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A Turtle, a Light Saber, and a Dog

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Gambit.

Gambit was a curious dog, always prone to mischief.

One day, while out exploring the world that consisted of his itsy bitsy back yard, he spied a turtle…

Poor little turtle.

There he was just minding his own business when, all of a sudden, some lanky hairy beast began to bark at him.

Fortunately for the turtle, there was a fair young (ahem) maiden living in the castle beside the yard, and when she heard the commotion, she ran out to the middle of the yard, chips and salsa in hand.  She was, after all, grabbing a quick bite of the delicious food she’d picked up from the local Mexican restaurant on the way home from work before heading back to the school to attend the homecoming bonfire.

As she ran to the back of the yard to investigate, she saw the defenseless turtle with one very agitated Gambit, who alternated between barking and snapping spells.

The fair maiden’s attempts to remove Gambit from the scene proved unsuccessful.

That is when she spied a secret weapon…

The light saber that some young Jedi-in-training had dropped over the fence.

Grabbing it (she now had chips, salsa, and a saber in hand), she jabbed the air in front of the dog.

Gambit looked at her…

And laughed in his barking sort of way…

Oh, but for shame.

That was no laughter coming from his mouth.

It was mockery.

The fair maiden attempted to chase the dog from the back fence.

The dog thought it was a game and always circled around, daring her to drop the chips while he was at it…

“Come a little closer, my dumb fair maiden owner,” he taunted before running the length of the yard at a speed that would break the world record…

The fair maiden grew angry and huffed into the house, setting down her chips and salsa before heading back out.

This was war.

A losing one, that is.

The dog wasn’t scared.

The fair maiden posed no threat as fair and slow she was.

She was a bit afraid, though, of stepping into dog poo and smearing it all over her sandals.  Thus, she was careful where she stepped.

She finally smartened up, put down the saber, and coaxed the dog in the way maidens always lure the male species to them…

By playing nice.

Oh, fear not, for it was all an act…one that worked brilliantly.

The dog ran away from the turtle and straight to the back door…

Where the fair maiden proceeded to give him a gently butt-whooping for not listening to her in the first place.

The battle had been won…temporarily.

The turtle earned another day to live.

And the fair maiden was finally able to eat her chips and salsa in peace.

And everyone lived happily ever after…

At least until Gambit had to go potty a few hours later…

4 Responses

  1. Now if only the turtle would have turned into a Prince 🙂 … wait – that’s a frog… loved the story 🙂

  2. Best story EVER! Two thumbs up!

  3. Nice! Glad the turtle survived. 🙂

  4. Ha, ha! Very nicely put!

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