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I Feel Pretty

Boy do I know how to kick off summer vacation!

The last couple of days have been all about pampering.

On Friday, Barb and I had our nails done.  We had spent the evening before texting pictures of nail art back and forth to one another.

I wound up breaking three nails before my appointment the next day, so I opted for a new set of tips.  Although I usually keep my nails a little shorter because of all of the typing I have to do during the school year, I decided to keep them longer this time around.  Plus, keeping my nails longer would allow for a larger “canvas” for my nail tech to do her thing.

Boy did she do her thing!  Lookie…

Oh.  You might have noticed the ring.


It’s Sorrelli…Midnight Moon…to match the necklace, bracelet, and earrings I purchased on Thursday.


Please take a moment to admire the fine details…


I do love pretty things…especially when there’s sparkle involved.

Here’s a closeup of the nails…

Pretty, eh?

My toes were still sporting red polish from my last trip to the salon.

That simply would not do.  I am of the firm opinion that fingernails MUST match with toenails.

I made an appointment for a pedicure and took Chicky with me to give her some pampering time as well.

Linda, the sweet gal who did my nails the day before, was working again, and she expertly matched my toes with her masterpiece from the day before…

Oh yes, I think the following song sums up my feelings at the moment…

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…or a Sorrelli Necklace…

Ever read the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

Well, I felt a little like the mouse yesterday when I was out and about running errands.

After dropping off some paperwork and picking up my summer pay stubs at school, I decided to stop by a cute boutique one street over.

This boutique is known for its jewelry…its Sorrelli jewelry.

I was on a mission.

I usually am.

I’d discovered a surprise in my paycheck…my Reading Endorsement pay incentive.

It was more than enough to treat myself to something nice plus have money left over to take care of a couple of household things.

I’d been wanting one more set of bling for a while.

I love the Running Water that the Mr. had started me off on…

He’d also bought the matching earrings.

In February, I purchased the necklace after receiving my Fred Jones training money…

I also have Auburn-themed Sorrelli…

Now, though, I wanted a color scheme that would go with the school-themed colors…red, black, and white.

Being an Auburn fan, I could not purchase jewelry with red in it.  Just wasn’t going to happen if I didn’t want the Mr. to change the locks on me.

I walked into the shop and tried on three different colors.

Snow Bunny was the first one, but I didn’t want a pastel stone in the mix since Running Water already has pastels.

I also tried on White Bridal, which was lovely but did not look good up against my skin.

When I put on Midnight Moon, I was in love…

The necklace was shorter and much lighter than the others I’d tried on.  The color, black, with the clear stones looked good against my skin.

Of course, I couldn’t stop with the necklace, so I perused the bracelets…

As I walked to the register, I realized I was forgetting something.

We went back to the counter, and the young gal pulled out a bucket full of earrings!  I tried on quite a few pairs before setting on these…

I was nervous when I thought about what my total would be, so I was surprised when the girl told me that I would get a 15% discount for purchasing three pieces!  I would up saving $37.50, which covered most of the cost of the earrings!

I wore the jewelry out of the store…that’s how pleased I was.

I’m happy because now I have bling to wear with any outfit I select, and I do like to sparkle when I go out.  That’s one thing I’ve picked up from my friends, Barb and Maegan.

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