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A Bit of Remodeling

I think I’ve mentioned that my classroom is in total chaos because new technology is on the way.

Thursday was ROUGH, let me tell you.

When I arrived at school, I saw that workers had installed the framing for my Smartboard.  They’d also moved my computer wiring to the other side of the room.

It was then that I suspected that I would be doing some major work that day.

My assistant principal walked into my classroom with about thirty minutes left in first period, and she told me I had to move the bookshelves that were located in the same corner that my new desk was going to be put into.

I envisioned hours and hours of work relocating books, shoving furniture around, etc.

However, I have several strong boys in that class (one of the advantages of teaching high school), and they were more than willing to help me get things moved around…

Oh my gosh, but moving one pile led to moving another pile until there were just piles everywhere…

It was quite disconcerting, let me tell you.  I do NOT function well in disorder.

Fortunately, during second period, I was able to straighten things up a teensy bit so that my students would be able to complete the test I’d prepared.

I stayed after school, determined to finish grading the tons of work that had been generated this past week.  We’re going to be on Spring Break next week, and I didn’t want to spend my time entering grades.

Thus, I was in my room when the contractors arrived, ready to install the actual Smartboard and put my desk and new computer together.

They “rearranged” my room a bit, but I didn’t mind.  It was for a good cause…

I really wanted to stay until they were finished.  That’s how much I love new technology.  BUT, they told me it would take them a couple of hours, so I decided to head for home.

It was almost like Christmas Eve with the anticipation high.

The next morning, I saw this when I walked in…

Oh baby!

And look at my new computer…

Isn’t that monitor fantastic?!!!!

The contraption to the left is called an Elmo…an electronic document reader.

* also got a microphone thing to wear around my neck.  After I get training, I’ll be using this during my class.  The sound will come from the wiring in the ceilings.

Oh my.

No more excuses of “I didn’t hear you.”

The new technology also includes DVD players and the capability to watch the in-school television production through the Smartboard.

Here’s the control center for all of the projection stuff…

That’s on my wall, right next to my desk.




My students were THRILLED.  The ENTIRE school is getting this technology, and my building was the first.

I spent much of the day moving furniture and putting my desk and office supplies in order.  The result is better than I could have ever hoped for.

The new layout is much more open with a lot more open space for me to move around…

I’ve still got quite a bit of work to do in there…lots of “teacher” stuff to put away.  I’ll go in once or twice next week to get this stuff done and will also get my lessons ready for the following week.

For now, I am one happy camper!!

The Height of Laziness

Technology is definitely a good thing. It allows us to communicate instantly with people across town, across the country, or across the house.

Did I just say “across the house.”

Yes, I sure did.

Technology can be a bad thing too, as evidenced by Mr. AuburnChick’s recent behavior.

Do you remember that I bought him a new cell phone for his birthday? I upgraded my plan to include unlimited data usage. Mr. AuburnChick is having fun. He’s what I consider a techno-wannabe. You know the kind…the person who longs for the gadgetry that is flashy. And when the person obtains it, they can’t figure out how to use it. And they refuse to read the manual or google for help.

Despite Mr. AuburnChick’s fumblings with the phone, there is one feature that he’s quickly mastered.


We’ve created a monster, I fear. You see, Mr. AuburnChick was lazy before receiving this magical piece of plastic/metal combination. After working a full day, he typically retires to another room, coming out only to eat a few morsels, if I’ve been so inclined to cook. If he needs to speak to someone, he hollers for them.

“Soccer Chick, bring me a glass of water. Littlest Chick, bring me your laptop.”

That sort of thing.

Enter in the new gadget.

No longer does he holler.

He texts.

“Soccer Chick, come here please. AuburnChick, what is the name of Soccer Chick’s friend’s dad?”

Are you kidding me? I’m in the living room watching TV. Why not come out and ask me face-to-face.

The man sends texts to the members of his own family, while we’re still in the house…ten steps away.

Weird, I tell you. No, actually I think the better word is lazy. Laziness to the extreme…laziness the 2008 way.

Yes, computers have really changed the way we conduct our lives. Mr. AuburnChick is proof of that. Hey, at least I’m getting my money’s worth, though. He’ll probably set the world record for middle-aged men sending text messages from within their own homes.

I’m so proud.

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