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Who Remembers This?

Yesterday, the Mr. and I went to the mall at the beach.  Although I’d forgotten to take my Ulta coupons with me (dang it), we decided to go ahead and eat lunch at my favorite, vegan-friendly, pizza place, Red Brick.

It was a cold day…even colder at the outside mall with the breezes from the ocean.

On our way to the pizzeria, we stopped at a store to look around.

That’s when I saw this…

Oh word, but I was taken back, in an instant, to my childhood.

I spent hours playing with my Spirograph.  I wasn’t artistic, by any stretch of the imagination, so this toy made me happy.

It meant I didn’t have to freehand to come up with pretty designs.

I think I kept this toy through my teenage years.  I never tired of it because the designs were always original.  I could never remember which hole I’d used for which design.

I nearly bought the box yesterday to place in my classroom.  My students are very artistic and are always doodling.

I’ll probably go back and pick it up or try to find it online for a cheaper price.

Either way, the memories it evoked made me smile.

My childhood was filled with a lot of angst and turmoil.  It’s good when a precious memory rises to the surface and temporarily blots out some of the scars that will never completely heal.

I don’t think they make toys like this any more.

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