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Two Weeks Later…What I’ve Learned

Today marks two weeks since I fell and broke three bones in my ankle in what is known as a trimalleolar fracture.

Today also marks one week since I had surgery to fix this fracture.  I am now sporting twelve pins (that we can count in the x-rays) and one plate in my ankle.  At this time, I don’t know if the pins will come out.  We think they might because there was a patient next to me during pre-op who was having his pins removed by the same surgeon who was doing my surgery, so it’s possible.

I’ve learned a lot during this time…time I’ve spent mostly off my feet.

I have learned that my husband is an angel in disguise.

No kidding.  He really is.

He has a grumpy exterior, but inside, he’s a mush-ball.  He gets upset when I cry.  Except for Saturday, when he told me to stop having a pity party, but it was GameDay Saturday, so I forgave him for that.

I stayed home today while the Mr. returned to work. he left me enough to eat and drink until he could return at lunch to feed me again.

I stayed home today while the Mr. returned to work. he left me enough to eat and drink until he could return at lunch to feed me again.

I have learned that though my faith is strong, it has some growing to do.

I haven’t questioned the “why” of this, but I have questioned the “how long” of it.  I don’t like the wait-and-see mentality, but that’s just how it is with this kind of injury.  It’s a longgggg wait-and-see.

Who has time for that?

Apparently, I do.

I’ve learned that the Lord shows up in a powerful way when I call on him, as I’ve had to do frequently but especially in the middle some of my darker moments…times that come unexpectedly but pack a solid punch to my psyche.

It is during these times when I have been thankful for my years of walking with God; His Word comes to my mind, and I recite verses to call Him close.  He’s there, I know, but He feels more present when I call.

My injury has forced me to slow down and pay attention to the things around me.  It’s a lesson I’ve needed to learn for a long time but have been too busy to make time for.

Oh, the irony of it.

I literally have to watch where I walk right now.  I have to choose my steps carefully.  In doing so, I’m noticing the smallest things.  It’s an awareness that I am seeing carried into other areas.  I find myself increasingly grateful for the littlest things.  It’s amazing how much I really see now that I’ve slowed down.

I’m learning the power that a bath and freshly washed hair can have on a person’s mental health.

The Mr. helped me wash my hair…with the detachable shower nozzle. We got through the experience without him wanting to strangle me with it. Go us!


I dried my hair all by myself, while sitting on the toilet lid!!! Go me!!

I dried my hair all by myself, while sitting on the toilet lid!!! Go me!!

I’ve learned that perspective is everything.  I’m trying really hard not to sweat the small stuff.  It doesn’t matter.  It really doesn’t.  Which is why I asked for (and received after asking for this for two days) a cup of Peppermint Hot Chocolate (with soy and without whipped cream).  It was my first in two years.  It didn’t blow up my daily goal in MyFitnessPal, although at over 300 calories, I will not be splurging often.

It tasted divine.


I’m learning that, just as new bruises are beginning to make their appearance, I’ll have unexpected bumps in the road, but God is gracious, and He will provide me with the means to overcome them.

Physically, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with.  Emotionally, it’s certainly challenging, but in a different way from other things I’ve experienced in my life.

I am a work in progress; this is part of the molding process.

It’s not always fun, and it’s certainly not always pretty (check out my greasy, pre-washed/eight-day-old hair)…

No comments about my team loyalty, please. We could do with a bit of an overhaul as well. Just sayin'.

No comments about my team loyalty, please. We could do with a bit of an overhaul as well. Just sayin’.

Still, I am #findingjoyinthejourney, hills, curves, and bumps included.

Signs It’s Not Summer Vacation Anymore

Signs it’s not summer vacation anymore…

Visiting Starbucks…before 7am…on a Monday…to hear “See you tomorrow” from the guy who rings up my order without my saying a word


Dreaming of finding time to start another project with this yarn combination…


Suffering through the blisters of closed-toe dress shoes…


Enjoying a glass of my favorite wine after a good but overwhelming week and a half back in the classroom…

Starbucks Bandits

I’ve been stuck inside the house for the last few days…too tired to go anywhere, and too puny to risk letting others catch my germs.

My taste buds have been off, and the only reason I’ve eaten has been because I’m supposed to, not because I really want to.

Yesterday, I got the hankering for a Cookie Crumble Frappuccino from Starbucks.

I even posted about said hankering on Facebook.

Imagine my surprise when a friend immediately responded by telling me to email my address do she could drop off the treat.

I was, I will admit, a tad embarrassed. I was on the phone with Christina, and she said to take my friend up on the offer because I would do the same thing if the roles were reversed.

Why is it so difficult to accept kind acts from others, I wonder? Do we view this as weakness?

For me, it’s about not wanting people to think I’m mooching…taking advantage of a situation.

What it really boils down to is pride, I think.

It’s humbling to accept someone’s act of kindness.

Yet, isn’t this what the Lord calls us to do…live lives that demonstrate His love in small, thoughtful acts?

Sometimes, when we don’t allow someone to do something nice for us, we might also be denying that person the blessing that goes along with the giving.

People who unselfishly give are always blessed…maybe not tangibly, but in ways we may never be aware of.

After talking to Christina, I sent my address to my friend and then ran to the bathroom and quickly applied eyeliner (couldn’t do irreparable damage to her eyes, you know!).

You should have seen the huge smile on her daughter’s face when she stepped out of the vehicle, drink in hand.

I turned my head away so I wouldn’t breathe sicky germs on her, thanked her profusely, and blew kisses to my friend, who was sitting in the driver’s seat.

The Starbucks Bandits had struck, and the joy of their generosity will bring a smile to my face every time I order a Cookie Crumble Frappuccino.


Dang, I Hate That

I think I’m going to have to stop being such a fix-it-myself kind of person because lately, whenever I try to tackle challenges on my own, something worse happens afterward.

I also need to stop being so anal about stuff.

Case in point.

Yesterday, I called my friend, Christina, for our daily chat.

I used the house phone.  I wanted to save my cell phone battery.

Why, I have no idea because I had no plans for getting out of my pajamas since I had nowhere to go.

After hanging up, I noticed that the display on my house phone said “New Voicemail.”


I don’t have voicemail on my home line.  That’s what the answering machine is for.

I’d had this problem a few months ago after I purchased my new phones.  A couple of calls to Comcast later, and the problem was resolved thanks to a helpful gal who took some code off of my account.

The problem reappeared yesterday morning, and I hated seeing that message on the display (that’s where the anal part comes in).

So I decided to try to fix things myself…

By resetting my modem.

After that, I couldn’t access the internet or use the home phone.

I tried everything in my tech know-how brain, but nothing worked, so I called for technical assistance.

The gal walked me through a hard reset of the modem and router…basically unplugging EVERYTHING…but her fixes didn’t fix anything.

That’s when she said that she’d have to send a technician out to fix it.

Unfortunately, the technician can’t come until this morning.


I thought I’d be okay since I have a data plan on my cell phone.

That’s all fine and dandy when I’m out and about, but the service is c-r-a-p-p-y inside my house.

Not only did I drain my phone’s battery twice while trying to play Bejeweled Blitz, but I couldn’t upload new pictures of my pups to Facebook.


I know.


Seriously, though, things came to a head when my eBay auction drew to a close.  I was selling the last of the three phones that I’d replaced with our iPhones.

I needed to print my shipping label, and doing so from my phone was not a great option.

That’s when I used the brains the good Lord blessed me with and found a place with WiFi…

Things must truly have been dire for me to get out of my pajamas to hoof it down the road, don’t you think.

The Cookie Crumble Frappucchino (soy-based, of course) helped console me.


Yeah, my Facebook status said it all:

Dang. I need Internet service to finish out a sale I just made on eBay. I really hate that I will need to go to Starbucks to use its wireless Internet since mine won’t be fixed until tomorrow. Really hate that.

Did You Really Order That?

Last Friday night, I had a busy agenda.  I was headed to the high school I work at to watch some of my students play basketball.  From the court, I was going to head over to the soccer field to watch Barb’s son play soccer.

I decided a run by Starbucks was in order, so I pulled into the drive-thru.

After placing my order, there was a moment of silence before the Starbucks employee asked, “Did you just order a Sexy Caramel Frappuccino?”

And then I heard deep, guttural laughing.

Oh my word, I wondered instantly.  Was it possible?

I told him, “I might have.”

I desperately tried to think of some way to get out of this conversation gracefully.

I’m afraid that I’m not very quick on my feet where it comes to situations like this.

What I wish I’d said was something coy like, “Why yes.  Yes I did.”

However, I’m a rule-follower…one with a sense of humor though.  I felt like I had some backpedaling to do.

So, I responded by saying, “I teach high schoolers all day and hear a lot of stuff.”

The guy could not stop laughing, which made me even more embarrassed and unsure of myself.

I truly had no idea what I’d said.  More than likely, I had not enunciated my words properly.

After modeling fluent reading all day and speaking slowly and repeating myself to ensure my students hear and understand instructions, my mouth was probably tired.

Yes, to you naysayers, I do get tired of talking (I’m beating you to the punch here).

Finally, I asked if I could drive around.

He continued to laugh while telling me to move forward.

Now, the best thing you can do in a situation like this is to laugh.  I chatted up the guy when I got to the window, and he was quite charming, let me tell you.  We discovered, through our small talk, that one of his relatives is a guidance counselor at the school I work at.  Small world, eh?  I don’t know her…probably because I don’t teach her students…but still, it was an interesting connection.

I also learned that the gentleman works at another fast food establishment, so he’s constantly taking orders.  Is it possible that he misheard me?

I’m going with that, for surely I didn’t do something lame like order a Venti Sexy Caramel Frappuccino.

I order mine with soy and no whipped...just for the record...*wink*

Surely not.

Day 8 – Seattle

Day 8 of the Great Adventure started off on the Lido Deck with the last breakfast of the cruise, where I took a picture of my last look at the harbor…

Debarking is always a sad thing, let me tell you.  After being pampered for seven nights, I was not ready to reenter life on land.

One of the worst parts about leaving the ship is finding your luggage and lugging it out.  It’s ironic how we were offered all kinds of help when we were getting ready to board the ship, but the staff pretty much gives you the boot when you leave and wishes you good luck as you go out…sans assistance.


We made our way to our prearranged shuttle and got deposited at the same hotel we had stayed at a week before.

After checking in, we prepared ourselves for another day of adventures.

Coupon Queen had wisely chosen the hotel’s location…within walking distance of the Light Rail, one of Seattle’s mass transportation systems.

We had to ride the entire length, which had about thirteen stops.

After a short duration of thirty minutes, we were deposited in the heart of Seattle.

We were ready to explore!

We really wanted to visit the Pike Street Market, which we had heard great things about…

Pike Street Market is a conglomeration of food stalls.

Remember that I hail from Podunk, USA, where the only market I see is Publix.

Hearing vendors hawk their wears was an interesting experience…

The next picture is the view of the market from the lower street level.  You’ll notice that the building says “Sanitary Public Market.”  I read a sign inside that explained that this building was named such because back in the day when it was first built, shoppers were not allowed to take their horses inside the building, thus making it sanitary.

What amazed me about this market is that you could find almost anything you wanted…

The market really does cater to the melting pot population of Seattle.

We visited the fish market, where we waited for the guys to throw the fish, as we’ve seen done on TV.  The guys put on a great show, let me tell you!

The market opens up into the street, where vendors sell their wares under tents…

The main thing that Rooster and I wanted to do was visit the first Starbucks, which was opened in Seattle in 1971.

Thanks to a fancy phone with GPS, Rooster found it…right in the heart of the market…

This is a busy place, let me tell you!  The line stretched out the door, but we didn’t mind waiting.

We had entertainment…

The original Starbucks is very stripped down inside, unlike the newest franchises…

I was surprised at how small this Starbucks was.  There were no tables to sit at.  I saw this plaque as the line moved forward…

And this…

Rooster, Chicky, my nephews Music Man and Dr. J, and myself waited, placing our orders when it was time.

This was the second time that I splurged during this trip, ordering a Chocolate Coconut Creme Frappuccino…

This drink was recommended by the lovely young lady who waited on me, and she did not steer me wrong.  It was smooth as silk.  The coconut gave it the summery/vacation taste that was just right for this trip.

Let me take a moment to talk about the staff who man this store.

They were, quite simply, amazing.  They were so patient and extremely helpful.  I did not see a single person who wasn’t smiling.  One would think that it would be difficult to keep up the pace day in and day out given the crowds that pour through the door.  Not so!  I was highly impressed!

Of course, I couldn’t leave without getting a permanent souvenir…

I love the back of the cup…

When I exited the Starbucks, Grand Pooba had a surprise for me.  While we had been inside, waiting to be served, the rest of the family had walked down the street, and Pooba has found this sign…

Oh my word.


I was eager to find the store, but first I had to walk up this huge hill…

Here’s the view looking down…

While everyone else shopped, I went looking for the yarn store.  Super Sis was so great and offered to accompany me.  She doesn’t even knit, but she was willing to support me in my love for all things fiber.

We wound up having a mini adventure of our own as we happened upon a film crew working on a scene for a movie…

No, that’s not Brad Pitt.  It was actually a dummy set up for the stunt.  But, more on that later.

We were on a mission – to find yarn.

And find it we did.

So Much Yarn really lived up to its name, let me tell you.  My peek in the door proved that…

Of course, a peek was not enough.

In we went…ready to play with yarn!

The store has three rooms.  The yarn is organized by gauge, beginning with the lace weight yarn and working into the heavier yarn as you make your way through the store.

Super Sis asked me a few questions about yarn and then found a comfy chair to sit in while I mused about what to purchase, because you know I HAD to purchase something!

I decided not to go overboard and purchased this…

That is Happy Feet.  I chose the color because it reminded me of autumn.  They’re going to be a lovely pair of socks one day!!

Super Sis and I made our way back to our family, passing the site of the film shoot, where the stunt had just been performed, and the dummy had met up with a bus…

It was interesting to see all of the extra people involved with this.

As we made our way up the hill, we got a better view of the dummy and the “blood” that was running down the street.  In fact, I even heard someone say, “Hey, clean up the blood.”  LOL

The blood was everywhere, including the bus’s windshield…

This area of Seattle has some great shopping, let me tell you.  There were a lot of people enjoying the wonderful weather too.  As I walked, I saw the sign for the market and couldn’t resist taking another picture of it…

The next picture is of Dr. J, Super Sis, and Super D.  I don’t know why, but I just love this picture.  Rooster is walking in front of them, and Music Man is in front of Rooster…

We saw street performers…

Isn’t that dog just the cutest thing?

We saw more Starbucks stores…

After a few hours, Coupon Queen and Grand Pooba were pooped, so they decided to ride the Light Rail back to the hotel.  Super Sis and her family decided to see a movie.  My crew decided to continue shopping and then grab dinner.

We headed into the large mall that is in the center of Seattle…

Rooster and the Mr. got tired, but we still had an hour to kill before dinner, so while they sat in the mall, Chicky and I headed back out to look around.  I was still in awe of the tall buildings and the number of people out and about…

An Ann Taylor Loft store was directly in our path.

Darn.  I just hate that…my new favorite store and all.

We soon tired of the hefty price tags and headed back to the mall and our chosen restaurant for dinner…

We had a good time during dinner, with everyone selecting appetizers to eat as dinner.  That was all we were hungry for.

As we chatted, we discussed ideas for our next vacation and agreed to start saving our money.

After dinner, we hopped on the Light Rail and headed back to the hotel.  It had been a full day, and we had one more day of travel ahead of us.

Your Own Personal Drive-Thru

You know you frequent Starbucks a little too often when the following occurs…

You walk in.

The regular morning gal greets you by name.

She tells you that she’s already got your order placed…Peppermint Hot Chocolate…

You reach for your wallet, and she tells you that she already rang up your total, including the discount that you get with a discount card you carry.

You hand her your money, and the guy who just made your drink hands it to you.

You didn’t even have to walk to the other side of the store to pick it up.

In and out in under two minutes.

It’s your own personal drive-thru.

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