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Goldilocks and the Three Hats

Once upon a time, there was a girl who liked to knit.

Her beloved had requested a beanie, and she finally got around to making it.

She worked and worked and produced the following hat…

Alas, but though it appears to fit, it was too large for the Mr.

She went back to the drawing board, found a different pattern, and knit the second beanie…

It was more to the Mr.’s liking, but it was too small.

In frustration, they analyzed both beanies, determined to find a solution.

The Mr. wanted a folded brim…a larger one than he’d originally thought…one that required more rounds of stitching before the striping.

He didn’t want the ribbing to continue up the entire hat though.

He didn’t ask for much, eh?

They decided to combine both patterns.

A third hat was produced…

The hat appeared to be just right…

The Mr. happily went on his way, beanie in hand.

The knitter, upon posting on Facebook, got requests for said beanie.

Everyone won.


The Mr. used the beanie while working late one night and discovered that he did, in fact, want a beanie that was larger..with a brim…with the stitching of the second beanie.

A frogging (not part of the original Goldilocks story) will be had, and a fourth beanie will eventually be produced…thus messing up this Goldilocks story forever.



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