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  • “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers” — Isaac Asimov

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AuburnChick Knits Through the Pain

As you may remember, my latest project has been the Leyburn Socks (free pattern found here).

I had been eager to use the Rio de la Plata I bought the weekend of Mother’s Day…

I thought the project was going to be easy and zoomed right through the first foot until I turned the heel and had to make increases.

Oh boy.  I got confused and had to finangle my way through the rest of it as I just couldn’t figure out how to make round 5 work after the increases.  And this was coming off of working a short row heel, which you know I love (the italics indicate sarcasm).  And, this was on top of the provisional cast on and short row toes (more sarcasm)!

Needless to say, I was not exactly thrilled to cast on the second one, but cast on I did as I tend to be a very monogomous knitter.

I worked and worked…and thought and thought as I had to tink a few times.

I finally figured out that I was over-thinking the fifth row.

People…how many times have you heard the phrase, “Trust the pattern.”

I had already googled for errata and could not find any.  I checked the comments on the pattern in Ravelry, and everyone bragged about how easy it was.

So yes, I felt kind of stupid when everything clicked two nights ago.

Ready to book my way through to the end, I encountered a small problem…

How much more stupid could I be.  While trying to snip a wad of sticky stuff from Pele’s fur, he got scared, moved, and the scissors sliced two of my fingers.

As the Mr. gently applied bandages, I cried out, “Now I won’t be able to finish my socks!”

He looked at me incredulously and said, “Maybe you shouldn’t be knitting right now.”

Poosha, you unknowing man.

Not knit?!  Surely you jest!

I sat myself down, bemoaned my woes to my online buddies, and then picked up the needles…determined to push on through the pain.

And that’s just what I did!

It was slow-going, but I finally managed to bind off the last sock today.

Woo Hoo!

Rooster acquiesced to my request that he play photographer.  He did a fine job!

First of all, though, let me say that this was one skein of yarn that I wound into two separate balls.  My original intent had been to knit them two-at-a-time.  I wound up doing them separately using Magic Loop.  But, when I finished, I realized that they look like they were made from different colors!!  It’s very strange and not at all pleasing to me.

Oh well.  I’ll still wear them.  One thing’s for sure…nobody else will have a pair like them!

Quickie stats:  I began this project on June 6 and completed it today, June 21.  I used 80g of yarn on size 1 1/2 needles.  I completed 11 pattern repeats from the heel up.

And now, more pictures to show off my hard work…

Friday’s “Done” List

A disclaimer about my small list…I was tired and a bit down in the dumps.  So, I didn’t aspire to get much accomplished.  I did get a second wind late afternoon, though…

Friday’s List

  • Fed dogs twice
  • Cleaned and refilled inside water bowl
  • Swept inside the house and the porch
  • Revamped my resume and job hunted online
  • Visited local Workforce Center for job referrals
  • Listened to Revive Our Hearts
  • Dusted lamp shades (see photo below)
  • Fixed Chicky’s dehumidifier – who knew that you had to clean the dust from where the air gets sucked in?!  It’s working properly now!
  • Vacuumed Chicky’s room
  • Scooped dog poop
  • Removed dry clothes from the line
  • Took out the trash
  • Watered plants inside and out
  • Made two bowls of chicken salad using two rotisserie chickens from Publix
  • Finished watching Heroes season online
  • Knit on my Leyburn Socks (I’m up to the leg now…almost done with Sock #1)
  • Read a few chapters of my book, Blowback

Now, a few photos.

You’ll probably remember the pictures I posted of the pile of tree branches beside the curb.  One of my online friends questioned whether the pile would get picked up.

Check out this wayyyy cool truck…

When he was done…

You know what this means?

Now I can start trimming the trees in the back yard!  Woo Hoo!

Oh, and I thought I would share a picture of my lamp shade…

That’s about six months worth of dust.  What a difference the extra effort makes!

A Week Without the Kids

I’m in a bit of a fog today.

It could be due to the fact that I just saw the kids off at the church…bright and early this morning.  They are headed to camp and won’t return until Sunday evening.  Because they are “leaders,” they had the privilege leaving two days early for a side trip to a lake.  They worked hard last week and deserve it.

Watching them pack during the last couple of days made me a little sad.  More so because I know that next summer, Chicky will be packing for a trip that will last for much longer than a week.

Ahhh, but the look of eagerness in their eyes far overshadowed my sadness.  They were almost bouncing in their seats as we drove the short distance to the church.

I delayed leaving them but finally asked each of them for one last hug.  Chicky grudgingly obliged.

And then I left, looking back to see Rooster’s big bag of Funyuns sitting by the curb, waiting to accompany him to his seat on the bus.  The Funyuns are a tradition.  I always buy a bag of snack-bagged Funyuns for his trips so that he can share with the others.  Everyone has come to expect them.

Still, my heart was a wee bit heavy.  I don’t know why, but even though the kids are older now, and they’ve been away from home several times, I still feel sad when they aren’t near.  It’s not a control issue, although Chicky thinks it is.

Nope.  There’s simply a contentment when your loved ones are under the same roof.

When I got home, the Mr. was still asleep.  I played around on the computer for a bit and decided to go back to bed as well.  Might as well make the most of the quiet!

Now I’m up again and trying to decide what to do with myself.

I don’t know what I’m going to do this week, but you can be sure that I will be knitting.  Look at my latest project, started a couple of evenings ago…

Leyburn Socks

Leyburn Socks

I’m using this yarn…purchased recently…

Rio de la Plata

Rio de la Plata

My goal:  to finish this pair before they come home.



I’ve also going to work in the yard, watering my flowers faithfully.  I wonder how much taller my sunflowers will be when the kids get home.  They, like the kids, seem to grow a little every day.  Here’s their progress so far:

It should be a good week…for all of us.

I will be praying that God will use this time to draw us all nearer to Him.  I know that I am often guilty of focusing on the tangible things in my life…people and material items…rather than keeping God at the center of my attention.

Edited to add:  Today’s Revive Our Hearts program dealt with just this issue!  Here’s the link for the website.  Or, click the link below to download the audio version (you’ll be hooked after listening to Nancy Leigh DeMoss):

Revive Our Hearts: God Comes First

I am praying that the kids will grow in their desire to have a deep fellowship with God.  When they eventually leave home for the last time, He is the one possession I want them to carry with them throughout the lives, whereever they may venture off to.

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