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Rooster and the Mr. took a trip to Auburn on Friday.

The reason?

A college tour.

My youngest child is getting ready to begin the application process.


He visited the University of South Florida (USF) a couple of weeks ago…

He loved it.  The amenities that he saw and heard about were incredibly tempting.

Then, he visited Auburn.

He’s no stranger to this, the loveliest village on the plain…

Both choices have pros and cons.

Rooster would be able to attend USF with several of his current classmates from Podunk High School.  Thus, he would immediately have a group of friends to fit in with.

Another advantage of selecting USF is that it isn’t too far from Southeastern, where Chicky attends college, so we could visit both children with each drive down.

A third advantage of selecting USF is that the college accepts Bright Futures, which is a scholarship program for Florida high school students who have earned certain GPAs and volunteered a certain number of hours.

Auburn, on the other hand, is a part of family tradition.  Grand Pooba and Coupon Queen attended Auburn way back in the 1800’s…errr…mid 1900’s…heehee.

I heard a story that, while on the tour with Rooster and the Mr., Grand Pooba shared first-hand knowledge of a story that the guide was sharing.  Yes, he taught that guide a thing or two.

The Mr. and his brother, Super D, attended Auburn as well…with both earning their degrees in early 90’s.

We’ve attended Auburn football games since before the kids were twinkles in my eyes.

Although Rooster would have to pay out-of-state tuition, because of his high ACT score, he would be eligible for a lot of scholarship money.  He also likes some of the living accommodations…a lot.

Please pray for Rooster as he works his way through his applications.  Ultimately, I want him to follow God’s will, wherever that may lead him.

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