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A Good Friend Will…

A good friend will spend her last day off before her private school begins its new year (not to mention a holiday) with a friend…helping her remove all of the books on the shelves in the classroom where she teaches reading…

A good friend will use the Dewey Decimal System that her unorganized friend printed from the internet to put the nonfiction books into neatly arranged sections, complete with labels on the shelves…

A good friend will spend FOUR hours of time that she could have been using to put the finishing touches on her own classroom to help the friend who she taught with last year place each piece of reading material in its perfect place, resulting in a more eye-appealing classroom library…

Thank you, Jane, for being that good friend.  Good luck to you, my dear, as you begin your second year of teaching.  Know that I love you and count myself blessed to have you in my life.  The students you teach this year are fortunate to have such a generous, selfless teacher…one who gives to all, willingly and sacrificially.  I love you!!

One Response

  1. Awwwww….{insert tears}! It was fun!

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