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Once Upon a Disappointment

Dear OUAT Writers and Producers,

Once upon a time, I was extremely excited that a television show built around fairy tales had been made.

Sunday nights were, once again, something to be looked forward to with a family-friendly television show airing each week.

Season after season, I followed the adventures of Snow, Charming, Emma, and crew.

I cried at the sad parts and laughed at the silly antics.  Rumple ticked me off, but in a deliciously evil way.

Poor Belle…she just couldn’t seem to find permanent happiness, and Regina…well…she just really wanted to be happy and good but fought that bad nature in herself.

All was going swimmingly well in my life until Sunday night.

Why oh why did the writers and producers have to ruin the show?

What the heck made you think that Red and Dorothy should be more than BFFs?

I was appalled at the last five minutes of the show.

If I’d had a child watching, I would have had some explaining to do.

Why in the world would you cave to the pressures that other shows have felt…the pressure to be politically correct and bend to the LGBT agenda?

You ruined clean, pure children’s tales (ok…I know that Brothers Grimm tales were actually dark and dreadful, but let’s not go there right now) into something that makes a mockery out of childhood innocence.

I’m peeved.

I’m removing this show from my DVR.

This may not matter much to you, but perhaps, if other Christians banded together and expressed their displeasure, you’d listen.

Stop allowing yourself to an avenue for the liberal way of thinking and allow viewers to have something clean to watch on TV.

Until then, I won’t be tuning in.


Your Former #1 Fan,

Ruh Roh

Yesterday afternoon, I was in desperate need of a nap.  The week after Thanksgiving Break is notorious for being a rough one on teachers.  Kids don’t want to go back to school, and teachers don’t really want to either.

The Mr. wanted to go to Best Buy, but I insisted on my nap first…

An hour and a half later, head foggy from nap-brain, we grabbed Rooster and headed out.

The Mr. was on a mission…

To look at TVs.




The TV in the living room has been on its last legs for awhile.  We’ve had it as long as we’ve been in this house…at least nine years…and the colors were starting to go bad.  Yellow sidebars were creeping in from the left and right sides of the screen.

Despite this, I loved my TV, as evidenced by a photo I posted a couple of years ago when I was reunited with it after giving up television for Lent…

You can see, though, that it was large and boxy.  It jutted out in the back, which made finding the right place for it difficult.  It took up a lot of space.  Still, the picture was large, and I loved it (again, the proof is in the pudding…or rather, picture).

Anyhoo, he wanted to look at TVs and actually had been looking for a while.

He had a good idea what he wanted because he’d been pricing them.

He talked to a sales associate about a TV he’d seen on sale elsewhere, and that’s when I started getting nervous.

You see, I’d heard the Mr. tell the associate that we could put the purchase on my Best Buy card.

You get interest free if you pay for large purchases in full over a certain amount of time…usually between 18 and 24 months.

There was a problem that the Mr. wasn’t aware of.

I didn’t have enough room left on the card for the hefty purchase…

Because I’d done my Christmas shopping for a certain “someone” at said store just a few days ago.



I don’t know what’s wrong with me…actually shopping early for a change.

But I couldn’t tell him that.

So, I pulled Rooster over and explained the dilemma.

He chuckled as his eyes widened in understanding.

The Mr. continued talking to the associate, and Rooster and I began giggling.

The Mr. was not amused and began rolling his eyes and getting mad at us.

We couldn’t help it, though, and I tried to explain that it was an inside joke.

I later learned that the Mr. thought we were making fun of the associate.

We’re not mean like that.

Only Chicky and I do things like that.

Hey, Chicky…“Meow.”


Inside joke.

Back to my story.

The Mr. still had no clue what was going on except that we were being obnoxious.

As soon as he walked away to look at TVs some more (big purchases are never easy in my family), I pulled the associate aside and explained what was going on.

He suggested I take a walk “to the ladies room,” conveniently located beside Customer Service, and get some help with my balance.


I did and returned.

The Mr., by this time, was looking at a different TV, but he had wizened up.

He told me that he knew there wasn’t room on my card and asked what I’d purchased.


That’s when I had to spill the beans, completely ruining his Christmas surprise.

Bigger sigh.

That didn’t thwart the Mr., and he made the purchase…albeit with a bit of juggling.

The sales associate was having a good time at our expense, let me tell you.  It certainly was a funny situation!

We got our new TV home, and Rooster set it up for us…not that we couldn’t have, mind you, but doing things like this helps him earn his keep.


Look at what we now have in our living room…

Oh word, but this TV is AMAZING!!

It’s a little smaller than the one I had, but it can do SO MUCH MORE!!!

We have Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus, but I’ve only been able to watch shows on my computer or through my Wii, which is a pain because the Wii cuts out sometimes.

No more!

Now everything is accessible through my “Smart” TV.


I can also do my social networking stuff while watching TV!!

The picture is so clear!  I had not realized how bad the other TV was until the new TV was turned on.

Just look at Sami Brady.  She’s definitely hiding something (when is she NOT?).  You can see every worry line on her face with the new TV!

When all was said and done, our little Ruh Roh turned out to be more like a Whoop Whoop!


Easter Sunday is the high point of a Christian’s year.

On Easter, a Christian celebrates the resurrection of the Savior.

A Christian who has been observing Lent also celebrates the end of the fast that the person has committed himself or herself to.

As you might recall, I gave up TV.

Yes, Your’s Truly gave up the thing I lived my life around.

Heck…I’m surprised I didn’t schedule the birth of my children around my television shows.

Of course, there weren’t such fabulous shows such as Dancing With the Stars, Survivor, or Criminal Minds way back when.

Good thing.

The forty-three days (I started three days early) I spent sans-TV were interesting indeed.

The first week was very difficult.  As I watched the days go by, I mentally ticked off the shows.

I was grumpy.  I’ll admit that.

The sound of silence in my house was more deafening than the sounds that had come out of the dumb-me-down machine.

I grew used to the silence, however.

Lent became a blessing to me as I was able to focus on my challenging education certification classes.

I spent time in God’s Word and in prayer.

I grew to understand that I was wasting my energy on people I did not know nor would ever, in many cases, care to know.

There was a freedom on that…a letting up of emotional responsibility.

I grew to discover that I really don’t care that Sammie was justified in shooting EJ.  To this day, I have no idea if Rafe is still locked up in Stefano’s basement.

By the way, I’m talking about Days of Our Lives, which will be one of the few soap operas left on TV after the end of the year.

But, I think you get my point.

I grew to love other activities…

Coming home and spending time sitting outside while my dogs played in the yard.

Oh, you should see my Molly when I venture out to “her” world.  She’s like a toddler who cares for nothing better than a Mama who will sit down to play, or in Molly’s case take time out to throw a stick or a ball.

I discovered, through the 43 days, that I can be disciplined, if I put my mind to it.

With God’s help, I can do anything.

I feel incredibly thankful that God put the TV fast on my heart.  He always knows what’s best for me (and you too, for that matter).

Now, with all of that said, I have to admit that I grew antsy on Friday and Saturday.

It’s kind of like when kids wait for Christmas to come.  They’re eager.

I was eager, let me tell you.

I considered staying up until midnight on Saturday just so I could turn on my TV.

But, I waited.

After all, I had already waited for six weeks.

I attended church with my family.

And then I couldn’t wait any longer.

Chicky captured the moment…

The reunion, if you will…

After Chicky left for her long drive back to college, Rooster and I sat down, and we watched TV.

And we watched (for you see, he had kind of fasted from TV as well, since I had unplugged the cable box).

And we watched…

I sat on that couch, knit, and watched TV from about 1pm until 8pm.

I was not ashamed, oh no I wasn’t.

I was content.

When Amazing Race was over, I decided not to watch Celebrity Apprentice.

Thanks to the lessons learned during Lent, I decided that I never liked LaToya Jackson before the show, so I had no reason to watch it now.  In fact, I didn’t see any “star” *cough* who I could connect with, so I turned off the TV…

Only to turn on my computer and catch up on episodes of Criminal Minds…

Which I watched until 11:45pm.

I am not ashamed to admit this.

I went to school on Monday a happy lady.

Though I am back to watching TV, I do feel like I’ll be more selective.  I’m also quite sure that I won’t have a problem when reruns hit the airwaves during the summer.

I’ve learned that there’s more to life than TV.

It’s How You Play the Game

This past weekend, I had to drive across the state so Chicky could have a pre-tournament soccer practice with her travel team.

Fortunately, we got home in plenty of time for me to settle in front of the TV to watch the Survivor finale.

The three finalists were (left to right) Mick, Natalie, and Russell.

Mick is a doctor.  Natalie had given up a lucrative job to be on the show, and Russell is a self-made millionaire in the oil business.

Everyone, including myself, expected Russell to win.  He had been a fierce competitor.

I’ve gotta tell you that although I expected his name to be read out, I was hoping it wouldn’t.

Russell was mean.  He lied, called people names, and stirred up trouble.  He showed he cared only for himself…especially when he emptied the water from other players’ canteens and burned socks.

Now, maybe I see the world through rose-colored glasses, but it is my opinion that people who go through life (or a game) this way do not deserve to win.  Heck, there’s already a disparity in this world as it is.

I waited on the edge of my sofa…eager for the results.

Each vote was read…

One vote for Natalie; one vote for Russell; one for Natalie, and one for Russell.  And Jeff kept reading the votes until declaring the winner…



But, the story doesn’t end here.

After announcing the winner, CBS had a Reunion Show.

Boy, oh boy, you should have seen Russell’s face.  He was in shock, and he sat with tears in his eyes.

His mood looks somber even after the live show at the cast party.

Really?  You’re gonna cry about this?  I couldn’t help but think that he’s already a millionaire.  Why cry?

My question was answered a few minutes later when he offered Natalie $10,000 if she would allow Jeff (the host) to declare him “Sole Survivor.”


You’ve got to be kidding me.

Was it really that important that Russell be given this title?  Did his ego need it this badly that he was willing to pay out of his own pocket for it?

I was appalled.

Russell is obviously a very intelligent man.  Anyone who can start his own business and make a profit these days is one sharp cookie.

He’s also been blessed with a lovely wife and two young daughters.

So, the question begs to be asked – why would he need validation of this sort?

In the end, I’ll never know.  All I can say is that I feel sorry for him.

It is obvious that something much deeper is missing from his life.

I think he’s lost.

He needs to seek out another title for himself…

Follower of Christ

Oh, being a child of God doesn’t mean that we don’t desire earthly things.  However, God calls us to live lives focused on Him.  We are instructed not to seek earthly titles.  Besides that, if we are walking close to God, we recognize that we don’t need anything except God’s grace.

That is worth far more than any money payout on any “reality” show.

Oh, and as far as Natalie?

She came across as a genteel, Southern belle.  She thrived in the wilderness (more power to her), learned to do for herself, and didn’t seem like a hateful, stab-you-in-the-back kind of person.  I’d like to think that I would play a similar kind of game.

So Natalie, YOU GO GIRL!!

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