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A Day of Whimsical Fun

Let us all take a moment to enjoy the sound of me NOT MAKING LESSON PLANS!!!

Yes, folks, that’s right.

My lesson plans for the rest of the school year are finished, as are tests and rubrics.

All remaining assignments have been entered into the computer as placeholders for the grades that will follow over the course of the next fourteen days.

And yes, you read that right…FOURTEEN DAYS!!!!

Thus it was that my day began with guilt-free fun…a bit of pampering.

After looking around on Pinterest, I decided to let my inner child have some fun…

The picture on Pinterest had minions on all ten nails.

Because I’m not quite the poster child for a Walmart shopper…*ahem…I decided to stay Redneck Classy and went with a signature finger on each hand.

My nail tech added polka dots for additional flair.

:::Like I need more flair in my life, eh?!:::

Here’s a closeup of the nails…

Those aren’t stickers.  My nail tech is that fabulous.

When I got home, the Mr. and I ran to the mall at the beach.  I have been wanting a pair of white pants, and I’d seen that Old Navy had them starting at $15.

I didn’t find the pants, but I did find a couple of dresses that fit me perfectly.  After the $5 coupon I got for trying on a pair of shorts (a special deal this weekend), I was set to go…

The next dress is simply lovely on.  The pictures do not do it justice.

I had a bit of trouble getting it zipped up and thought that, perhaps, I was a little too big for the small size I’d chosen; however, the dressing room attendant got the zipper up, and I discovered that the ribcage area is very fitted and almost acts as a support.  It is a VERY flattering dress.

I took a closeup of the lace pattern…

After trying on ten dresses, I was pooped, so the Mr. and I headed home where I got comfy on the couch for a nap.

My phone rang a few minutes later.  It was my friend, Heather.

She’s Scentsy enabler.  The new warmer I’d ordered had come in.  She offered to bring it to my house.

After we hung up, I decided I really wanted the pedicure I’d been thinking of all day, so I called, and my sweet gals told me to come on in.  I called Heather back, and she met me there.

Isn’t this one of the prettiest warmers you’ve ever seen?

She gave me a thank you gift…a free bar of some heavenly smelling wax…her appreciation for referring another friend to her.  This friend has quickly become addicted to Scentsy and has made a few purchases and had a couple of parties.

After Heather left, my nail tech finished my pedicure…

It was a day I needed so desperately.

Despite there only being fourteen days of school left, I have many, many things planned for my kids and will need to be especially flexible as schedules get crazy with Geometry EOCs (End of Course Exams) and a strange Senior Exam schedule (their exams affect EVERYONE at school, regardless of the grade).



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