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My school’s Senior class acted…well…classy last week.

Tradition dictates that Seniors pull a prank or two before saying Adios to high school.

Two years ago, the Seniors created a volleyball court, complete with full-sized net, sand, beach balls, and beach chairs.

It was terrific!

Last year, the Seniors put pancake syrup all over the doors, windows, and walkways of the school.

This was not cool or classy.

Thus it was with much surprise and joy that we discovered the following last Friday…

The kids had gathered together the $600 it cost to rent a pool and slide.  They also set up Kool Aid Pong (as opposed to Beer Pong).  Around lunch time, they had a cookout.

It was good, clean (literally) fun.

It made me proud to say that I teach at the BEST school in my District!!

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