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Right Outside My Window…

I’m the type of person who is so busy that I’m usually oblivious to the things that are right in front of me.

This morning was no exception.

I sat at the table, not content just to sit.  I picked up a book and turned to where I’d left off a few days ago.

For some reason, I looked outside my window, and that’s when I spotted a squirrel.

He must have known that the dogs were locked away safely inside, thus granting him free reign of the yard.

I watched as he hopped back and forth, pausing now and then to listen or to think about his wonderful life, I suppose.

That’s when I got out my camera and snapped a few photos…

I found it a little funny as I watched him begin digging in my yard.  Gambit has dug a number of holes around the yard, so to see this little creature dig his own hole made me think that digging must come with the furry body gene…

I kept my lens trained on him and managed to get off the next shot, which I especially like…

I’m so glad I put down my book and was just…well…still…even for a little while.

In those few minutes that I watched one of God’s smaller creatures enjoying his own somewhat relaxed life, I, too, found myself relaxing a bit.

I love this time of year and the promise it holds.

I love that Spring Break whispers of a summer break in the not-too-distant future…a time when I can let down my hair for a longer span of time and simply take time to just be.

If only I’d stop…for just a little while…and allow myself to enjoy the view that exists right outside my window.

Glorious One

I don’t know how the music was at your church this morning, but at mine, we ROCKED!

Or should I say worshiped?

The band was on fire, and I, for one, was much appreciative.

There are weeks when I get as much out of the singing as I do from the sermons (no offense meant to my pastors).

I was struck by the lyrics of the second song we sang, Glorious One, by Steve Fee…

Our hands are lifted high
our hearts are bowing reverence
and we’re surrounded by
the glory of Your presence

with every creature every tongue
we’re lifting our voice to the Glorious One

Glorious One
Glorious One
Light of the world
You outshine the sun
King of all Kings
eternity sings
Glorious One

God of infinite worth
with hands that carve out the ocean
You hold the universe
and still You run to the broken

with every heart that’s been redeemed
we’re lifting our song to the Glorious King

there is none more beautiful
there is none more wonderful (repeat)

Memories of my cruise were fresh on my mind, and as we sang the second verse, I was transported to Hubbard Glacier and all of its magnificence.

I was also reminded of the open sea, which stretched for miles on end with no land in sight.

The beauty in nature did not happen by chance.  God carefully planned every single ripple in that vast ocean and every single creature that lives within it.  He painted the hues of blue on the glacier I had the privilege of standing before, and He designates when and where chunks fall off into the sea.

God deserves our praise.

He truly is THE Glorious One..

The Roses are in Bloom

Ahhhh…but I do love Spring.

I don’t have much of a green thumb, but I have discovered that Knockout Roses are hardy plants.

They are amazing too, blooming a few times during the coldest months of winter!

But give them warm weather, and they are absolutely breathtaking!

I took a few pictures after I did a bit of pruning today…

Don’t you just love the sight of a rose just beginning to open up?

One can only begin to imagine the beauty that is in store for us in heaven with the teasers God gave us here on earth in nature.

Thankful – Part 2

I am thankful for a each sunset.

Every time I see one, I am reminded that the end of the day is near and rest is close at hand.

The colors soothe my soul, and the arrangement of the clouds playing peek-a-boo in between the rays of fading sunlight make me catch my breath every time I see them.

God is truly revealed in nature, and I am always in awe of His creativity and beauty.

The Beauty of Nature

A little bit of heaven here on earth.  Oh what a foretaste of what’s to come.  All glory to God!

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