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Despicable Me Scarf

Chicky’s birthday was on the 22nd.

Last Saturday, I got up a little earlier so I could mail her package…

I had to send her a corny card…

One of those wrapped gifts was this…

The Mr. had seen the cup one day when he was out-and-about, and he knew that Chicky’s favorite flower is the sunflower, so he thought she might like it.

Meanwhile, I had been working on a special project, which I can finally reveal.  I worked on it from October until January.

I had originally tried to finish it by the end of October, but I was very busy with my classroom and the ESOL classes I was enrolled in, so I just couldn’t get it done by my goal.

My goal then became one of trying to finish it in time to give it as a gift to Chicky for Christmas.

I even took it to her house when she had surgery, but I didn’t get to work on it because she didn’t sleep as much as I had thought she would.

At that point, I was hoping to finish in time for her birthday.

I was happy to bind off the thing with just enough time to spare and mailed it off to Chicky.

This, my friends, is the Despicable Me Scarf, which Gru wears in the movie.

I had a bit of a problem with the mail carrier (you might remember that post), but Chicky finally received it and tweeted the following picture, which I edited to cover up her face…

When I packaged it up, I sent along a picture I’d printed of Gru…hoping she would see the connection between one of her favorite movies and the scarf.  She’s not much into my knitted items, but I thought this would okay.  It’s thin, as seems to be the style these days.  It’s also long enough to be wrapped a couple of times.

Here’s a close-up of the knitting…

I am completely loving the Harry Potter knitting community I joined on Ravelry (Go Hufflepuff!).  It’s been a wonderful motivator to get me back to one of my favorite past times…one that allows me to give homemade items from my heart.

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