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Best Laid Plans

It’s Tuesday, and I’m wishing it was Friday already.

Despite my best laid plans, the week is not going as I’d expected.

It began with Monday…a tough day for me and my students.

For many, it was the beginning of the healing process as they learned, for the first time, of the passing of their friend and classmate.

They wrote letters to his mother, sharing their favorite memories.  I am putting them together in a binder for her.

They made posters that they taped in the hallway for anyone and everyone to sign…

I suspended curriculum so they could talk to me and to one another.  There were a lot of tears…a lot of hugs.  My second period class has been hit the hardest.  That’s the class this young man was a member of.

Today, I was feeling too ill to stay at work.  I got sick last night and after a visit to a walk-in clinic (thank heavens for having a doctor friend who got me in and out quickly), I went back to school, prepped for a sub, and returned home for an afternoon of sleeping and recovering.

The dogs snuggled in with me with Gambit providing a wake-up call after four hours.

Once again, my academic plans were adjusted.

I’ll go in tomorrow, no matter how I’m feeling, teach two classes, and then leave for the funeral.  Many of my students will attend.  Those who do not will have packets of work to do.

Another adjustment.

Though I have a unit to finish – an exam to prepare my students for – I feel as though God will work out the rest of the week’s plans.

I had to pay attention to my kids’ needs…listening while they talked…not pushing them to focus when, in reality, their hearts were breaking.

I had to take care of my health as well.

God will order my days, as He always does, in such a way that things will get done.

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