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Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day.

I love the above photo because it really does remind us what the day is about.

It’s not about a barbecue or a day at the beach.

It’s not about a day off from work or a sale at the mall.

It is a day to honor those who lost their lives in service to the U.S.

I don’t know that I fully appreciated this day before Rooster joined the Air Force.  Now, I recognize what a selfless act it is when people serve in the military.

They are often separated from family.

They miss out on celebrating life’s milestones . . . children’s first steps . . . babies’ first words . . . birthdays, sporting events, and graduations.

But Memorial Day goes beyond that and honors those who missed everything.

I cannot imagine being the wife or mom of a lost service member.  The void left behind can never be filled.

I have a friend, Jane, who lost her husband during Vietnam.  They were high school sweethearts and had not been married long before he died.  Their son grew up learning about his father through his mother’s stories and those of others who knew him.

The pride and love Jane still has in this precious husband of hers is evident every time we talk.  Her story is one of so very many.

So, today let us send up a prayer of thanksgiving for those who died and a prayer for those left behind.

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