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Week 26

Let’s catch up with Week 26 of my recovery from my trimalleolar fracture.  I was going to write yesterday, but I had a busy Mother’s Day and was pretty tired by the end, so, um, yeah.

So, last Monday, when I got to physical therapy, my therapist decided to have me try something new.

Yeah, that’s me . . . on a mini-trampoline.

My task was to bounce on my toes, without letting my feet leave the trampoline.  I had to land on my heels and pop back up on my toes.  He told me to do this three times for thirty seconds.

I lasted two times through and just about died twenty seconds in.

The pain was so bad that I had to get off.

I immediately talked to him about what I was feeling to see if it was normal, and after figuring out exactly where the pain was coming from, he decided that I wasn’t ready for the impact yet.

So, the exercise had to be shelved.

For the time being.

It was one of those frustrating moments of this process, but I’m working hard, so it’s not a “me” factor but a time factor.

Part of my recovery process has involved building up my bones.  I’ve been drinking smoothies on a regular basis.

I ran out of the Juice Plus brand I’d been using, so I tried the one in the canister instead.

All I can say is NO.  It was tasteless and pretty gross, even with the homemade vegan fudge I put in it.

I’ve got more of the Juice Plus on the way.

On Tuesday, I was pretty sore from my trampoline adventure the day before, so I took it easy.

On Wednesday, I had to go to a classroom upstairs.  Going down two flights of stairs was not fun; stairs still give me problems.

I held onto the rail when I went down, I promise.

My right knee still won’t bend well when I step down, and my hip does a weird misalignment thing too.  Strength on that side is not up to par quite yet, but I’m working on it.

That afternoon, I had therapy.  My therapist and I talked about getting inserts for my shoes.  He’s been pretty concerned about my pronated foot and the lack of an arch, so to speak.  He did some research on the computer while I did my exercises, sans the trampoline.

This is what I wound up buying on Saturday . . .

Icing down was wonderful.  While I was sitting there, I talked to another patient.  He and I have been at therapy for many weeks together.  Our therapist jokingly told us that we are now “lifers.”

Say what?

He explained that we’ll have other injuries that will have us returning to them for rehab.  My jaw dropped.  I insisted that I have no plans on getting injured again, but my therapist told me that the odds are ever in my favor that I will have some other body part go out on me.

So the skeleton below, in full view of my chair, was apropos.

Overall, my week was actually a good one for my ankle.  I’d had a rough start, but I was determined not to overdo things.

I did a virtual 5k on Saturday, but I want to save the details about that for a separate post.  The good thing was that I did not feel tremendous pain, so it was, pun intended, a step forward.

I also hit the beach on Sunday, again – another post for a separate day, and I even pulled my beach wagon from the car to through the sand and back at the end of the day.  My ankle hurt some, but it wasn’t too bad.  More steps forward.

It’s so strange how I can have horrible weeks of pain and then, randomly, have a good week.

It’s as though the good week I’ll have here and there is a rainbow of hope I need to see that God hasn’t forgotten me . . . that the rain will stop one day . . . that beauty is being woven from the many trials I’m going through.

I saw the following posted recently on Instagram, and boy, did it hit me hard . . .

Writing these posts is part of the telling of my story; however, I’m not at the part where I can do it without crying.  I still have so much healing to do, literally and figuratively.  I hope that one day, I’ll be able to go back and read these posts without getting emotional.  For now, I continue to document my highs and lows, remembering always God’s grace, provisions, and blessings throughout the journey.

2 Responses

  1. Isnt if funny how a simple trampoline move seems like a feat to accomplish?… I get it though… you’ll be BOUNCING HIGH soon my friend!

  2. Hang in there. I know you’re going to make it. I think you’ll be so glad you’ve documented all of this story. I so wish I had done that last year on my journey.

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