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Voting Day!

I became a naturalized citizen on April 29, 2007.

I’ll never forget the nervousness and excitement I felt the very first time I voted.  I was so scared I would make a mistake.  I managed not to color outside of those little ovals (Mom always taught me to stay in the lines).

Although I’ve voted in a number of elections since my swearing-in day, I always get chills up my spine as I watch my ballot get slurped into the box.

I hope that you exercised the right that so many people fought (and are fighting) to secure for you.

May God continue to bless this amazing country!

AuburnChick’s Political No-No’s

Dear Candidates Running for Political Office,

You keep saying that you want my vote.  If this is true, you would do well to carefully read the following suggestions:

  1. Never call my house and interrupt my “me” time.  Doing so will automatically cross you off my list.
  2. Speaking of never calling, if you insist on breaking rule # 1, then pay close attention to rule #2.  Never, ever call at 9am on a Saturday morning.  First off, it’s not even you calling but some stupid recorded call.  What you are telling me is that you want me to wake up so you can give me the same lame message that you’re giving thousands of other people.  If you want to know what I think, I am available to talk Mondays through Fridays during third period.  If your schedule is too full, do me the favor and let me sleep a couple of extra hours on my day off.
  3. Post your political ads during news talk shows only.  Interrupting Dancing With the Stars with your mud-slinging is the surest way to get you kicked off of the dance floor.  Besides that, I’d hate to see you cry when you didn’t win that mirror ball trophy.
  4. Stop sending me political fliers.  You espouse being “green,” yet you waste thousands of dollars on print ads that I refuse to look at except to ponder whether they are flushable and thus will be of use should I run out of toilet paper (which is a regular occurrence since I’m working 70-80 hours a week and cannot manage to find my way to Target).
  5. Do not show up at Christian concerts on the beach and hand out fliers.  Coming from the purest form of expressing praise for God and meeting up with you is quite the dichotomy.  The intrusion into my height of spiritual bliss is unnecessary and unwanted and will win you no votes from me.
  6. Speaking of public appearances, it would also behoove you not to show up in the parking lot of a high school football stadium.  Really?  Can I not even take my Rooster boy to a game and not be inundated with your message of “Vote for Me?”  While I might like what you stand for, getting in the way of my cushy parking space will cost you my all-important vote.

I realize that in this world, you can’t please all of the people all of the time; however, I am not alone in my views.  In fact, you could call me a spokesperson for the “real” people.  I sincerely believe that following the above rules will push you ahead in the polls and just might secure your elections.



Election Day!

Can you believe that Election Day is finally here?!

Finally…after at least two years of stumping and political ads, we’re finally able to add our voices to the mix.

Election Day is very special for me.  I think I’ve mentioned that I am a naturalized citizen.  I was born in Canada and watched my friends get their voters registrations…all without me.

When my husband’s job took us to Miami, I learned that there was an Immigration office nearby.  I sent in my paperwork and waited for almost a year to hear back.  I received my appointment in the mail, and trust me, when you get the appointment, you don’t reschedule.  I remember that it was in the middle of the summer, and Mr. AuburnChick could not go with me.  I carefully made my way to downtown Miami, two children in tow.  I made it through my interview and answered a few basic questions about the government that included, “How many senators are there?”

The questions were easy enough that I passed, even though my Civics teacher in high school was the football coach…small school and all…

However, my paperwork was not quite in order.  I had to have passport-sized photos retaken, so I took the kids and walked all over the place, in the middle of the day with two children who desperately needed naps, and finally, finally, found a place that charged an exorbitant amount of money.  Don’t you know that at that point, I would have given my entire month’s worth of grocery money to get those stupid pictures done.

With that out of the way, I returned home to await the date of my swearing in ceremony.

What a fabulous experience!  I sat in the middle of several hundred Soon-To-Be-Americans, and when it was time, we stood and pledged the oath of alliance to our new home country.  Even though I had lived in the U.S. all of my life, I felt “official.”  I received a Certificate of Naturalization, and it is precious to me.

After the ceremony, my family headed over to South Beach for the day.  We ate at the Clevlender, a well-known establishment, and watched the people walking by.  South Beach is a very interesting place…let me tell you!  What an eye-opener for a small-town gal like me!

I remember the first time I ever voted.  It was a local election, but I was nervous.  As I walked in, I babbled.  The elderly folks were excited to help me out, and they made a big to-do over my children (who, as always, went everywhere with me).  I proudly wore my “I Voted” sticker the rest of the day.

Because I was sworn in during 1997, so I had to wait three years to vote in my first presidential election.  At the time, I lived in Broward County, which became famous as one of the hanging chads areas.  I remember being confused while voting that day.  The names did not match up with the holes you had to punch.  Oh well, I got to vote for President.  THAT meant so much to me.

Florida is one of the states that has early voting; however, I chose not to take advantage of this.  I felt like it would be a little like celebrating Christmas early.  So, I’ll be heading over after work (thank goodness I get out at 2:30) and take my turn exercising my right as an American.

We are so lucky to live in a country that allows us to have a say in who’s representing us in Congress and the “big” House.  So many people around the world do not have this privilege.

I hope all of you have taken the time, or will make the time, to go out an cast your ballot today.

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