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  • “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers” — Isaac Asimov

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Never Say Never to the Hodgepodge

It’s no accident that we keep meeting up like this.  Thanks to Joyce and her fun questions each week, I haven’t completely lost my blogging mojo, although my energy for doing anything beyond doggy paddling through these last few weeks of school has been a struggle!  Why don’t we go ahead and get to the questions before I get completely lost in a pity party.

1.  What color is prominent in your home? Are you glad about that or wishing you could cover it up or remove it?

To have a prominent color, one would have to be a decorator of sorts.  I am not that.  Yes, I’d like to redo some rooms, but I lack the time, energy, or money.  What mostly dominates my house is a natural look . . . faux wood floors, oak (I think) kitchen cabinets, and a lovely oak dining room table.  We like the country look around here, but we haven’t quite matched everything.  I think I should have titled this post as “The Struggle is Real.”

2.  What’s something you’ll NEVER do again?

I’d like to say that I’ll never break my ankle again . . . or any other part of my body, for that matter.  This recovery process is for the birds, let me tell you.  It’s long, arduous, and painful.  If I had two good ankles, I’d kick myself every day for being so clumsy.  Yet, there has been much to be thankful for, as I share in my weekly updates (which I didn’t do this past Sunday because I’d been sick).  But yeah, I pray that God helps my bones get strong and gives me better balance so I don’t do this again.

3.  Tell us a couple of ways you fit the stereotypes associated with your gender, and a couple of ways you don’t.

Ways I Fit:
1.  I’m a pretty nurturing person, most of the time, and will go all Mama Bear on you if I think one of my babies is being trifled with.
2.  I like all things sparkly, be it jewelry, pretty t-shirts, or race bling.
3.  I have mad organizational skills.  That doesn’t mean I enjoy cleaning (see my first point below), but I can walk into a room and see how things should be ordered fairly quickly.
Ways I Don’t Fit:
1.  I don’t enjoy cleaning and feel no obsession to do so.
2.  I don’t wait for men to do things for me but usually consider myself able to complete almost any task.
3.  I don’t like chick flicks very much, because I don’t want to get in my feelings and cry.  Give me an action film, and I’m all over that.

4.  May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Have you ever owned a motorcycle? Ever ridden a motorcycle? If the opportunity presented itself would you hop on a motorcycle and go for a ride?

I have never owned a motorcycle, although I did have a moped when I was a child.  I have ridden a small motorcycle before and was a little nervous.  I’m not sure that I’d hop on one and go for a ride these days.  I’ve heard of too many people getting into accidents with them, so I’d rather not take my chances.

5.  If someone wanted to understand you, what should they read, watch, and listen to?

If someone wanted to understand me, they should go back and read my blog over the last few years (especially the past six or seven months), watch me dance (I’m not great, but I’m not afraid to cut loose), and listen to me talk about the books I’ve read for my classroom (young adult novels).

Y’all, I live my life out loud.  I don’t put on airs.  What you see is what you get.  I am passionate about my faith, my family, and my calling as a reading teacher.  That passion seeps out everywhere.

6.  My Random Thought

One year ago today, the Mr., N, and I headed out to watch our Rooster graduate from Air Force Basic Training.  After not getting to see him for nearly eight weeks, we were one day away from the BEST hug.  It was one of the most emotional weekends of my life; the patriotism flooded every cell of our bodies as we watched over 700 other young men and women run into the Reception Center during the Airman’s Run, loved ones cheering them on like the grandest of Olympic events.

Later, after the Airmen had changed, they returned to the Reception Center, received their coins, and then recited the Airman’s Creed and pledged their service to our country.

I wrote about that weekend in a series of posts that starts here.  I don’t think I can go back and read it; I’d probably cry all over again.

Watching my sweet son walk with purposed steps was something else, let me tell you.  He’d found his calling.

As you celebrate Memorial Day, please take time to remember those serving, both in uniform and those left behind to tend the home fires, Rooster’s “N” among them.  Take a moment to honor those who paid the ultimate price.  Their stories are tragic; their service beyond compare.

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