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De Nile

Denial – It ain’t just a river in Egypt.

Oh Summer, how can you be over already?

Wednesday, I had to attend District in-service training, which meant that I was up at the butt crack of dawn.

Because I still can’t work out, I had plenty of time on my hands – a good or bad thing depending on your perspective.

I used it to do some baking.

Oh yeah.  I had those things in the oven at 6am, which I can prove with the InstaStory I posted.

I was showered and made up by 7 – the earliest I’d been up in a long time.

A bit bleary-eyed still

Thank goodness for Snapchat filters.  They make me look like I actually know how to apply makeup.

The dogs were a bit sleepy, but they didn’t mind that they got to eat two hours earlier.

As I left, I faced a bleary drive; the weather was supposed to be bad.  Traffic was heavy as I made my way to the college, where my training was being held.

I love this flag.  It is HUGE, and I get a lump in my throat every time I see it.

I had signed up for the Khan Academy session, which I use to help my students to prepare for the SAT.

I actually enjoyed the training.  Getting together with other educators across the district who have the same prep was akin to a family reunion.  We got to celebrate each others’ successes, which were incredible last year.

We broke for lunch, and I headed toward the beach to a little cafe that Chicky had found when she dog sat for us in June.

Take a look at the menu – a vegan’s dream!

I ordered the Power Wrap, and boy was it tasty!  I saved half of my meal and took it home for dinner.

I was impressed that the box was paper – not Styrofoam.  The fork was some sort of thin wood material, kind of like a tongue depressor.  It was a little strange to eat with, but I totally respected the care given to the environment.

They got us out of there on time, thank goodness, because this girl was a little tired.  It was POURING when I left, so I went straight home, much to the joy of my pups.

I spent the rest of the afternoon resting.  The Mr. and I ate leftovers, I watched Big Brother, and I headed to bed early.

The dogs were funny.  They always race to the bedroom because they want to snag the dog bed closest to mine.

Gambit lost out – a rarity.  He wasn’t pleased.

Pele, on the other hand, wasn’t going anywhere.

Gambit tried to trick Pele off of the bed by running into the hallway.  Pele stayed put, so Gambit snuck onto the bed anyway.

It was really hard turning all of my alarms on that night.  As I thankfully found out earlier that afternoon, I had work the next day.  I’m glad that God stepped in and helped me figure out that tidbit.  I would have been in bed sleeping on Thursday.


I usually have three or four of them, just in case I don’t hear one go off.

Y’all, De Nile is a very big river around these parts these days.

One Response

  1. You’ll be back in routine in no time.
    What a cool place to eat – & I totally love their environmentally friendly supplies!!!

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