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Dear Seester

Dear Seester,

Today is a special day.

It’s the day we get to celebrate your birthday!

I cannot remember a day of not being your big sister.

We’ve always been close, and I can’t remember that we fought too many times while we were growing up.

Except for the time I threw the mustard down in the middle of your room…

And got soundly spanked for the splattering that occurred as a result.

Jackson Pollock would have been mortified…his form of artwork so under-appreciated.

There was also that time I slammed the door in your face and knocked your glasses off your nose

It wasn’t my fault you were standing in the doorway to your own room, and your face got in the way.


Much conversation was exchanged during the years when I braided…and rebraided your hair each morning before school.

Shopping for shoes, eating donut holes…those were some of our favorite activities after I got my license.

I also distinctly remember letting you drive us to school one day..when you didn’t even have a permit.  Oh the things that parents don’t know, eh?  Kids can get away with stuff like that in the country.


We’ve been through a lot, and we’ve always been there for each other.

If there was ever a doubt that we were sisters, it was erased during our Thanksgiving cruise when you did your best to get your hubby to walk around Deck 3 in circles that went around to the right.  He corrected you, and as you saw someone running toward you, you cheered on that person saying, “You go girl…way to run in the direction YOU want.”

Then, as the person drew nearer, your gaze narrowed, and you began to laugh for it was me, your very own seester, running in the “wrong” or should I say “right” direction…the same one that had felt right to you.  Out of over 1,000 passengers on that ship that day at sea, it was I, your flesh and blood, who had the same idea as you.

It was meant to be…you and I, that is.

You’re one of the first people I call when I need a shoulder to cry on or a prayer to solicit.

I’m so happy that we married brothers and had children around the same time.  What a joy to share in the angst of childrearing and empty-nesting (you’re not quite there yet, but it will come sooner than you’re ready for).

You are a blessing to this world – a light that shines wherever your feet (or your baseball-loving car) carry you.

I adore you and treasure the rare moments we get to spend together…time I hope that will lengthen as our children grow older and we one day, fingers crossed, move to Auburn country.

May you feel my love and those of everyone who know you surround you on this, your special day.


Your Seester

One Response

  1. Happy birthday, AuburnChick’s seester!

    (My sisters also married brothers)

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