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Weekend Shenanigans

Besides the wedding that I attended on Saturday night, I had other bits of fun this weekend.

Friday afternoon, I could not function.  After the horrible news of my school’s student losing his battle with a brief illness, it was all I could do to climb in my recliner and pull a blanket over myself.  I slept for an hour and a half.

I don’t think we even went out to dinner.  I’m pretty sure I ate leftovers.  That’s how heavy my heart was.

My nap, though, had given me a bit of energy, and because I needed to decompress from the day, I stayed up late watching college football and practicing my calligraphy skills.

I have much to learn.  Rebecca and I chatted via Instagram, and she said that she’d been watching YouTube videos.  Her beginner work looks like what my advanced skills will be like.  She’s amazing!

Still, it was good to focus on something besides being sad.

Saturday morning, I got up and worked out…finishing Week 7 of 22 Minute Hard Corps.  I have one week left!

After a nap early that afternoon, I got ready for the wedding that I posted about yesterday.  I wound up going to bed around 10:30.  I had not slept much the night before and was just exhausted.

Sunday morning, I slept in a little.  Sundays are my rest days…as in exercise rest…so I don’t have to be up early.  I felt so much better.

We attended church, ate lunch with friends (love them!), and headed home.

I immediately went back out and did a bit of shopping.

Our Office Max is going out of business, so I picked up a bag of goodies…glue sticks, erasers, and paper to indulge in my new calligraphy hobby…

I had Bath and Body Works coupons and really wanted more Pink Chiffon shower gel.  I love their B3G3F deals!  They’ve got their holiday scents out, and oh word!  I had a hard time deciding on something!  I have to be very careful with scents because they can lead to migraines.  I’m very sensitive and can’t do anything too strong.  That’s why I like the Pink Chiffon.  It’s a soft smell that is just right.  I also snagged a bottle of Warm Vanilla shower gel because I still have lotion leftover, and, well, I just have to be matchy-matchy.

OCD anyone?

I took another nap when I got home.

Teachers just cannot get enough sleep, y’all.

And that, in a nutshell, was my weekend.  The Mr. and I didn’t go out Sunday night for dinner, and yes, I really needed to be working on figuring out why my refrigerator isn’t making ice…again.  This happened a few months ago before Rooster left for basic training.  I either fixed it or got lucky that time.  I suspect that all I need to do is make a call to Sears for a repair guy, and the problem will suddenly resolve itself.  That’s what happened the last time…before the guy came…and I canceled my appointment and saved a whole lot of money.

This is going to be another challenging week, I suspect, as students continue to grieve for their friend.  I believe that the funeral will be held on Saturday at my church.  Please keep us in your prayers.

PMS and School Prep

I am so ready for menopause because, and just let me be blunt here, PMS sucks.

I really wish I could pick the timing when it hits.

Personally, I’d choose never.

I’d certainly never choose three weeks before school starts.


We have some personnel changes going on at my school, and one of the changes involves a close friend of mine.

She’ll be leaving to help another school…the principal of whom I am good friends with (waving to Carol).

I know they’re happy to have my friend, but, and let me be blunt again, it SUCKS.

I’m a cautious person who isn’t super confident where it comes to friendships.  I’ve had my share of one-sided friendships over the years where I’ve done the friending and other people have done the being friended to.

Do you know what I mean?

Not having my friend there to cheer me up just makes me sad.

To add to my sadness, I haven’t been feeling 100% the last couple of days.  I’m blaming my efforts to clean my classroom.  I’m praying I’m not getting sick, and I’m in fear of getting pneumonia again (remember two summers ago?).

The Mr. and I didn’t go out to eat last night because I just wasn’t up to it.

Down-in-the-mouth I was.

He came out to check on me, and that’s when I lost it.

I started blubbering…crying hard.  The stresses of the day had finally overwhelmed me.

As I cried, I told him that I knew the PMS was making things much worse than they really were, but then I kept crying.


As Super Sis had said earlier in the day, we’re just hot messes.

Get it…hot…as in menopausal.

I wish.

On top of all that, I went school supply shopping at Office Depot this morning and was told that I could only buy a certain number of folders because they wanted to make sure non-education people got some.  She did let me get thirty, three times the limit…a deal for people who work in education.

Hormonal me was livid, but I was cognizant enough to stop myself in the middle of a rant, apologize to the clerk, and then declare that I’d write a letter to corporate.

To which she replied that it wouldn’t matter…that they wanted to sell to people not in education too.

Yeah.  Not the right way to answer.  There’s something called EMPATHY, which she had none of.


I left the store on good terms, though, because despite my PMS, I didn’t want to be seen at “that customer” who pitched a fit.


In the afternoon, I went to Office Max, a store owned by the same company that owns Office Depot, but they wouldn’t let me get my thirty despite my having gotten them at their sister store.  Apparently the new policy is to give teachers 10% back.

I wanted my folders.  At a penny a piece, ten percent isn’t worth it.  Being set for the school year is.

Talk.  About.  Mad.

I was still PMS’ing.

This was completely poor customer service…having confusing policies that not even the manager seemed empathetic about.

I left my stuff on the counter and walked out…

And drove to Office Depot…

Where I bought my thirty folders from a different clerk and only mentioned AFTER the sale was final about what had happened at Office Max.

The manager at this store is willing to acquiesce to patrons’ requests for duplicate items.

My PMS was in overdrive.

Talk about bad timing.


I’m declaring Friday to be a pool day.

I will relax.

I will try to find a cabana boy who will bring me a margarita.

I will cave in to my PMS leanings and do what I want for at least one day…or at least until it’s time to go to Small Group.

And I’ll pray that menopause hits soon…

Although watching the Mr. step back carefully, avoiding his crazed PMS wife is quite the sight…

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