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Playing Catch-Up

I love blogging, I really do.

It just seems like it has been hard to find the time the last few days!  So, I’m making this a catch-up post.

As you know, last Friday capped off a two-week AP Exam frenzy.

The way the exams work is that all exams usually have two sessions, with two exams being administered, per a national schedule, each day.  Session 1 is around an hour.  Then, students and proctors are given a ten-minute break.  Session 2 then begins, and it lasts anywhere between one hour and two and a quarter hours.

I think my rear end has wood grain marks from the non-cushioned chairs I was planted on (when I wasn’t walking around on patrol).

Exams were administered around 8am and 12pm.  Sometimes, we had only seven minutes between tests – not a lot of time for lengthy breaks, although everyone managed to get small breaks thanks to wonderful, thoughtful school administrators.

A few of the AP teachers provided their students and us proctors with snacks…

Bags contained such goodies as these…

Oh yeah.  I think this was my favorite goody bag…loads of chocolate…my favorite!

Although proctoring was not physically tiring, I was mentally wiped out each afternoon.

Hence my retreat into brain cell oblivion this past weekend.

The Mr., Soccer Chick, Rooster, and Guy Friend went to see a movie on Saturday.

I chose to stay home, relishing the quiet.

Honestly, I cannot remember what I did.

Oh wait.

I remember.


So lazy…that’s what I was.

It was d-i-v-i-n-e.

Sunday was busy, though.

My church had Senior Recognition Day.  Coupon Queen and Grand Pooba drove over to share in the day’s festivities.

Chicky was asked to speak before one of the services.

She did a lovely job, sharing how her relationships with her youth-group friends have been one of the main things that has kept her from the secular pitfalls that fellow students of her’s have fallen victim to.

She was well-spoken and never once said, “Um.”

I was very proud of her.

After church, we attended a luncheon in the fellowship hall.  Younger members of the youth group served us.  The food was delicious…prepared by the same gentleman who cooked Chicky’s high school soccer team’s pre-game meals.

After a short visit with the in-law’s, they left.

Chicky departed for some place that I can’t remember.  She’s had so many engagements lately that they are all starting to run together.

Meanwhile, Rooster and I headed back to church to a farewell reception for my associate pastor and his family.

I sure am going to miss this amazing little group of people.  The wife was my Bible Study leader, and her husband is simply one of the most gifted young men I’ve ever had the honor of listening to.  Their new church is very blessed to be welcoming them into its fold.

I left Rooster at church so he could attend youth group, and I headed home to watch the Survivor Finale.

Take a look at the following picture…

Do you see Russell’s face?

That’s the face of exasperation…or rather the look that one gets after taking a bite of Humble Pie.

He had to sit and listen to Jeff pull out vote after vote for Sandra and Parvati, when all along, he was sure that he was going to win this time.

Fortunately for smart, non-flirty-to-get-ahead girls everywhere, Parvati did NOT win either!

I love the way Sandra played the game.  She was smart, recognizing the troll that was disguised as Russell, and hung in there.

Nice girls do finish first sometimes!

Next, I watched the newest installment of Celebrity Apprentice.

A couple of seasons ago, I promised myself that I would not watch another episode.

Donald Trump is such a pompous man!  Ugh.  Dirty-minded too.

However, I allowed myself to be sucked in.

I love challenges and watching as people rise, or fall (as the case may be) to the occasion.  I’d like to think that I would do well in these challenges too.  Heck, I’m a mom.  Winning challenges is the name of the game that’s called Motherhood.

But I digress.

I’m rooting hard for Holly Robinson Peete, who’s playing for her autism charity.

Monday morning came all too quickly.

I had a subbing job for Rooster’s English teacher.

Yay, him.


He’s a good sport.  We tend to ignore each other when I am his teacher.

Today was an important one for the seniors at the school.

Their caps and gowns were ready to be picked up.

I brought Chicky’s home and hung it up for her…

Graduation is May 1st…two days after Rooster turns 16.

Yeah.  I know.

I have an eventful two weeks ahead of me, eh?

I mean, in addition to the above, Dancing With the Stars will have its finale, as will 24, Celebrity Apprentice, and Flash Forward.


:::AuburnChick fans herself:::

Oh well.  Might as well get a bunch of stuff out of the way at the same time, eh?  Nothing like being efficient!

A Touching Moment on Survivor

I think I’ve told you before that I love “reality” shows such as Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother.  I enjoy watching people.

No, I’m not a voyeur.  And no, I’m not nosy.  I find it interesting to watch how people react in various situations.  It’s also interesting to see what people will do for money.  Watching these shows allows my brain to rest.  It’s a time out from my crazy life.

A few months ago, I got rid of my DVR to lower my cable bill.  Thank goodness for the internet!  I can watch most of my favorite shows on the computer!  Boy am I glad I purchased the 17″ MacBook Pro!  The screen is the perfect size for watching videos.
The major networks house their own shows.  To watch Survivor, go to this site.

Sometimes other sites offer different viewing options, such as fewer commercials or automatic restart of shows after the commercials.  Granted, the commercials take up much less time than traditional television viewing, but it’s annoying to have to click the play button on the computer.  Hulu.com is one of my favorite sites to watch shows from.  It’s where I watch Prison Break.

Ultimately, what I do is simply google something like “Watch Heroes online,” and off I go.

Ok…so back to the point of this post.

This evening, I decided to catch up on Survivor since I had missed last week’s episode because of my children’s soccer games.  This was a particularly touching show…the “loved ones” hour that is done each season.

Sugar, one of the few contestants left, got to see her sister.  Sugar’s purpose for being on the show, other than winning the money, is to try to get some closure over the death of her father.  Her sister had brought some of his ashes, and they spread them over Africa’s landscape together.

My eyes filled with tears because I could totally relate.  I know my dad has been gone for several years now, but he was also cremated, and I could see myself doing something like that for him.  He loved to travel and would have been thrilled to experience such an adventure.

My heart hurt for Sugar.  I remember trying to recover from the initial shock of my dad’s passing.  I understand what she’s going through, and I appreciated the brief glimpse into her heart, despite it being broadcast over national television.  When it comes down to it, TV or no TV, people are people.  We all share common hurts, joys, and worries.

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