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I’m Always in Some Sort of Scrape

Last night after getting out of the shower, I noticed the following…

What you can’t see is the deep red bruise that runs nearly halfway down the outer edge of my sole.

How I got it is a mystery.

Yesterday, I wore a pair of sandals to work.  I didn’t feel like changing clothes before I headed to the homecoming bonfire later that evening.

I suspect that my foot slipped, and it turned sideways…perhaps after stepping on gravel or uneven ground.

The swelling was quite noticeable, and the discomfort increased the longer I taught today.

This reminds me of when Rooster was in kindergarten and broke a small bone in the same area of his foot.  He had gone down a slide…hand-over-hand…and had dropped down to the ground…not a far distance, but enough of one that his foot turned sideways when he hit a small rock.  He wound up with a swollen, bruised foot that I had xrayed in the emergency room.  The bone was too small and inconsequential to cast, so he took it easy for a week or so.

Despite my troubles, I still managed to do something fun today…

I usually get my toes painted too, but I decided to forgo the treat and allow my foot to recover without extra manhandling.

Tomorrow’s attire includes a different pair of sandals…one I hopefully won’t turn my foot while wearing.

One can always hope, eh?


One Response

  1. You’re fingernails look good and I hope your foot heals quickly.

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