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Basic White Girl

Oh, the things I am learning each year I teach high school.

The lessons I am referring to today have nothing to do with economics and everything to do with social culture.

On Friday, I went to school looking like this…

I take a selfie every morning of school and plan to use them to make some sort of photo collage at the end of the year.

I was particularly proud on Friday because I’d mixed plaid with pearls.

I’m cool like that.

My fourth/fifth period class came in, and sometime during the course of instruction, one of my female students said, “Mrs. AuburnChick, you’re a basic white girl.”

To which my face probably looked something like this…

I wanted to play along, like I understood, but in reality, I had no clue what in the heck the young lady had said.

So, I said, “Say what?” a second time…and possibly a third…

It was quite obvious I needed an explanation, so a different student asked if I ever went to Starbucks.

I said not anymore because the drinks hurt my stomach.

The student then went on to say, that I used to go though.

Well, yeah…

“And your point?” I asked.

My kids explained that I was a basic white girl because I dressed all matchy-matchy, complete with the right jewelry, drove a shiny car, and got my nails done.

I can’t remember what I said to that, but then a student commented that even my proper language bespoke of my basic white girl status.

Folks, sometimes there’s not a whole lot one can say in that kind of moment.  I’m not usually too quick on my feet with comebacks.  I’m the girl who thinks of something good to say five minutes after I’ve walked away from a conversation.

I did have the presence of mind to write down the phrase they were calling me and assured them that I would be researching it.

They laughed.

Later that day, I texted a friend who teaches at my school.  She laughed, told me the kids were being mean.  She then sent me this…




With the exception of the Uggs and Tumblr on the list, Everything.




I actually do own a pair of boots that is very similar to the ones in the picture above.


Still, I felt the need to understand this phrase better, so I googled…

And discovered that yes, my friend was right (go Friend!).

According to Kara Brown’s article, “Overanalyzing ‘Basic’ is the Most Basic Move of All,” on Jezebel.com, “When someone calls you basic, all they’re saying is: I think that the stuff you like is lame and I don’t really like you.”


I feel betrayed!

The class that told me this is one of my favorites!

We get along very, very well!




I’m going to call them out on Monday and let them know that I’m so cool I went home and did research.  On the weekend.  Because I am cool (I think I said that, but it’s worth repeating).

So there.

See how cool I am?

I’m sure my students will see how wrong they were.


2 Responses

  1. Get a tattoo like me, and they will never pull an Urban Dictionary on you ever again. Bahahaha. Lol.

  2. But, hey! At least they felt comfortable enough with you to tell you that!

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