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Chocoholic’s Nightcap

I’ve been on a mission.

Ok…I know.  I’m always on a mission, whether it’s related to teaching or exercise.


My latest search has been for the perfect hot chocolate recipe.

Store-bought mixes nearly always contain powdered milk or some other milk by-products.  The dairy-free mixes I’ve found haven’t been quite to my liking.

A few nights ago, I googled two things:  coconut rum and soy milk.

I saw a small blurb that explained how to substitute coconut rum for Bailey’s Irish Creme (which I can’t have because it’s got milk in it).  Then, there was a link to this recipe:  Chocoholic’s Nightcap.

I followed the instructions, substituting cacao powder for the cocoa and Tortuga Coconut Rum for the Bailey’s.




This stuff was delicious!

Being a former chocoholic, the level of chocolate-ness in this drink was Ah-mazing.

It was creamy too.

The rum added a nice touch, although you could make this without any alcohol and be just fine.

I did try to make this drink using my hot chocolate maker, but the milk got too foamy and just wasn’t as good.  It diluted the chocolate taste, so the third time I made it, I went back to using a saucepan to warm up the milk.

Tres divine.

I imported this recipe into MyFitnessPal, the calorie app I use, and it registered, with my modifications at 319 calories…for one cup.

Drink up.  Enjoy.  With this crazy weather we’re all experiencing, we all need to put warm goodies into our bellies.

Hot Chocolate Day!

In one of my previous posts, you saw the Mr. Coffee Hot Chocolate Maker I received for Christmas.

Today I finally had a chance to run to the store and buy milk, so that meant that today was HOT CHOCOLATE DAY!

First, I unpacked my new gadget…

The ingredients were few…

4 tbsp cocoa mix and 16oz of milk

If you choose to make the hot chocolate using water, you have to increase the amount of cocoa.  One item I did not have was chocolate syrup.  I will watch for it to go on sale and indulge myself.

I added the ingredients and plugged in the appliance, watching as it began to whip everything together…

I could smell the delicious aroma of hot chocolate as it heated up.  It was ready in under ten minutes.  I love the auto-shutoff feature!

The most important test?



The hot chocolate was frothy and had a creamy texture.   YUM!!!

For fun, I shot a little bit of video…just so you could see the live action…

Betcha want one of these now, eh?

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