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A Little Bit of Sun, A Little Bit of Spanish

Yes, I’ve been quiet for the last little while.

I have lots of excuses…fatigue from teaching…other online responsibilities…laziness.

Today, though, I decided to venture back to share how my children blessed my day.

It started yesterday when I received the following…

For years, sunflowers have been my flower-of-choice.  It all started when I began growing them when we lived in Coral Springs.

Chicky developed an affinity for sunflowers, and I’ve often surprised her with sunflower arrangements.

This weekend, she took it upon herself to treat me.

I cried when I saw them.  Chicky is not overly demonstrative with her love, and we have battled one another for years in true mother-daughter fashion.

It appears as if reconciliation has begun, and my heart is filled with joy.

The ray of sunshine from these flowers will illuminate my soul long after the flowers wither away.

Rooster was not to be outdone.

After church today, he presented me with the following card…

Now folks, you must realize that we speak no Spanish.  He took Latin in high school.

He knew that I’m rather silly, so he thought it would be fun to give me this card.

I did chuckle.

Then, he typed the words on the card into Google translator and emerged from his room able to tell me what the card said…that I’m marvelous (maravillosa), and that words cannot express (empezar) how much he loves me.

He also told me that I would never forget this card.

That’s for sure!

I am so blessed to be a mother and thank my heavenly Father for the gift of motherhood.

My children fill the empty places that pervaded my heart before I had my babies.

They fulfill my need to take care of people.

They keep me grounded (boy, do they ever).

More recently, they show me love in return.

2 Responses

  1. Happy Mother’s Day!

    I love the flowers AND the card. Enjoy your day.

  2. The card is awesome 🙂
    Those flower… gorgeous! I think of you when I see sunflowers 🙂

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