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His Tender Side

Do you remember the blanket, hat, and booties that I made for Kat and Tyler?

Their baby girl was due on the 1st of September.

Shockingly for a first baby, Baby J arrived on her due date!

Rooster and I went by the hospital for a visit on Friday evening.

The room contained several visitors, and everyone was taking turns holding this precious poundage of love.  🙂

Imagine my surprise when my nearly six-foot, seventeen year old Rooster boy opened up his arms impatiently, indicating that he was ready to introduce himself to Baby J.

This boy has never held a newborn.

He knew nothing, I thought, about supporting a baby’s neck.

Dancing Girl, who was visiting at the time, gently handed J over to Rooster, who carefully sat in a chair.

I sat, enthralled, while this child of mine cradled that sweet little girl.

As she made little baby faces…sticking out her tongue in the process…Rooster imitated her, speaking gently to her in the process.

I snapped a photo, which I wish I could share with you.

Oh my gosh, but my heart was touched as I watched him interact with this wee one.

He loves Kat and Tyler.  He’s known Tyler for a number of years…way before there was a Kat in his life.

Tyler grew up in our church and returned to foster the kids in the youth group.

As Rooster has watched Tyler’s family grow, he has commented on how interesting it’s been to watch Tyler get married and, now, to have his own baby.

Thus, it was quite natural for him to transfer his love for this sweet, self-giving couple to their precious bundle of joy.

As I stood on the sidelines watching my own boy give his love so unselfishly, I was once again reminded how quickly time is flying by…how much my own child has grown in maturity.  I’ve always known that this boy of mine, whose teenage frustration rears its ugly head at times, has a tender side.

It wasn’t a far leap to imagine him, in a few years, cradling his own child.

It was a sweet moment for me.

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