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Waking Up to the Hodgepodge

It’s time for this week’s edition of the Hodgepodge!  It’s hard to believe that by this time next week, I’ll be getting ready for the second day of the school year.  I’ve already been looking at my rosters, which just got released to us today, our first teacher workday back, and I’m trying to start lesson planning.  My body and brain are rebelling after a restful summer, but it is what it is, and I’m sure I’ll get back into the routine soon enough.  Meanwhile, here are my answers to this week’s questions!

1.  The best part of waking up is____________________________________.

The best part of waking up is seeing the potential in a new day.  What a beautiful gift!

2.  Given a choice, which animal interaction would you most like to experience (or for those non-adventurers…which would you dislike the least?)Swim with the dolphins at one of several locations in the Florida Keys, a lion encounter ten minutes from Victoria Falls (Africa), or a day at a remote base camp high in the Big Sur wilderness via the Ventana Wildlife Society helping track California condors?

I love animals, so either the swim with a dolphin or a lion encounter would suit me to a T.  Bird watching isn’t really my thing.

3.  What is something you fear about ‘old age’? What is something you look forward to?

Something I fear about old age is becoming a burden to others.  I’m very independent and pray I am allowed to grow old with a decent amount of health.  I just can’t picture Chicky being super pleased if she has to change my Depends.

The thing I look forward the most about growing old is retirement and the time to indulge in my hobbies without stressing about going to work.  Summers give me a taste of that life.  I will eager embrace it.

4.  Hot sauce…are you a fan? If you answered yes, what’s something you make/eat that must have hot sauce? On a scale of 1-10 how hot is too hot?

I absolutely love hot sauce!!!  The hotter the better!!!!  When I was pregnant with Chicky, I attended college classes at night after a full day of work.  I started thinking about buffalo chicken wings while I was in class each night, and the Mr. HAD to take me for dinner…even at late hours…to get my fix for the hot sauce.  You’d have to ramp it up to a 15 before I’d think something was too hot.  🙂

5.  It’s been said that children learn what they live. What do you think children learn at your house?

I pray that my children learned about loving the Lord when they were under my tutelage.  I see evidence of this in both of their lives, and I praise my heavenly Father for that.  I also hope my children learned how a parent should love a child.  I wasn’t a perfect mother, but I was always there for them, and I continue to shower love on them.  I pray this example will carry over to when they have their own children.

6.  What’s your favorite movie with a number in it’s title?

What a toss-up!

I like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.  What a delightfully funny movie!

My favorite, though, has to be 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner.  The Thriller scene makes me cackle every single time I watch it!

7.  Saturday (August 16th) is National Tell a Joke Day…share one here.

Q:  How do you make a tissue dance?

A:  You put a little “boogey” in it.


8.  My Random Thought

I have been known to stand in a chair to grab my students’ attention…because I saw this man do it in a movie that continues to inspire me.  My heart is so sad.

Keyed Up for the Hodgepodge

This week’s Hodgepodge questions are a little tough!  I’m glad, though, because my brain needs to practice stretching now that summer is nearly over and I resume my teaching responsibilities “officially” next week!  Answer on your own blog and link up with Joyce!!

1.  What would you say is the key to success?

I think to answer this question, one needs to define the word success.

Success, to me, means living up to God’s promises in a way that honors Him.  In doing so, I fulfill His purpose for my life.

Thus, to become successful, I must stay connected to Him through prayer and trust that He will equip me to do the work He has purposed for me.  It means not relying on my own strength but His.  That is the key to success…depending on Him and giving Him the glory for what I accomplish.

2.  Have you ever been to the Florida Keys? Any desire to visit that part of the US of A?

It’s kind of funny that I lived in Miami for a few years and never actually drove to the Keys!  I have been to Key West, though, courtesy of a cruise the Mr. and I took several years ago.  Honestly, I have no desire to go again.  Key West was not the cleanest place.  There are prettier parts of Florida that I have seen.  In fact, I live in a city that hosts the most beautiful beaches in Florida!

3.  When and where did you last see a real live donkey? Monkey? Turkey?

Let’s see…I have no idea when I saw live donkeys or turkeys, but I did see live monkeys when I was at the Animal Kingdom at Disney World.  They were precious!!!

4.  An old Portuguese proverb says, ‘Beware of the door with too many keys.’ What do you think this means? Share an example of how this has proven true or false in your own life. 

Oh, my brain has been on vacation too long, I fear.  I have no idea what this means!!  Maybe it means to take great care when you have too many ways to the path you are headed down.  I think this quote speaks about being focused despite choices laid before you.

For me, personally, this speaks to trusting in God’s leading and picking one key with a confidence from Him.

5.  Besides your home, vehicle, and special jewelry, what is something you keep under lock and key?

My classroom supplies are under lock and key!!  Things like pens, post-it notes, and paper go “missing” if I don’t keep them locked away and are expensive to replenish!

6.  When did you last get keyed up about something?

Funny you should ask.

I last got keyed up yesterday after the SAME telemarketer called me a SECOND time in less than two hours.  The first time the person called, I was SLEEPING.  The second time, I was armed with a plan.  I answered the phone and instructed him to take me off his call list…even informing him that I was on the Do Not Call registry.  He proceeded to try to tell me he wasn’t selling anything, to which I repeated my request to take me off his list.  He insisted that the call wouldn’t take long, and I completely lost it and YELLED at him to take me off his list.

My dogs wouldn’t even go near me.  I guess I sounded mad.

The guy?

He hung up on me and never called back.

I’m on a mission to eradicate these stupid telemarketers from my life.  They will rue the day they call my house.  AuburnChick is finished playing nice.  🙂

7.  Who thinks we need an easy one right about now?  Key lime pie…yes please or no thank you?

I love Key Lime Pie and simply must find a vegan version of it.  I think I might have one…I’ve just been too lazy to cook anything this summer.

8.  My Random Thought

So, the Mr. and I have a social event to attend this weekend.

One of Chicky’s high school friends is getting married.  We attend the same church, and I’ve always thought a lot of this beautiful young lady.  She’s a gem, let me tell you, with beauty that stems from her heart.

I’ve been struggling with what to wear because I don’t exactly exude social graces.

One of my Ravelry friends saw the dress in the following picture and assured me that it would be perfect for the afternoon wedding.

By the way, I got the dress at Kohl’s last Sunday.

My friend suggested I pair it with red shoes for “pop.”

Meanwhile, my legs…oh my legs…they are so white.  I’ll spare you a picture of them.

I went to Walmart a couple of days ago and picked up some lotion to help.  I don’t do tanning beds, and I also don’t sunbathe.  I’d rather not get skin cancer, thank you very much.

Here’s Day 1…

I’m curious if the lotion I bought will make a difference.

Here’s Day 2…

So, I’ll spend the rest of the week shopping for a cute pair of red shoes and, possibly, a little red clutch to carry my cell phone in.

What are your thoughts?

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