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Some things are too good to be true.

Take, for instance, this message that Chicky posted on my Facebook wall:

Dear Momma,

I just wanted to stop by and say that I love you so so so so much and I can not wait to see you when I get home.  I want you to give me a HUGE HUG and a HUGE KISS!!!!  🙂  I have missed everyone so so much, I think that when I get back we all should go out to eat or do something big as a family.  I can not wait to see you Momma 🙂  I LOVE YOU…………………Chicky

Two things were wrong with this message:

  1. The message said “Momma.”  Chicky calls me Mama.  It’s a Southern thing, and it’s always spelled M-a-m-a.
  2. Chicky would NEVER, under any circumstance, ask me to hug and kiss her.  She tolerates my hugs and might, occasionally, “hug” me by patting me on the back.

Oh, and one other big clue that something was amiss?

When I got on Facebook on my phone (the original message had come through via email), the message was not there.


Chicky’s Facebook had been hacked…

By a certain college guy.

Mmmmm hmmmmm.

I texted her and said, “Chicky, I think you were hacked.”


She confirmed it.

I responded by saying, “Figured.”

And then I had a brilliant idea.

I posted the following on her Facebook wall:

Dear Chicky,

I just wanted to stop by and say that I love so so so so much and I cannot wait to see you when you get home.  I want you to give me a HUGE HUG and a HUGE KISS!!!!  🙂  I have missed you so so much.  I think that when you get home, we all should go out to eat or do something big as a family.  I cannot wait to see you Chicky  🙂  I LOVE YOU…………………..Mama

P.S.  This really is a message from Mama (i.e. my FB was not hacked).


She’s a lucky girl, eh?

One Week From Today…

…I will be home after taking Chicky to college…

and leaving her there.

Throughout the day, several routine things have reminded me of this fact…

  • Walking down the hallway and seeing the stuff that she has been buying for the last three months…

She’s been moving these items out of her room…inching them ever closer to the garage door.

  • Setting up the “About Me” bulletin board in my classroom…adding pictures of the family…

As I carefully arrange them…one by one, I am taken back to the exact moment when I snapped each one…

    • Chicky and Rooster – an Olan Mills photograph…1998…oh so sweet and best pals…
    • The “First Day of School” picture from last year…Rooster towered over Chicky by at least five inches…
    • The “Make a Crazy Face” picture of the entire family (Coupon Queen, Grand Pooba, Super Sis and her family) during Christmas…
    • An action shot of Chicky on the soccer field…
    • The lovely picture of Chicky all dolled up to walk across the football field as the Homecoming Soccer Candidate…
    • Chicky in her graduation attire.
  • Receiving her text that is letting me know she is on her way home from work…her last day of work until she comes home for Christmas vacation.
  • Filling up her daily pill container…making sure I haven’t left out any of the vitamins or allergy pills she has been mandated to take.

One week from today, my oldest baby will leave the nest.

Sure, she’ll return home every now and then, but things will never be the same.

One week from today, my Chicky will spread her wings and fly.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me


Guess what movie the title of this post is referring to.

Did you guess Toy Story?

Well then, you’d be correct!

To celebrate Father’s Day, we went to see Toy Story 3.

I am part of the generation of moms who took their children to see the first and second Toy Story movies.  In fact, we even had the Toy Story game for the Super Nintendo, and it was actually fun!

So, this movie series is near and dear to our hearts.

Well, we weren’t disappointed.  Woody, Buzz, and the gang were just as fabulous as we remembered them.

The addition of new toys (Barbie and Ken) made us laugh.  In fact, I think Ken steals the show!  What a hoot!

While I fully expected to laugh, I did not anticipate the feeling of melancholy that was pervasive.

Folks, this is a sad movie!

Andy, the owner of the toys, is getting ready to leave for college.  He knows he’s outgrown his toys, but you sense how torn he is with letting them go.

And oh how the toys love him.  What a loyal group it is!  As with all of the Toy Story movies, the toys get separated from Andy, and they spend most of their time trying to get back.  Along the way, they all learn some important things about themselves, their jobs as toys, and Andy himself.

Near the end, I worked hard not to cry, even though I wanted to.  The closing scenes will do you in if you’re not careful.

This movie hit home for me.

Chicky will be leaving in five weeks.

I am not sad, I tell you.  I will be fine.  It is time for her to be on her own.


This movie made me remember.

Chicky had a few toys that were her favorites…

Baby Katie,

Big Baby (which Rooster accidentally mortally beheaded),


As she packs her belongings, she’ll leave her childhood toys behind…the ones we still have, that is.

Most are in the attic (I’m seeing visions from the movie here).

A few are in her closet.

I kind of feel sad for the toys, for they are getting left behind.

But perhaps they are really symbolic of the people she’ll be leaving behind.

Or rather “person.”


She’s too big to sit in my lap now.  Well, actually, she’s the same size, and we look rather silly piled on top of each other.

But I can’t rock her to sleep anymore.  I can’t sing her favorite songs to her…Amazing Grace, Father I Adore You, and You are My All in All (hey, we spent a lot of time in church, and she knew the worship songs by heart even at a wee age).

As we mature, we leave things behind…things that once meant the world to us…things that we centered our lives around.

This is a natural part of life, and one that I am totally okay with.

But when you watch something like that on a ginormous screen in front of you with crying babies sitting behind you, it’s kind of hard not to see the irony.

Go, see the movie.  Take a kleenex.  Go at night when the little kids are all in bed and not sitting behind you kicking your seat.


Laugh and remember back to your own childhood…to your childrens’ childhoods.

It’s a trip down memory lane that you won’t regret.

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