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Back to School Nightmares

The nightmares have begun – in earnest.

If you’re a teacher, you know exactly what I mean.

If you’re not a teacher but a mom, you’ll be able to identify with the phenomenon known as back to school nightmares.

When you’re an expectant mom, you have those dreams of leaving the baby in the car (so scary nowadays with all of the children dying of heatstroke in vehicles).

My teacher nightmares usually start up a couple of weeks prior to pre-planning; however, this year, I began having these dreams in June.

For freaking sake, can my subconscious please give me a break?

I’ve had about three dreams where I’m at school, and I discover that my classroom has been been changed – without anybody notifying me.  I actually told my principal about this when I happened to be at the school the morning after the first dream with a “Ha, ha.  Don’t you dare think of moving me.”

I need this shirt.  Seriously.

Y’all, this will be my seventh year in my room.  I love it.  It’s large, spacious, and mine.  Yes, I have laid claim to it.  It’s perfect for conducting reading stations.  My students do not sit in desks; they sit around long tables to better facilitate collaborative learning.  I had desks my first year at this school, and putting them together into groups was a royal pain in the rump.

Last week, I had a dream where I thought I had first period planning then realized, a little late, that I actually had a class.  Every teacher has made the dreaded run down the hallway when mischievous children are left to their own devices.  It doesn’t matter how old the kids are; they wreak havoc at any age.

A few nights ago, I dreamed that it was the first day of class, and my students – high school, mind you – would NOT SIT DOWN.  They were so, so, so bad.  I have good classroom management, y’all, but in that dream, I remember thinking that I had not planned well enough for the first day of school.  Maybe the dream was a warning that I needed to get on the ball with that.


I hope that one day, when I’m fortunate enough to retire, I won’t have these dreams any more.  I suspect that I will – at least the first year – when I’m establishing a new routine for myself.

3 Responses

  1. Oh when our brains won’t shut off!😩 Do you also have the dream where you are a student and are late for class frantically running around in the school or building and can’t find the right room? So exhausting as well! Hope you’ll have some great nights of sleep, some last pleasant days of summer and an uneventful first day of school!

  2. Its crazy how I remember you even first beginning venturing into teaching & now look at all the years under your belt.

    & girlllll – what I’d give for a summer off each year. Color me green – 100000% pure jealousy!!! 🙂 haha

  3. I hate to say it but my hubby is partially retired but when he’s stressed he still has his “nightmare” which usually revolves around exam panic. (He’s a qualified accountant so had to get through a lot of exams.) I think you might find the same thing but I hope not for your sake.

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