sort of thing.

I either have gutter taste buds, or it actually tasted good, because I liked it!  Sure, the texture was a little different.  There’s nothing quite like the smooth, flat feel of a lasagna noodle.

But, the dish was hearty.  I made the mistake of going for seconds, which hit my stomach like a gut bomb 15 minutes later.

With my new shopping, we’ve had to be flexible.  Eating in my house is a bit like white water rafting.  You never know what’s around the bend.

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