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When Distance Ain’t a Thang

I love the interwebs.

I love how friendships can grow and distances can be bridged.

My friendship with Rebecca is one example.

This girl and I have been friends since 2006 when we started reading each others’ blogs.

I do truly count her as one of my BFFs.

It’s because of her that I started doing virtual races.  I won’t lie.  I thought virtual races were weird.  At first.  Then, I started signing up for the HRC races, and wham bam, I was hooked.

You might remember the Halloween race we did together . . .

Then, there was the BFF race we did a couple of months ago.

Well, last Saturday, we did another BFF race!

I loved seeing her picture when her medal arrived at her house . . .

It’s so motivating to have a friend you’re accountable to.  Knowing that she was doing the race in her little corner of the world gave me the extra oomph to go out and walk my own miles.

I got my distance in first.  I think she might have actually cleaned her house or performed some other super-amazing domestic duty before she got out.  Here in Florida, you’ve got to go before it gets too humid.

I was seriously sweating, y’all, when I finished.  Even walking at 9am was brutal!

I’m tough and pushed through.

I sent Rebecca my selfies, and when she finished, she put our pictures together . . .

Her shirt was just fabulous!  She has the best workout apparel, y’all!

Totally borrowed this from your blog, Rebecca. Hope you don’t mind!

I hung up this medal beside the last BFF medal we got.  I’d sent her the half that made the heart whole because I sometimes manage to plan well.  Even with my teacher brain on vacation, I did something okay, eh?

It felt good to add my race bib to my collection (I use a bib holder that I ordered from Gone for a Run).  I know that the medals might seem kind of childish to some people, but to me, they are symbolic of perseverance and a determination to push myself beyond what I sometimes think I’m capable of.

Thanks, Rebecca, to always being open to doing these races with me!  ❤

Week 32

Here we are at almost Tuesday, and I’ve failed, once again, to post a timely update.  That summer sun must be doing something to my brain!

So, let’s talk about last week and my continued recovery from my trimalleolar fracture and subsequent surgery.

Last week was a big milestone – 32 weeks (i.e. eight months)!  It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

When I last left you, I’d had a rough weekend, and my ankle was not looking its best.

I went to physical therapy on Monday and, after completing all of my exercises had a long chat with my therapist.  It was, after all, my last visit for a month (remember the insurance issues I mentioned a couple of weeks ago?).

First of all, he was shocked when I told him about my time for the Superhero 5k I’d walked the Saturday before.  He told me that he knew people who couldn’t run it that fast.  He’s a good cheerleader, let me tell you.

Then, I told him about my leg workout the next day and the exercise I did that I probably shouldn’t have done.  I expected to be properly chided, but he actually told me that it wasn’t the move that had done me in.  It was, most likely, the fact that I’d done a lot of yard work the previous Friday, walked the 5k at a brisk pace the next day, and then had worked my lower body out that Sunday.

He explained that I should have rearranged some of my activities.  For instance, I could have done an upper body workout on Sunday or gone much lighter on the weights for the leg routine.  He said that doing so many things that required a lot from my ankle in such a short span of time led to the swelling and pain.

I also told him that I’d had a lot of tightness in my right knee when I’d done the 5k.  I figured I’d walked too fast, but he told me that it was lack of strength in that leg, which is what my exercises and therapy will continue to improve.

Ultimately, he said that I still need to give myself time to heal.

There goes that word again.

This process has hammered into my head the fact that I am not a very patient person.

Those who know me best would probably agree.


I feel like Ariel, when she sings Part of Your World . . .

Flipping your fins, you don’t get too far
Legs are required for jumping, dancing
Strolling along down a – what’s that word called again?

Up where they walk, up where they run
Up where they stay all day in the sun
Wanderin’ free – wish I could be
Part of that world.

That’s me.  To a T.

As J and I talked, I got a little teary.  He reminded me of how far I’ve come since January 23 when I first walked into physical therapy.  I was on crutches still, unable to walk properly and in so much pain when I tried.

Now, I’m lifting weights, walking 5k’s, and mowing the grass without the aid of a self-propelled mechanism.

I want to be able to do these things and run again . . . without pain.


J and I talked about what I can be doing during my PT hiatus.  The Mr. has been very concerned that I’m doing too much.

Ya think.

<insert sarcastic look>

J told me that he wants me to walk as much as I can . . . every day even.  He wants me to be more cognizant of how I’m lining up my activities.  He wants me to stretch my calf muscle on that right leg every day.

He promised that when I get back in there, we will start working on my jogging.

He gave me hope.

Then, he worked on the back of my leg again and actually got two tools out to get the knot out of my tendon.

Some things do NOT change.

I felt sad as I left, but I knew that it was a temporary goodbye.  I’ve already got my next appointment set for July 24th, and I’ll pick up where I left off.

Meanwhile, I started PT at home, following the exercise regimen that he gave me.  I’m supposed to do them at least three days a week, incorporating them into my workouts when it’s convenient or doing them separately if it’s not.

Did I mention the stretching, my favorite (not) exercise?

The rest of the week went okay.  I continued to have good and bad days.

I walked a little over three miles on Thursday.  My pace was a lot slower than the 5k I did the weekend before, but that was okay with me.

I always feel accomplished when I’ve moved my body . . .

I spent time watching the rain . . .

I thanked the Lord for sending the sun . . .

I had a little buddy on Friday . . .

And a different book  . . .

I literally sat in the water the entire time I was at the pool (thanks, Megan, for the suggestion a few weeks ago) and let my ankle do its non-gravity thing, which made it feel better.  Call it an excuse.  My physical therapist chuckled when I told him my game plan.

The sun cooperated on Saturday . . .

I even managed to sneak in an hour of pool time on Sunday before the rain paid another visit . . .

I probably won’t post weekly updates until I return to therapy next month.  We’ve got a lot going on in the next two weeks; it’s going to be all I can do to fit in my PT exercises, and I’m not sure if I’m going to see a drastic improvement in that time (fingers crossed that I magically become pain-free because we know that miracles can and do happen).

Please continue to pray for healing.  This journey is still frustrating.  I am beyond ready to be normal.  I’d love to be able to teach class, come August, without pain.  Maybe that’s a little unrealistic, but one can always dream, eh?

National Selfie Day

Did you know that Wednesday was National Selfie Day?

Yeah, I didn’t either until I happened to switch the TV from the DVD to the cable mode after I worked out that morning.  The Today Show was on, and they were talking about how much time we spend taking selfies . . . seven minutes for each one!  It is estimated that we will spend over 200,000 hours over the course of our lives taking selfies.

Unbelievable, eh?

I’ll admit that I am as guilty as anyone else.

Hello Snapchat, which has the BEST filters, y’all!

Disney, anyone?

I am one cool cat.

I always match my ears with my workout clothes.

Weighing the pros and cons of doing anything productive during my break.


Of course, Instagram had to get in on the action.  Their filters are okay . . .

If you need me, I’ll be hibernating until August.

Queen – of Everything

When I’m not sleeping or working out, I’ll be driving . . . to the beach . . . if the sun will ever come out again.

So, what is this obsession with fish-lipped selfies?

I really don’t know except that they are fun, and they give people a glimpse into our whimsical selves.

They allow us to be silly without taking ourselves so seriously.

Life isn’t always pleasant, so indulging in a bit of fun, seven minutes at a time (cause you know you’ve got to delete fifteen photos before you get THE perfect shot), can be a much-needed pick-me-upper.

Selfie on!

Sunday Shopping

Last Sunday afternoon, the Mr. and I headed out to run a few errands.

One of the places I wanted to go was Best Buy.  Rooster had called me a couple of days before to tell me about a purchase he and his girl had made.  The pressure was on.

I wound up indulging my inner geek when I purchased this . . .

It’s the Apple Watch 2, which was on sale for $70 off.  What girl doesn’t like a sale?

The newest Apple Watch can be worn in the pool or beach!  That was the main reason why I had asked for my Garmin watch a couple of years ago.  I’ve loved it too!

But the Apple, y’all.  I have had an iPhone for years, and my laptop is a Macbook Pro, so I’m all about Apple stuff.  I bought the smaller size.

It didn’t take me long to find a watch face I liked . . .

When you tap on the center of the clock face, Minnie tells you what time it is.  She’s adorable.

Now, I’m not going to lie, making the transition was a little overwhelming.  Although it immediately synced with my phone, I still had to figure out how to navigate, which buttons to push, etc.  I had to change a few things in my setup (I’m using Apple Health now, which integrates with MyFitnessPal).

The good news is that my Under Armour Record app works seamlessly with my watch.  When I start a workout on my phone, my watch automatically starts up, so I can look down and see my calories real time without pulling out my phone.

I was able to use it to track Monday’s physical therapy session.  I had been curious about how many calories I’d been burning during these sessions . . .

Apparently, I work hard.  Crazy, eh?

I also love that my watch tracks my heart rate.  That was the biggest drawback to my Garmin.  I didn’t have the HR model.

By the end of the first evening, I’d even learned how to set up the watch as my alarm clock.

One less-than-ideal thing is the battery life.  It’s something like 18 hours, so it needs to be charged each night.  My Garmin lasted for ten days without a charge, unless I was using it to track runs.

I still have a ton to learn, but I can honestly say that I’m in love with this device.  I can use Siri on it (and actually did while I was getting directions, and it even connected automatically to my car and started talking through those speakers while I was driving to a new place).

Happy Summer to me!

After we finished at Best Buy, we headed to Kohl’s.  The Mr. had some Kohl’s cash that had to be used that day.

I had not been feeling well, so the plan was to run in, quickly pick out something, and leave.

I wound up trying on a few tops that had not been on sale the week before.  I really liked the tank top in the picture below.  It made me think of my Rooster boy.

I loved the next top.  It’s a sweater material and wine colored.  It is so soft.

By the way, I have no idea why I felt the need to flex my muscles in both pictures.  I guess the weight training I’ve been doing each day has gone to my head.  Ha!

I liked the next top as well.  Blue is one of my favorite colors, and the Mr. thought this top would pair nicely with a pair of flowered shorts he had picked out for me (I didn’t pose with those though).

After all of that shopping, I had to go home and take a nap.  Who knew that spending money could be so exhausting!!

Shelling Out Answers to Hodgepodge Questions

Joyce cooked up some fun summer-themed questions for the Hodgepodge this week.  If you want to play along, answer on your blog and link back up with her.  Thanks for visiting!

1.  The first day of summer rolls in later this week. What are ten things you’d put on your list of quintessential summer activities? Will you try to manage all ten this summer?

Oh summer, how I love thee!  Let me count the ways.

  1. Reading . . . so much of it.  I just finished this bonus novella after someone on Facebook told me about it.  It follows up on one of the characters from the book, Wonder.  I will admit that I did not like the novella nearly as much as the first book, but that could be because I’m used to books geared for high school students.  This one felt very juvenile in nature.  I did enjoy Wonder though.
  2. Sunbathing
  3. Baking
  4. Napping – Every day
  5. Cleaning – Staying caught up for a change
  6. Knitting
  7. Pup-Loving
  8. Shopping
  9. Selfie-Taking
  10. Exercising

2.  Do you collect seashells when you’re at the beach? What do you do with them once you get them home? What’s your favorite place to comb for seashells? How many of these ‘best beaches for hunting seashells’ have you visited? Which one would you most like to visit?

Calvert Cliffs State Park (Maryland), Jeffrey’s Bay (South Africa), Sanibel Island (Florida), Shipwreck Beach (Lanai Hawaii), Ocracoke Island (North Carolina), Galveston Island (Texas) and The Bahamas

I live very close to the beach, but I do not collect sea shells.  Weird, huh?  I’ve only visited the Bahamas.  I’d love to go to Hawaii though!  With Rooster and his wife living out on the West Coast, it would be so easy to combine a trip to Hawaii with a meetup with my kiddos.

3.  At a snail’s pace, shell out money, come out of your shell, go back into your shell, drop a bombshell, happy as a clam, clam up...which ‘shell’ phrase could most recently be applied to some event or circumstance in your life? Explain.

At a snail’s pace would fit my ankle recovery.  This past weekend, I was reminded of how slow the process is.  My physical therapist and I discussed some of the issues I’m having, and he reiterated that time needs to do its thing.  It’s a long, slowwwwwwwww thing that frustrates me to no end.

4.  What summer activity do you dislike? Why?

Although yard work can be extremely gratifying, it’s so physically draining that I can’t say I enjoy it as much as I used to.  Plus, it’s time consuming.  I’d much rather be sitting by the pool.

5.  What’s something you see as quickly becoming obsolete? Does that bother you?

I had a really hard time coming up with an answer for this question.  I guess I can answer lamely by saying that DVD players are becoming obsolete.  With the onslaught of streaming services, the need for DVD players is dwindling.  We used to have a large DVD collection; however, the Mr. got rid of most of our movies the week I had my ankle surgery and was off my feet.  He was cleaning up for Christmas and purged.  I was not happy, but he kept telling me that I could find most of the movies online.  Still, I love having these things on hand.  So yeah, it bothers me.  As much as I love technology, I am sometimes still set in my ways.

6.  My Random Thought

I started a new P31 Online Bible Study last week.  This summer, we are reading through the book, Me, Myself, and Lies.  It’s all about combating the lies we speak to ourselves.

We’re up to Chapter 4 and man, it’s as though Jennifer Rothschild has been inside my brain all my life.  I’m trying very hard to process everything; there are so many things I need to re-think.  I love that much of what’s in the book is stuff that I can use in my classroom.  Teenagers are so hard on themselves.  They are very unforgiving and internalize everything.

It’s not too late to jump in on the study if you’re interested!

Superhero 5k

This past Saturday, while the Mr. was still sleeping, I got up bright and early with a mission in mind.

A couple of months ago, I’d signed up for a 5k . . . a Superhero 5k!

First, I ate a small but healthy breakfast (overnight oats).

Then, I carefully donned the clothes I’d laid out the night before and posed for selfies by propping up my phone on my mailbox.

Yep . . . I’d chosen Wonder Woman attire after seeing previews for and later watching the actual movie.

That lady can kick some butt and really speaks to how I try to face the challenges in my life.

Those are capes on the back of my socks.  I got them here.

This race was a pretty big deal for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I am not a person who likes crowds, especially when I’m going into them by myself.  Cue up my introverted, somewhat socially-anxious self.  I worry so much about getting lost, messing up, and looking plain old dumb.


Second of all, this was going to be my second ever in-real-life race.  It’s a lot different doing virtual races where it’s you versus your mind by your lonesome self.

This event was benefiting our local Guardian Ad Litem agency, which is such a worthwhile organization that provides much-needed services to local children.

I arrived at the race location at 6:30am, just as they were setting up.  I wanted to make sure I got my goody bag and t-shirt.

Then, I sat on a bench as I waited for others to arrive.  There was a gal sitting on the other end of the bench, and we got to talking.  It turned out that she’s the data clerk at the high school right beside my neighborhood.  We spent time chatting all about school stuff.  I learned that she had been in the military and currently has children serving.  My heart thumped a little bit harder at that.

She eventually got up to find her friends, so I began wandering.

I saw a gal I’m slowly getting to know from church.  As I’ve said many times, I am not gifted with the ability to engage in small talk.  It was comforting to see a familiar face, though.

I watched as a group of guys hammed it up with participants.  I borrowed this picture from Facebook, courtesy of the organization that hosted the race . . .

They were the BEST sports!  They posed with anyone who wanted a picture in between helping organizers set up stuff for the race.  They kept me smiling as I bided my time.

I saw a couple of other people I knew and spoke with them as well.  One of them asked me if I’d be running.

To my chagrin, I had to say no, that I was only walking.  I still cannot run; impact exercises do a number on my right heel, so running is still out.

I found a place to stretch my calf and foot shortly before the race.  My physical therapist would have been very proud of me . . .

Now, I’ve got to tell you one thing that bothered me a bit.

Shortly before the race began, a lady got on a microphone and asked for people who had signed up as walkers to go up to her so she could mark the bibs accordingly.

Y’all, NOBODY walked up there.


I’d signed up as a walker, but I didn’t really want anyone knowing this.

Why didn’t they note it on my bib when I picked it up earlier?  They already had my name on it.

I was mortified.

One of my friends had told me earlier that I looked like a runner, so I was very uncomfortable as I went up and got my “W” written on the bottom of my bib.

I wanted to have a sign on my back that said, “Trimalleolar Fracture Recovery Mode – Please Excuse this Walker.”


The race organizers could have done this differently.

Just sayin’.

Anyhoo, then it was time for us to line up.

Before we got to take off, the lady with the microphone made a big point of telling us that if we were walkers, we could not run.  We couldn’t even run ONE SINGLE STEP.

Yes, she said this.


So, the race started, and y’all, I got a little emotional.  I’m so glad that I was wearing sunglasses.

Oh, it wasn’t the fact that my two friends who were there patted my shoulder as they ran past me.


No, I was emotional because I was doing a REAL race, with REAL people, on a REAL course.

When I broke my ankle in November and read about the two-year recovery, I could not envision this day.

I indulged myself for a few moments before earnestly digging my feet in and pushing myself forward.

I love that the first song that popped up on my playlist was this . . .

I had a couple of goals for this race.

First, I wanted to break a 16-minute mile.  That’s slow, I know, but for me, sixteen minutes is actually fast to be walking given my recovery.

My second goal was to not be in last place, thus it was that I set my first sight on an older lady who was jog/walking the race just ahead of me.

Every time I would start to catch up with her, she would take off jogging.

Seriously, though, how in the heck was I supposed to compete with that?

I can be a bit competitive sometimes, even with unsuspecting 70-something year old people.


I did eventually pass her.

I was using my wireless Under Armour ear buds . . . the ones the Mr. got me for Christmas.  They tell me my heart rate, my pace, and the distance.  I got updates every half mile.

Y’all, I’ve got to tell you that my first pace time was between fourteen and fifteen minutes.

What the heck?  I wondered if I’d heard it correctly.

I kept going.

Although it was early, it was humid.  We were supposed to get rain later in the morning, so the air was heavy with moisture.

There were arrows painted on the streets, but I was still worried that I’d get lost, so I kept my eyes on the people way out in front.

There was a point where we had to cross a local bridge.  As I neared it, I had to hold myself back from running.

Y’all, I just wanted to take off.  I told my physical therapist about it this past Monday, and he compared it to a horse being let out of a gate.

Yep, that was me.  Holding myself back was so very hard, especially when I could see others running across the bridge.


There was a water station right before the bridge, but I didn’t get any at that point.  I wasn’t overly hot.  Yet.

The bridge is closed to vehicle traffic; people like to fish off of it.  The view was awe-inspiring.

The bridge increased in elevation; and the sun beat down on my face.




Sweat poured down my face, but I kept walking fast.  I did not want to slow down.

I saw my friends coming down in the opposite direction.  They waved as they passed me by.  This actually encouraged me, because it didn’t feel as though I was that far behind them.

After coming off of the bridge, we had to do a u-turn and run back in the opposite direction.

They really, really needed a water station here.  I was dying.

The good thing was that the sun was at my back on the return trip over the bridge, and there was a lovely breeze that cut through the heat.

I was steadily passing people even at the halfway mark.  There was the cutest little boy running with his dad.  It was pretty impressive!

After I came off of the bridge, I grabbed my cup of water and sloshed it down my neck like a pro.  Ha!  I didn’t even slow down as I threw it in the garbage can.

I was all about the pace at that point.

I had to chuckle when I went to turn the first corner.  Those guys dressed up in their law enforcement uniforms were cheering, “Go Wonder Woman!”  I was a little embarrassed.  I would have preferred to have been running instead of looking like a professional speed walker.


It wasn’t too long before I turned the final corner and headed down the homestretch.  The song that came on was appropriate . . .

I love it when I see God’s hand in the smallest details, don’t you?

My life of late has been quite the journey.

One of my friends had finished his race and was walking back in my direction . . . cooling off, I suspect.  He gave me a high five as he passed by me.

Then, I saw this . . .

People were yelling for me as I got closer.

I know my face turned red.  I really, really wanted to be running.

I almost missed the finish “chute” because of inexperience.  I didn’t realize there was a little tunnel you had to run through.  They had to direct me a bit.

I made it through, though, and someone ripped off the bottom part of my bib to scan it for the time because yes, this was a timed race.

I stopped the time on my Under Armour Record app.

I couldn’t believe it.  I’d completed the race in just over 43 minutes with a pace of 13:49!

I felt every single one of those seconds too, let me tell you!

I got a slice of orange and a bottle of water and cooled off.  Then, I sat on the bleachers (this was held at a park) and waited with people.  Why I waited, I have no idea, but I did.  My inexperience with races speaks volumes here.

Meanwhile, a gal in her early 30’s approached me and said, “I want to tell you that your outfit is the cutest I’ve seen today.”

Say what?

Did she really just say that to me?


She made my morning!

She sat down, and we began talking.  It turned out that she’s in the Air Force.  Queue in the love.  We chit chatted, and it turned out that she was waiting for the awards ceremony.

Yep.  I’d had no clue.

Then, this gal invited me to join her team when they do the Color Vibe this fall.  She gave me her name and number too!  Take that, social awkwardness!

Then, they started calling out names of walkers and their times.  It turned out that they were giving medals to the top three finishers.  The first time I heard called out was 48 minutes.

I was confused because I knew I’d finished faster than that, but I never heard my name called out.  The girl beside me encouraged me to ask someone about it, but I was too uncomfortable about doing that.

Runners were handled differently.  They were separated by age groups.  I saw one of my friends win first place in his age group; his daughter, who is Rooster’s age, won for her age group.  My new little friend beside me won her age group, and a lady I’d met before the race won hers!  She had really inspired me.  She had told me about having a couple of surgeries and that she’d run several half and full marathons.  Y’all, I will not let this ankle injury prevent me from accomplishing a big goal I have.

Before I knew it, the event was over, and I headed home.

Still, the time/medal thing bothered me, but I really had to let it go.

Until the next morning.  After church, we went out to eat with friends, and one of the girls who was there was the young lady I mentioned earlier . . . the one I’m starting to get to know.

She sat beside me and pulled up the official times on Facebook.  Y’all, being a novice at this meant that I’d had not clue that the times had been posted.

Well, my name was at the top of the list for walkers.

I felt a little superficial, but y’all, I kind of wanted my medal.  My friend told me that she thought she’d heard them call my name too.


So, I sent a message to the organization that hosted the race and explained that I had seen my name at the top of the list but apparently had not heard my name called out.  I also told them that the race had been especially meaningful given my recovery process.

I was surprised to get a response back immediately.  The young lady told me that I could pick up my medal the next day from her office downtown.

I left my house an extra hour early since I had physical therapy at 9 and got my prize.

I told my physical therapist about the race as we chatted about a few other things.  He was pretty impressed, and I won’t lie – I got emotional.  This journey, as you well know because I keep on repeating myself, has been so hard sometimes.

I knew that it wouldn’t be easy.  I just had no idea.

I am grateful for the work ethic that God instilled in me.  Nothing has ever been handed to me.  It seems like I often get to do life the hard way.

As I told my physical therapist, I am thankful.  I have a story.  Stories are boring if they don’t have highs and lows.

My injury is a big part of my story right now, and this 5k is just one of the many high points.

Week 31

It’s been a few days since I visited this here blog, but it’s Monday, and seeing as I had not written my weekly ankle update, I figured that I’d better.

So, last week marked 31 weeks since I broke my ankle on November 13th.

What a busy week I had!

I’ll admit that I was feeling some angst since I knew I only had three visits left until I’d be taking a short break from physical therapy (remember my post about my insurance).

Last Monday, I went up to the seven and a half-pound ankle weight to do my leg lifts . . .

That is one honking big weight, let me tell you.  My ankles are like my wrists . . . small (except for the ever-swollen right ankle, that is), so it’s hard to get these weights strapped on good, but I did, and oy vey, but that extra two and a half pounds was h-a-r-d to do (thirty reps on each leg).

I tried to be a beast, though, so I pushed through.  I think I probably limped out of there afterward.  Ha!

Now, I’m not going to lie . . . I wasn’t so good about doing my PT at home last week.  I think that knowing that I was going back on Wednesday and then the following Monday made me brush it off a little.  Plus, I work out each day with my Body Beach videos, so it’s not like I wasn’t doing anything at all.


Before I went to physical therapy on Wednesday, I worked in one of my flower beds. This was after I’d done my Body Beast workout (because I’m a glutton for punishment).

I had lots more weeds to pull, and my air conditioner guy was coming the next day to do regular maintenance, so I didn’t want him to have to deal with a mess.

The “before” picture

Here’s what it looked like when I finished . . .

I made a shake to take with me to physical therapy . . .

Do you see the fudge in there???

My therapist didn’t add anything new to my routine after I got there, and I left feeling pretty good.

I scared myself Wednesday night.  There’s a recliner in the den that I sit in all the time.  It’s my chair.  Well, the UPS truck came to the house, and the dogs started barking, and rather than put the recliner down, I got off on the side.  In the process, my right foot (i.e. the one with my BAD ankle) hit the corner of the couch that is beside the recliner.  My little toe went one way, and the rest of my foot wanted to go the other way but couldn’t, so it was pulled back into itself.

The pain I felt on the right side (outer side) of that foot was really bad.  I just about broke my toe, I think.

I felt pain down the side of my ankle where my plate is.

I limped to the door, picked up my package, and limped back, shaking.  I was a little scared that I’d twisted my foot . . . not a good thing when recovering from a broken ankle.

I babied the heck out of it that night.  I applied essential oils to it before I went to bed.  It felt bruised the next morning, but I tried not to panic. I wound up showing it to my physical therapist on Monday, but by then, it was feeling better.

Note to Self:  Slow down.


On Thursday, I cooked Vegan Shepherd’s Pie, a recipe in the Oh She Glows cookbook I bought a while ago . . .

This dish takes a LONG time to prepare, so I was on my feet quite a while . . .

The rain outside made Molly stick close by me . . .

On Friday, I woke up to the sun shining.  What a rare sight!  It’s our rainy season, so I had to take advantage of the good weather.  I got on up, worked out, and went outside to mow.  Our front yard was starting to look a little ratty . . .

I worked like a fiend.  Our riding lawn mower isn’t working right now, and the self-propelled part of our push mower is also kaput, but the mower itself works, so I had to use a LOT of leg muscle action to get the job done.

I edged afterward and swept up the debris.  The yard looked great; I was worn slap out.

I knew I needed to rest my ankle, so I spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool . . .

On Saturday, I got on up and did a 5k.  I won’t write more about that today, though.  I’d prefer to save the details for a separate post.  I did spend the rest of that day at the pool though; this time I had a different book in my hands . . .

The Mr. got called in to work Saturday night.  I found some baking mojo and whipped up a batch of Vegan Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies.

They paired nicely with the wine and book.  😀

They made for a delicious recipe Sunday morning (sans the wine) . . .

Before I ate that cookie, I had gotten up and done my leg workout.  It was a tough one, and I did a move where I stepped up onto the bench and then went back down into a lunge.

Three sets of these.

With weights.

I knew it was hard, but I thought I was okay . . .

Until the Mr. and I ran errands after church, and I looked down and noticed my ankle . . .




It was ugly.

It was painful too.

It had not been that swollen in weeks.

I was not doing well.

I hooked up my TENS unit and iced it for awhile.

I stayed sore the rest of the day and knew I’d totally overdone things.


At nearly eight months in, the recovery process continues to be filled with highs and lows.  Just when I think I’m getting ahead, my body rudely reminds me that I’m not done healing.

Sometimes, I wonder if I’ll ever feel 100% normal again . . . pain free, I mean.

Still, I try not to dwell too much on the negatives.  I am still in awe of the fact that I can do things like mow the yard, work out, and clean the house.  Simply being able to walk across a room is something I am so appreciative of because I remember when I’d forgotten how to move one foot in front of another.

And so it is that I’m another week closer to whatever percentage of normal my body is going to decide to land on . . . another seven days of hard work toward being 100% functional again.

I am grateful for God’s healing touch, His perfect timing, and His grace in even the most minute details of my life.


It’s summer break, as I might have said a time or two in recent days.

Part of my routine has been to read . . . as often as I can (in between working out, PT, and household chores).

I brought home a pile of books from my classroom library, but I have also ordered a few . . .

I’ve been wanting to read this for a couple of years now; however, I found that I couldn’t locate it at the end of the school year, so off to Amazon I went.  One of my students did her final project on this book.  I hope it’s as good as my kiddos keep telling me.

I had another book delivery a couple of days ago . . .

Thanks to Rebecca for raving over the first couple of books in the Jenny Han series.  I actually had the first two (the one pictured above is the first in the series), but again, one of the books magically “walked” off by the end of the year.

I saw the book, Wonder, on a friend’s Instagram feed and knew, after reading a synopsis of it, that I had to order it.  I suspect that it will become one of my read alouds this next school year.

I am not sure if I’ll get through all of the books that I brought home, but I certainly don’t lack for choices!

Flag Day Hodgepodge

Is it my imagination, or did the Hodgepodge image disappear from Joyce’s blog?  I couldn’t find it, so I copied it from one of my previous posts.

Anyhoo, get distracted much?  Ha!

It is time for the Hodgepodge, so if you want to play, link up with Joyce after you answer your own questions.  Thanks for visiting!!

1.  The Hodgepodge lands on June 14th this week, Flag Day in the US of A. Do you fly your country’s flag at home? Sometimes, often, or every single day? Have you ever visited the city of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia)? Did you make a point of seeing The Betsy Ross House? Have you ever made a trip to Baltimore? If so, was Fort McHenry on your itinerary? (where Francis Scott Key was inspired to write The Star Spangled Banner)

I don’t have a flag flying but want to so badly!  I’ve asked the Mr. about getting something set up, but he’s leery of doing anything to our brick, so there’s that.  I’m thinking that I might get a garden flag.

I have never visited Philadelphia.  Chicky went on a trip there either last year or the year before.  She told me that it would be a place I’d love since I’m a history buff.  I’ve also never been to Baltimore.  There really needs to be a trip in my future.

2.  Red flag or white flag? Which have you encountered most recently? Explain.

I’ve recently had to throw up the white flag in regard to physical therapy and insurance.  I’m about to have a month-long break until my new PT visits get doled out.  I’m grateful for insurance, but it sure can wreak havoc with getting the help you need in a timely manner.

3.  Are you a stay in the car listen to the end of a song kind of person? What kind of person is that?

Yeah, I guess I’d say that I will stay in the car and listen to the end of a song if it’s something I haven’t heard in awhile or if it has special meaning to me.  I guess that might sound lame given our access to music these days, but oftentimes, God uses music to speak to my heart, and I’m not ready to turn it off just because I’ve reached my destination.

4.  What are some of the traits or qualities you think a good dad possesses? In other words, what makes a good dad? What’s an expression you associate with your father?

A good father possesses wisdom, consistency, and grace.  A good father is strong but willing to let his guard down to show vulnerability.  A good father is one who’d be happy to sit down for a tea party or put his work down to go out and throw a ball around.  A good father puts his wife first and treats her like a queen so that his children will see what it’s like to be a man who has his priorities straight.  Most importantly, a good father is one who knows the one and only Father, isn’t afraid to pray with his children, and models a life of serving God.

I didn’t have a father growing up who did these things.  My parents divorced when I was very young, and except for a couple of visits, I didn’t know my dad until I had children of my own.  We only got a few short years together, which wasn’t nearly enough to build a deep relationship.  I do know that my dad was quirky, loved nature, and wasn’t afraid to be silly in front of people.  I don’t really know what expression I could associate with him, though.

5.  What’s one rule you always disagreed with while growing up? Is that rule somehow still part of your adult life? Is that a good or bad thing?

The main rule I didn’t like was that I had to be home really early the morning after I’d slept over at a friend’s house.  I didn’t understand why I couldn’t lounge around with a friend’s family . . . leisurely enjoy breakfast with them.  I did not have that rule for my own children.  I felt like it was unfair and heavy handed.  I had enough rules that my children didn’t like.  I didn’t see a reason for adding yet another.

6.  My Random Thought

You know it’s summer when I allow myself to go out to eat with the Mr. looking like this . . .

The hair was freshly washed and dried, but it wasn’t straightened or fixed in any other way.  There’s barely makeup on my face, and I was very casually dressed in a t-shirt and comfy stretch pants.  I wasn’t even sporting any jewelry.  I usually like to fix up when we go places, but it was after 6pm, he was hungry, and I figured what the heck.

I love summer vacation!

Weekend of Fun

My first weekend of summer break was a blast!  I’m sure you understand how relaxing it is when you know that you have more than two days off in a row.

I spent about four hours at my neighborhood pool on Friday.  Talking to my sweet friend, Megan, who lives in the subdivision across the street (which shares my neighborhood pool) was a rare treat.  We teach at the same school, in the same department, but we rarely have time to chill together.  She taught me something new:  how to read while sitting in the pool.  Novel idea, eh?  I read a lot poolside as well!

I managed to finish the book later that evening.  I’ve got to say that this is one of my students’ favorite authors.  This book, in particular, ranks as her top three on my scale of favorites.

Friday night, I queued up the movie “Before I Fall” on Amazon Prime.  I’d just finished reading the book, which had hooked me from the opening chapter.

The movie pretty much stuck with the book.  It was your typical teenage movie . . . not bad.  Sad, though.

I turned off my alarm and slept in on Saturday.  It was my rest day from my workout program.  Just as I was getting up, M texted me to see if I wanted to go to the store with her.  I had different plans in mind and invited her over.  You see, it was the day I had set aside to do the “We Run Free Because of the Brave 4-Miler,” a virtual race hosted by Gone for a Run.

M went with me on my walk, and we had a lot of fun chatting.  Four miles seemed to fly by . . . except for the humidity and my sore ankle.  We were wiped out when we finished.

Check out my tank top.  It’s one of my favorite race shirts; the medium fit perfectly!  Sizing is sometimes tricky with these race shirts.

I was loving the calorie burn too!

After M left, I got cleaned up, and the Mr. and I went to see the movie, The Mummy.

I liked it, although the story line was a bit confusing at first.

Before the movie started, I saw promos for the USA show, Queen of the South.  It seemed like something I might like, so I looked for it on Netflix when we got home.

It tells the story of a female drug cartel leader.  I watched four episodes that night.  I finished with Season 1 and the first episode of Season 2 (this episode was On Demand) on Sunday.  It was that good.

Sunday wound up being a chill day.  The Mr. and I attended church.  There weren’t a lot of people there.  We suspect that the reason was because the bottom dropped out of the sky shortly before the service began.  The rain put the kibosh on my hopes for going to the pool . . .

Plan B:  Knitting while I watched TV on Sunday.  It wound up being a great day of rest!

I managed to get in a bit of baking (if you’d call it that).  Here’s a picture of the Peanut Butter and Honey Chewy Granola Bars I made.  The recipe can be found here.  They are chock full of peanut butter flavor and are simply divine!

Yeah, I can’t complain at all.  Summer break has started off well.  I’m getting much-needed rest and am still being productive in the process.

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