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Men In Black 3 (MIB3) – A Movie Review

Yesterday, the Mr., Rooster, and I headed to our favorite theater to see the movie, Men in Black 3.  The Mr. had purchased the first two movies in Blue Ray, and there were $10 movie coupon codes under the shrink wrap.  I redeemed them online, printed my coupons, and off we went!

Here are my thoughts about the movie.

First of all, I would not take children who are not in high school to see the movie.  It starts off with a scene between the bad guy and a gal that is…um…a little too over the top.

There was also some cursing in the movie.  I mean, with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, you really should expect that.  The cursing was completely unnecessary, in my not-so-humble opinion, but it wasn’t enough to make me walk out of the theater, unlike a certain other movie that I, to this day, loathe (Transformers 2).

That’s all of the negative stuff I have to say about the movie.

The storyline was good, and there was comedic relief in just the right places.  I fell in love with the younger version of K, and his back story helped me understand the previous two movies a lot better.

There’s an alien that you simply fall in love with in this movie.  Check out his eyes.  They are incredibly kind and full of wisdom.

There’s a twist in this movie that you don’t see coming.

It was perfect and provided the glue to make all three movies come together nicely.

I definitely don’t think you’ll waste your money if you go see this movie.  While not as good as Avengers, it certainly wasn’t anything to shake a stick at!

A Movie Review – Prince of Persia

Last weekend, the Mr., Rooster, Music Man (Rooster’s cousin), and I went to see the movie, Prince of Persia.

Want to know what I thought of it?

Well, I thought it would be fun to pretend that the judges on Dancing With the Stars were giving the review.

Carol Ann Standing up, waving her arms in a circle around her head – “Wooooooooooooooooooo!! “

BrunoStanding up, leaning over the judges’ desk, talking with his Italian accent – “Stupendous!  Magnificent!  Luscious! It could have been sexier, but Jake’s eyes…they SPOKE to me!”

LenPointing his finger, and in his British accent – “That had style.  It had grace.  It was exciting.  It had comedy in just the right places without any fussiness or cheesiness.  It was a proper movie.  Well done!”

AuburnChickthe unnamed fourth judge of DWTS – “Finally!  A movie the entire family can see without anyone being embarrassed!  There was no nudity.  There was no cussing.  And, heaven forbid, there wasn’t any sex!  It had action, which satisfies the men.  It had romance, playing to the sappy side of women.  It had a twist that MADE the movie!  I WILL buy this movie when it comes out on DVD!”

In case you can’t tell, I LOVED this movie!  It was well-worth the money we spent on tickets.

Speaking of which, Rooster’s ticket was free thanks to a gift card he received for his birthday.  My movie was free as well thanks to a deal Coupon Queen found.

I even saved a dollar on popcorn by using this podium-thing that was in the theater’s lobby.  There was a message to text something to some number.  Then, I got a text back and was told to hold my phone in front of the podium thing.  It scanned the message on my phone, and then I got several options for saving money on snacks…my coupon printed out the side of the podium thing.

It was a good evening all the way around!

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