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Things That Have Kept Me From Blogging

It would seem as though, despite having much more time to blog, I have chosen, instead, to do other things.

A pictorial explanation follows…

Did someone say World Cup?

Shout-out to my main soccer squeeze for helping the U.S. advance to the round of 16!

My OWL (three-month project)…halfway finished…

A return to the gym…

Zombiesrun.com – GREAT way to keep my Zombies Run C25K app synched (that’s the playlist I used one day this week)

Best workout app ever (former iFitness)!!!! Sure beats carrying around a notebook, which I used to do to keep track of my reps!

Sixteen cans of tomatoes…for about thirty cents each after BOGO and a $1.00 off of four coupon (shout-out to Coupon Queen for sending me extra coupons!!)

Infinity Cowl

Two of my loves…

Southwestern Socks – A quick, five-day project!

Southwestern Socks

Online Shopping…courtesy of shophopes.com

Another shophopes.com dress! Please excuse the hair (freshly washed and, obviously, unfixed) and the background (must invest in a full-length, over-the-door mirror)

Teacher Training

Tweeting with one of my favorite authors…and feeling star-struck when she followed me…

Chatting it up with one of my favorite shows (please note that THEY tagged ME in this conversation!)

What’s kept you busy of late?

Proud to be a Soccer Fan

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand, you already know that the last couple of weeks have been all about World Cup (soccer, that is).

I did not grow up playing soccer.  In fact, I don’t remember ever watching a game when I was growing up.  It was a game that was played in other countries.

I thought soccer was boring.

Until I became the mom of a soccer player…a very good soccer player.

And then I understood.

I know I am an American, where football is king; however, it is my belief that FUTBOL is the top dog of sports.

How can you not get excited when you are primed by the following trailer…

That was the prelude to the US Men’s World Cup team’s entry to the tournament of all tournaments.

Did you notice the way those guys moved the ball down the field…criss-crossing it between their legs?  Did you notice all of the hard work they put in during practices?  I got chills when I watched it as I’ve seen Chicky practice drills like that for years.

Such athleticism.

Such gracefulness.

Because I am not working this summer, I have been able to watch almost all of the games (thank you DVR).

I watched as the American team won in stoppage time to top its group and go forth into the Round of 16.

So exciting!!!

Of course, today’s game was a heartbreaker, which is soccer for you.  One moment you’re up, and the next, you’re down.

I know from experience.

You might remember that I watched Chicky’s high school team make it to the state Final Four.

Her travel team also made it to the State Cup Final Four.  That’s the state playoffs for travel teams.  She’s been there three times, if memory serves me correctly, and never come home with the BIG trophy (although she’s always been a winner in my book).

Such high’s and low’s.

I’m proud to say that I am a soccer fan…not because I’m a soccer mom, but because I truly love the game…the beautiful game.

Here’s a video my friend, Mary, posted on her blog a few days ago.  It’s too good not to repost.

The song is “Represent” by Weezer (whoever that is, I have no clue).

Though the men lost today’s game, they truly “represented” as they maintained their composure and showed incredible character in the face of great challenges.

It’s Not Just a Game

Chicky has a teammate on her travel team who is on the U.S. U17 Women’s National Team.

Yeah.  She’s a good player.

The U.S. National Team traveled to Costa Rica for World Cup Qualifiers.  Its first game was against the Haitian U17 National Team.

This team had recently lived through the horrendous earthquake that cost thousands of people their lives.

Tonight, ESPN aired a segment about the Haitian team.  I implore you to watch the video (click on the picture to view it from ESPN’s site).

It is one of the most poignant videos I have seen in a long time.

I am so proud of the U.S. girls for their maturity and sensitivity toward the plight of the other team’s players.

They showed that soccer is not just a game but a bridge that links hearts together.

I doubt that anyone will forget the experience.

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