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Conversations in the Classroom

Encouraged on Friday night when I chatted with a precious friend who is part of my Small Group, I think I’ve decided to start a weekly post about conversations I hear (or overhear) at school.

They can be quite funny, let me tell you.

This is actually post #2 in the series because I do believe I shared a few funnies a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll start off with something funny my guy, Marquise, said last week.

It was Independent Reading time, when my students sit and read silently for X amount of minutes (between twenty and thirty depending on the time we have).

He’d been struggling to find a book ever since he finished Vampire Stalker.  I blogged about that here.

He was a few chapters into 13 Reasons Why but was complaining about how he couldn’t get into the book.

I went to my bookshelves, retrieved a different book, and set it in front of him.

He took one glance at it and said, “I don’t see Allison van Diepen’s name on that.”

Translation:  “There’s no way in heck I’m opening that book.”

He’s found a favorite author.  Sure wish she’d hurry up and write faster!  Her books do not stay on my shelves for long!


A precious conversation ensued this morning after my students had finished taking a test.

Christian, a sweet young man I’ve had the pleasure of teaching two years in a row, walked up to my desk and asked how far I’d gotten into the book Legend.

He had read the series early in the year and had been trying to get me to read them.  Well, I’m just about finished with the first book, and I love it!  I’ll post a review eventually.

Anyhoo, he saw how close I was to finishing, and he issued the following warning, “There’s a little bit of mature content in the second and third books.”

I started chuckling, let me tell you!

I looked at him, thanked him for the heads-up, and told him I thought I could handle it.

If you knew this young man, you’d understand that he’s got to be one of the sweetest, most enthusiastic, and most sincere kids out there.

Not too long after that conversation, my mentor, Cinda, walked in to chat with me a moment.

She’s all about the kids, and she had taught in my classroom several weeks earlier in the year, so she started catching up with them.

Christian came up to her, and I shared the warning he’d given me.

We got a laugh, but Christian had more in store for us.

We began talking about the book Street Pharm, which I’d read to his class last year, and how I’d had to clean up the language quite a bit.

Christian said, “She did say one word…it’s the word for a PLACE…but it was very appropriate given the context it was used in.”

Cinda looked at me, eyebrows raised, and said, “He used the word context!”

It was a priceless moment!


Another cute conversation occurred during fourth period.

After the test, which took my students nearly ninety minutes to complete (a simply 30-question open-note test, mind you), we were shooting the breeze.

I told my students that someone had done a Random Act of Kindness for me earlier this morning by purchasing my Chick-fil-A breakfast in the drive-thru.

Janae, a precious (notice that they are ALL precious to me) said, “Mrs. AuburnChick, that happens all the time at Chick-fil-A.  It wasn’t that random.”

She took the wind right out of my sails!!

I retorted by saying, “Girl, don’t take my specialness away from me!!”

The class had a good laugh.


I think I could write a book with all of the cute things I hear every day…things said out of innocence or off the cuff in that teenager-sassy way.

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  1. These made me smile!! I love this idea!

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