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Twizzle Straws

I was at the gas station the other day…making a Mt Dew run.

Before you say anything, yes, I have fallen off the wagon.

Don’t say a word.

I’m a work in progress, People, a work in progress!

Plus, last week had its rough spots.

So anyhow, Cheryl, the friendly cashier at the gas station, told me, “You know, you can use those Twizzlers as straws for your drink.”

I was astounded!

She explained that you have to bite off both ends of a Twizzler before being able to drink.

Please tell me you didn’t already know this, or else I’ll feel really dumb.

When she finished explaining, I told her that this sounded like a great idea for my blog.

You should have seen her face.

She smiled really big and turned around and told another girl she was working with that I was going to blog about her.

Then she pointed to her name tag so I wouldn’t forget her name.

I had to chuckle.

It’s too bad I’ve only got a couple of people or so who read the stuff I post.  I’m thinking maybe she thought she was going to be famous or something.



I couldn’t wait to get back home and try out her suggestion…

My opinion?




The fizziness of the drink felt strange and tasted weird.

Cheryl had also mentioned that I should try it with the Sour Straws.

Maybe next time.

For now, I think I’ll drink my Mt Dew straight up, thank you very much.

Or rather, I think I’ll be going on the wagon again.

I’m not fond of letting things such as food or drink control me (a big reason why I enjoy doing juice fasts once or twice a year).

What’s something “different” that you like, I wonder?

The Cutest Thing Ever!

Chicky and Guy Friend ran to Target today.  When they got home, they told me that Guy Friend had a surprise for me.

I opened my hands, closed my eyes, and waited (a bit nervously).  Look at what he got me…

You guys…it’s LIP BALM!!!

Now, there’s a story behind this.

You see…I have to shamefully admit that I love Mt. Dew.

Yes, yes, I’m fully aware of the ginormous amount of caffeine that exists in this soda.  However, I don’t get hyper from caffeine, so that’s not why I drink it.

You see, I just love the taste of it.

Almost as much as chocolate.

Well, because the caffeine does bad things to my body, I try to stay away from it, and I did for quite a while.

Recently, I fell off the Mt. Dew wagon.

My family doesn’t want me drinking them, so I do what people naturally do when they want something but don’t want the guilt trip.

I hide them.

I thought I was doing a good job of hiding my renewed addiction until last night, when I wasn’t as sly as I normally am.

Rooster found my hiding spot and loudly called me out on it.

Oh boy.

Not fun.

Guy Friend was here to witness this.

Enter today and the shopping trip to Target.

Guy Friend and Chicky saw the lip balm in the dollar section, and he HAD to get it for me.

Folks, it’s regular chap stick and the cutest thing ever…

The top comes off, and you turn the bottom of the can to advance the balm.

And the flavor?


Chicky and Guy Friend got a good laugh when they saw my face.

I told Chicky that Santa can fill my stocking with more of these tiny tubes of yum!

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