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Putting Children Last?

I rarely speak about politics on this blog.

Although I consider myself a person of conviction, I do not think of myself as one who is gifted with the ability to debate a topic logically.

That is because I think with my heart and not always with my head.

However, after reading an Associated News story about Putin’s support for a law forbidding American adoption of Russian orphans, I felt that I had to write.

As I read the article, I became dismayed when I discovered that this law has namely come about as a reaction against decisions that American political leaders have made that have angered their Russian counterparts.

Thus, Russian authorities are seeking to halt the large number of American adoptions that are nearing completion. The new law will also forbid future adoptions of Russian children by Americans.

Mind you…these adoptions will result in many Russian children leaving the care of the Russian state.

Can someone please explain to me how in the world this makes sense?

Are Putin and all of his misguided supporters so hell-bent on political revenge that they would sacrifice the well being of their country’s defenseless citizens just to make a statement to the rest of the world?

My feeble brain cannot see the logic in this.

As a teacher of under-resourced children, I understand the impact that one loving person can make on a life.

I’ve witnessed the change that one person can make in a young, underfed and unloved little being’s life.

To deny a child the right to a better life is criminal.

It speaks of an unselfishness that goes beyond political rhetoric.

Such a decision brings back memories of years spent in a Cold War; however, the constituents who will suffer the most are those who are unable to speak for themselves…innocents who never did a single thing to deserve a punishment such as this.

Forgive me if I’ve misunderstood some “givens” in life…one of which is that hurting innocent children is the biggest taboo one person can inflict on another.

I thought that children were the force that united people…strangers even.

I’m either the world’s most naive or the most foolish person around for holding such beliefs.

My heart hurts for the children who long for parents to love them…for siblings to play with…for individual attention that speaks of genuine interest in their well being.

My heart rages against the unfairness that exists in the world…the kind of unfairness that has nothing to do with natural disasters that are beyond a person’s control but the man made firestorms that seek out fodder that will keep them on their destructive paths…destruction that has no regard for human lives.

What a shame to live in this kind of world where such selfishness exists.

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