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Manic Monday

Manic Monday – It’s not just a moniker.  It’s a real thing, y’all.

Especially when you’ve played all weekend.


As you know, I’ve been walking before school each day.  Yesterday, the first thing I noticed was how full and bright the moon was . . .

Isn’t that incredible?  I hardly needed my flashlight.

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I was able to do walk/run intervals with an overall pace of 12:26.

Of course, I ran a few minutes behind because I had freshly-washed hair to straighten, a protein shake to make, and a lunch to prep.


It was crazy from the moment I stepped into my classroom.  No rest for the weary, y’all.

Still, crazy makes the day go by faster sometimes, and before I knew it, I’d cajoled / non-sympathized / encouraged a bunch of less-than-thrilled, over-tired teenagers into working on (or wasting time pretending) the essays I’d assigned.  What the heck was I thinking with this unit.  Oh yeah.  I was thinking that they still needed to learn something.  Yeah.  That’s it.  😉

As much as I wanted to go straight home after work, the Mr. had left me with no gas in the car after our two trips to the beach last weekend, so off to Sam’s Club I went, where apparently nobody else had filled up over the weekend either.

Then, it was homeward bound for a grueling, hour-long workout.

It was Day 8 of the new Beachbody program I started, 80 Day Obsession.

The workout was tough, let me tell you, but I hung in there and completed all of the reps.

Go me.

Then, it was time to pay the piper.  My lack of prep work over the weekend finally caught up to me, and I spent a couple of hours getting my lunches and snacks ready for the next four days.

I am loving those sectioned containers.  I bought them on Amazon.

Of course, then I had to make dinner.  I’ve been eating Tofu Scramble since I started the new workout program.  It hits the spot.

Then, I got food ready for the Mr. – fruit and tuna salad.  We ran out of cooking oil, so I couldn’t make him dinner.  He ran out and got something.

But then with all of the prepping, there were dishes to wash.


I finally sat down around 8, and my watch let me know just how busy I’d been . . .

I usually live life in the slow lane.  I like it this way.  I need it this way.  This being busy thing is sort of for the birds.

How many days until summer break?

One Response

  1. I’m so jealous of your summer break! I order those same containers from Amazon and love them!! The week is so much better when I pre-plan and meal prep lunches!!

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